Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Fleetwood Mac unleashes tour
Fans should expect to hear favorite songs when group hits road without new material

By Malcolm X Abram
Beacon Journal music writer

Baby boomers are a fantastic market for nostalgia.  With their salad days behind them, many boomers are willing to spend large amounts of discretionary income to temporarily relive the days when their hair was long, their responsibilities few and the future spread out before them like a road waiting to be traveled.

A few decades later, their proverbial road has grown considerably shorter and well trod. But given the chance, boomers (and just about anyone else who has survived their 20s and 30s) will gladly take a trip back in time, and music is one of the quickest ways to relive past glories.

Enter Fleetwood Mac. For the bulk of its four-decade career, the band has worked quite hard at not becoming simply a nostalgia act. Since its reunion with guitarist/songwriter Lindsey Buckingham in 1997, the legendary pop group has only toured when it has a new album of material to promote.

But for its current tour, dubbed Fleetwood Mac Unleashed and timed to coincide with a deluxe CD/DVD combo of its classic 1977 album Rumors, the band is hitting the road with no new songs to plug, taking some pressure off the musicians and their audience. Consequently, concertgoers should take their bathroom breaks and concession trips early because the band's set will be filled with hits and deep album cuts, allowing few opportunities for fans not to miss one of their favorite songs.

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