Monday, June 20, 2011

"Secret Love" Enters Top 100 UK Radio Airplay Chart...

UK Radio Airplay Chart for the week Sun Jun 12 to Sat Jun 18 inclusive

Stevie Nicks - Secret Love enters the Top 100 UK Radio Airplay Chart at # 54 with 177 plays on UK monitored radio stations for the week ending June 18th. That's an increase of 59 plays over last week where it's position on the chart was # 113.

Impacts: 15.99 million (which means potential listeners)

The UK Airplay Chart is compiled by Radiomonitor from the music played on 316 UK radio stations or 99.7% of UK radio by audience (Rajar Q2 2010).

The weekly chart follows the Official Chart Company (OCC) chart week i.e. Sunday to Saturday inclusive.

This chart is compiled by

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Anonymous said...

Is this the only song that will be released as a single? And is there any chance it will increase in airplay?

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