Sunday, April 19, 2009


Fleetwood Mac in Columbus - It was a great concert!
by Jeff

I would not say that I am a die hard F.M. fan but I really enjoyed the show last night. Those folks can still shake the rafters and sound good while doing it! We were in section 102, row Y at the Nationwide Arena among a full house of fans. We must have been in front of a bank of speakers because the decibels were really cranking.

I have to say that Lindsey Buckingham's pickless style of guitar playing was really impressive... I wonder if he would help on my third Neptune song? Hold on... Let's publish the second Neptune song first! Lindsey broke out and really played some great solo guitar sometimes banging on the guitar and looked like he was very pleased after the song was finished from the expressions on his face.

Let's say mick fleetwood can really play the drums as I was looking forward to the Tusk song which has a unique drum pattern. I did not realize how well Mick could play as I am not a avid fan of F.M. Do you want to beat on Mick's virtual drum kit? See and click on 'virtual Drumming" link. You can just move the mouse over the drum elements or press the number keys. The bass drum is key #3 and is my favorite. The cow bell is there but you can't click on it :>(

The rhythm section was not complete until we talk about the tightness between Mick and bassist John McVie. What is the matter John McVie? You need a website?

It was great to see Stevie Nicks live for the first time, too! I've seen her in videos but never live. Stevie was awesome! She has a unique flowing way about her while she is performing? Watching her eyes makes you wonder if she is really there but she sounded great. Someone in the front row area was trying to hand her a bouquet of flowers during the whole show. Finally, Lindsey picked them up and handed them to Stevie towards the end of the show.

Some of my favorites they played:

Second Hand News
Gold Dust Woman
Oh Well
Stand Back
Go Your Own way

They finished the show with Silver Springs after the second Encore.

What a show it was! Tickets were $160 each with the Ticket Master fee, Oh Well.

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