Monday, September 28, 2009


Several sources are confirming rumors that the Warner Music Group has finalized a new relationship with YouTube that will see their artists return to the top rated video channel. The deal will be announced as soon as WMG's new videos are delivered and encoded for play.

WMG is also back in talks with Vevo, the new Universal, Sony and YouTube sponsored music channel currently in development. Both moves are part of a broader Warner Music strategy to increase income from videos by using non-exclusive deals to spread their artists across a wide variety of ad supported channels.

Quite some time ago now, for those not aware, Warner Music and Youtube had a disagreement over royalty payments on Warner Music Group videos on Youtube and subsequently started pulling artists signed with Warner off their site. Video Channels including Lindsey Buckingham's were pulled down... If this news is true, we should see his channel reinstated on Youtube.

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