Sunday, February 27, 2011

ROD STEWART & STEVIE NICKS: Sing Your Way to Hollywood contest #Denver

Two Legends - One Stage
Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks - The Heart and Soul 2011 Tour

Two of music’s most legendary forces have teamed up for a tour that will feature both performing all rock & roll sets from their incomparable catalogs! They won’t be coming to Denver, so KOSI wants to send you to Hollywood to see them!

Listen to Murphy & Denise February 28 - March 4 between 5a and 9a for your chance to Sing Your Way to Hollywood. They will play a clip of a legendary Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks song and then ask your to correctly finish the lyrics. If you correctly finish the song, you’ll win a copy of Stevie Nick’s new CD In Your Dreams before you can even buy it and you’ll qualify for the grand prize trip to Los Angeles to see Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks perform their Heart and Soul Tour at the Hollywood Bowl on April 16th!

You’ll want to be a Facebook Fan of Murphy & Denise.
They’ll post the days' song prior to play.

Stevie Nicks new song SECRET LOVE is available now on iTunes.
Stevie Nicks new album IN YOUR DREAMS will be available May 3rd.

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