Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vanessa Carlton's Special Guest last night at Bardot

Stevie Nicks made another surprise appearance with Vanessa Carlton last night in Hollywood at a small club called Bardot. This is her 2nd unannounced appearance with Vanessa during her show... The first was on July 8th at Largo. Good for Stevie... GREAT for anyone who caught the show!  She sang on two songs with Vanessa one of them being Carousel.
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Left Photo by: Paul Tao | Right Photo by:@365HorrorMovie 

Photo by: Eden Siesser

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Shaheen Miro said...

Omg. This is Phenomenal. This is the best backup I've ever heard Stevie do. So magical and hypnotic. Is this going to be on a recording... will Stevie be recording this with her? This is very Buckingham Nicks sounding.

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