Thursday, July 21, 2011

STEVIE NICKS on JAY LENO Thursday July 28, 2011

Stevie Nicks performed her most recent single "For What It's Worth"

Stevie Nicks Credits Iconic Onstage Looks To Weight Gain

Lady Gaga may have cornered the meat dress market and Rihanna may have a patent on her whips and chains costumes but when it comes to creating an on-stage persona, these girls take a backseat to the original fashion forward performer -- Stevie Nicks.

“It was very conscious to have a look,” Nicks tells me. “I went out in 1973 with Fleetwood Mac and just went out and packed a suitcase with my street clothes. We stayed at very nice hotels and I immediately gained 10 lbs. I was horrified every single day trying to put together some kind of an acceptable outfit to wear on stage. So when I got home from that tour I met with a designer and said I need a uniform, I need something that is fantastic that I can wear. I need two skirts, two leotards, two pairs of fantastic boots, a little English riding jacket [and] a long black chiffon scarf. I need like the Donna Karen’s seven pieces. And she made it.”

Soon Nicks' style wasn't only making its appearance onstage but on the streets across the country -- fans and non-fans alike wanted a piece of her gothic Bohemian look.

“I loved seeing people dressed like me because I thought this is just like creating a song,” Nicks laughs. “Creating this outfit is like creating a song. Yesterday I spent all day at the very same designer designing 17 new outfits. I’m still, to this day, putting together really great little things. I’m single handedly bringing back the Victorian ball gown.”

Earlier this month Nicks celebrated her seventh solo album, "In Your Dreams," and is planning on a Fall tour. "In Your Dreams" has debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 chart, selling 52,000 copies in its first week.

“When I write in my journal, as opposed to going back and reading what I wrote last night or a week ago, I tend to say better to just keep going than spend your time reading what you already wrote,” Nicks tells me. “I don’t want to be inspired by what I already wrote. I don’t want to rewrite "Edge Of Seventeen" and I also don’t listen to other music either especially when I’m getting ready to do a record. I don’t want to subconsciously take something from someone else. I want it to be totally from me. So I pretty much live in an instrumental world. If I’m listening to music when I’m not working I’m listening to instrumental music.”

And not looking back seems to be working for the singer -- according to the 63-year-old, she only gets better with age.

“I think this is really my best album and I say that as humbly as possible," Nicks says. "But I believe that."


Anonymous said...

If she just created 7 new outfits and is going to bring back the victorian gown, then why do we only get the same old black horrible outfit on stage? That petticoast skirt looks so unflattering on Stevie, she really should change up her stage wear to something totally different.

Anonymous said...

I agree that black ruffled skirt has got to go into storage for sure!!! It makes her look dowdy. I still love her to death though And just for the record it said "17 new outfits'.

Anonymous said...

Jay Leno...UGH! I hope it's a decent performance & Interview for Stevie's & IN YOUR DREAMS sake. Her TV performances of "Secret Love" did not transfer well. I hope she does "For What It's Worth" and knocks it out of the park! Her contract with WBR must relegate has her do all these NBC shows first & foremost. Anyhoo, I'm happy that she's doing more promotion for IYD and her upcoming August - Sept US tour. She needs it - I hear concert ticket sales are slow. In an attempt to bring more ticket sales & awareness for her opening date at Red Rocks on Aug 9th, Stevie's mgmt just issued an Event RSVP announcement on her Facebook page to invite friends. Fingers-crossed Stevie has a successful US tour. She deserves it! IN YOUR DREAMS is that good!!! And she has never had problems with ticket sales at RED ROCKS before :-/

Anonymous said...

They booked her into too large of venues in a lot of the cities for this tour, and she is not selling well at all in those. Her management is not doing her any favors these days, what a shame it is.

Maury said...

Live Nation price gauged IYD tour tickets. Boycott greedy concert promoters. Support Stevie, and buy the CD (one for yourself and one for a friend), wink! FYI...Pat Benatar is wearing a very similar skirt on her club tour. Great show Patti, grin!

Anonymous said...

oh you know what. You all are such whiners. There is nary a positive comment on this site. Critics, cynics and whiners. This lady deserves better. She is shining brightly right now, regardless of sales numbers or ticket sales. Who cares. She is an artist who is creating some art. Period. At the end of the day it is about the quality of music and the spirit in which it was made. I won't be back to read the nit-picking.

Anonymous said...

To the last comment, this is not nit-picking. The city I am in where Stevie is playing in concert next month has sold less than a third of the tickets to her show. I do not want it cancelled, and the piss poor job Warner Bros. Records and Stevie's management have done selling her new CD make a direct impact on how her concerts sell. And besides that, since her new music is so good it deserved to be more of a hit and have more people hear it than simply her hard core fan base. It is very sad that the marketing was so poorly planned. And this is not the first time this has happened with a Stevie or Fleetwood Mac release.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, this place has has so much negativity it's depressing! I think this is the best site for Stevie/Fleetwood Mac news, just don't read the comments!

Anonymous said...

"Oh you know what. You all are such whiners."

I LOVE you. :-)

Stevie seriously needs more fans like you.

I swear she was singing about fandom in "Sisters" when she sang..."and the people, they love her, but still their love was cruel."

Stevie's in a great place creatively right now and I hope she's realizing she doesn't need the support of millions of fans to create amazing work.

Anonymous said...

To the people who think the others are "negative" and "whiners" all they are saying is that Stevie deserves to be SUCCESSFUL and to have the support of her management and her record company... which has obviously been lacking... everyone knows that Stevie is in a very creative space right now... I think I can speak for us all... we want the whole world to hear that creative voice of hers... how is that negative??? I mean really!!! Stop being a hater and look at the message of respect and love that people are talking about here...Assuming the worst about people without making sure your facts are right is really not fair and it totally uncalled for... as are the names!!!

Anonymous said...

YES~ Finally a late night show performance finally! Next she should do Letterman!! Ok, now where is the new video for "FWIW?"

John Seger said...

FABULOUS! A Leno show is what she needs.. next LETTERMAN(He loves her)..Now, where's the "For what it's worth" video? :-) GO STEVIE!

Anonymous said...

I thought she looked and sounded great on Leno.
And I gotta say, 3 months in I still think this is her best record since Bella Donna. Because the truth is, she really is singing better than ever.
She's never had such precise control over her voice, she looks great, and I think she seems really happy and full of energy.
This is a big year for Stevie Nicks. She's a singer songwriter and this is 2011. Who cares if the record doesn't sell millions of copies. Look at REM. They made a great album and it didn't sell a ton either.
Times have changed.
But her band is great, she's singing great and she's out touring the strongest collection of songs I've heard from her in 30 years.
I think the Red Rocks show will be stellar and I have a hunch Buckingham will be there too.

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