Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Stevie Nicks - Live In Chicago
by Winnie McCroy
EDGE Contributor

Both as a solo artist and as a member of Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks has earned her reputation as a legendary rock and roll diva. Now, the gold dust woman secures that legacy with Stevie Nicks: Live in Chicago.

"This is the first time since 1985 that I have had one of my live shows filmed and recorded," said Nicks, noting that she spent three years perfecting the show since it opened in Las Vegas in October 2007.

Nick’s first solo project was the 1981 multi-platinum hit, "Bella Donna." In the nearly 30 years since, she has churned out hit after hit, the best of which she performs on this DVD.

She opens strong with, "Stand Back," and moves on to a beautiful rendition of "Enchanted." Nicks has a natural rapport with the audience as she shares the stories behind her songs, from the off-the-cuff remark about love that inspired "If Anyone Falls in Love," to the dark time that evoked "Sorcerer."

The mood is haunting as Nicks, clad in a top hat and black shawl, launches into "Rhiannon." Should one question whether Nicks is truly the queen of rock, her passionate performance of "Gold Dust Woman," from the Fleetwood Mac breakout album Rumours, puts all doubts to rest. Her voice soars on "Sara" and "Landslide," sung in memory of her father. Calling it, "the meanest song I’ve ever written," she tears into "Fall From Grace." Nicks even dons the rouched lace to rock "Edge of Seventeen."

She also tackles several covers, including the Dave Matthews hit, "Crash Into Me," Tom Petty’s, "I Need to Know," and a no-holds-barred finale of Led Zeppelin’s, "Rock and Roll." Nicks brings Vanessa Carlton onstage for her song, "The One," and later, Bonnie Raitt’s "The Circle Dance."

Nicks’ battle with drug addiction may be in the past, but her high drama still has the ability to transport one back to the hedonistic days of rock and roll. "Stevie Nicks: Live in Chicago" is a flawless presentation of treasured classics.

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