Friday, October 09, 2009

REVIEW: FLEETWOOD MAC - Lydmaessigt MacVaerk - Copenhagen 2009

This Review of Copenhagen is from the Publication Ekstra Bladet. Again the translated version below.

Sonically MacVærk

Once again, a really excellent concert knackered by wretched acoustics

Fleetwood Mac is really a strange size. They began their career in the sixties as a traditional British blues band, but after several mutations ended up as one of the seventies most popular American names, to ennoble the radio-friendly pop music for a noble art form. Albums like 'Fleetwood Mac' (1975) and, not least 'Rumors' (1977) is still a pleasure to listen to today - so at once simple and sophisticated as it gets. And the double-LP (yes, it was then) 'Tusk' (1979) were the shows that they also had the courage to test the musical boundaries.

Golden years
And although the group that visited Denmark for the first time last night, has released a string of albums since the golden years, the last honest 'Say You Will' (2003), it is primarily these three slices, which is why that 18,000 young people not quite showed up for the European premiere tour of the park. And by Fleetwood Mac well. The entire 18 tracks from tonight's track list came from here. And it could certainly have come a potentially wonderful evening of nostalgia gracious cut out. The band (especially Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham in front) seemed like such a playful enough.

But alas, alas. Once again we were presented with acoustically cameras in the park that the tangent the scandalous. The combination of national arena hopeless acoustics and a seemingly tone-deaf sound engineer obliterated any nuance - yes, it sounded almost as if you had thrown a blanket over the speakers, and then turned up the bass. It is one of the worst I have ever been offered here.

What does extra distracting when we are talking about a band, where melody and elegant works is an essential part of the point. Shit and paper, because I had damned really enjoyed myself. And behind the roll of thunder, I am quite convinced that veterans delivered a very fine concert. But what helps when you can not hear it? It's music to hell.

As aforementioned greasy star distribution is not so much on the Fleetwood Mac's efforts - it was almost impossible to judge under the circumstances - but more disturbed by the return to office a few acoustics, which can be rock audience to find itself in.

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