Friday, April 10, 2009

Crystal Visions / Greatest Hits Sales Update

Sales updates for Fleetwood Mac's "Greatest Hits" and Stevie Nicks "Crystal Visions".  Both appear in Billboard Magazines Top 200 Catalog Albums Chart:

#22 Fleetwood Mac's "Greatest Hits"
Sales This Week: 3,821
Total Sales (US) 4,196,068
(Sales for the previous week 2,750)

Also, up 5% on the Top 200 Digital Sales chart to #180 with an accumulated total of: 75,926

#117 Stevie Nicks "Crystal Visions"
Sales This Week: 1,837
Total Sales (US) 271,671
(Sales for the previous week Week 1,108)
This set has moved 30,402 since 11/02/08

Thank you to CC for the update

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Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you for these figures. I'm sooo happy that Crystal Visions is still selling. I hope one day it goes platinum.

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