Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lindsey Buckingham On Mark and Brian This Morning (Download The Interview)

Buckingham didn't actually confirm he's got a new album coming out this morning on Mark and Brian - but did say he "did not plan on recording another solo album" as he already carved out 3 years to put out his last two in 2006 and 2008. He also said he thinks the momentum was lost with Fleetwood Mac putting an album together after the Unleashed Tour - but they will probably get in the studio as Fleetwood Mac and record after everyone gets finished up with the next 10 months.

He also said....

  • Still would like to bring in another producer to help produce and to oversee the recording process if Fleetwood Mac record another album.
  • Talks about Christine McVie.... Says he speaks to her maybe once a year... Enjoys the current lineup of Fleetwood Mac because it allows him more freedom. 
  • Has the Masters for Buckingham Nicks sitting in a room and it's more political inertia between Stevie and himself...says they are waiting to do something where an event can be created around the release, maybe tour together with Stevie.
  • Saturday Night Live... Hasn't seen it on TV but HAS heard about it, and saw it on Youtube - thinks it's funny... Bill Hader really has it down. Thinks it's a compliment that he was in the fabric.
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Stephen Chapman said...

I've been waiting for Buckingham Nicks to be remastered and released for 20 years. Looks like it will never happen.

Why dont they give the tapes to someone they trust and get the release sorted?!

Anonymous said...

I bought a bootleg CD copy of the Buckingham Nicks album years ago and the quality is great. So I could care less when they ever release it now. I am actually rather angry at both Stevie & Lindsey for never officially releasing it. FOr Christs sake, what are they waiting for? Are they waiting for all us fans to be dead of old age before they do put it out? I feel the same that Fleetwood Mac has never releeased all their videos and early performance clips. Every other recording artist around has put them out years ago on VHS and then later on DVD. But the Mac has never put theirs out.

So for both of these things I say to them: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR ? ? ? ?

Anonymous said...

And another thing, if they screw with Buckingham Nicks and change anything when they ever do put it out, then I will definitely NOT buy it. It is perfect the way it is and should be released as it was originally put out. But I've read where Stevie said they would be updating some things, so I'm not waiting around with my money in hand.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey totally messed up "Say You Will" with so many of his angry songs that sounded more like his solo work than Fleetwood Mac. So it's no wonder he likes the current line up without Christine McVie. Unfortunately the record buying public and radio listeners would still rather have Chris back in the band, and the classic Mac sound. If they expect to sell any CD's or actually get played on the radio, they should do whatever it takes to lure Chris back.

Anonymous said...

Do you realize Christine wanted to leave Fleetwood Mac back in 79 or earlier? It's never going to happen.

Aaand, I guess it goes to show they could've made a heck of alot of money by releasing all this stuff, so apparently it's not about the money? (But I guess it might be...) Yeah, if it IS about the money, waiting too much longer, it's not going to be AS relevant so it won't even matter. People won't buy it (like the above commenter said, we'll be dead..)

My guess the buckingham nicks stuff goes back to the old wounds and rehashing things.... they are a stubborn hard-headed lot ....

Anonymous said...

They better release it soon, otherwise they will be forgotten and no one will care. As it is their cache has gone down considerably as they are an "oldies" band really now, and they no longer have Christine in the band (she's not coming back people, she's 70 years old). I think anyone who really wanted this already has it, and I think Stevie and Lindsey sometimes think it's still 1979 and they still have the throng of fans clamoring for anything by them.

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