Saturday, July 16, 2011

Odds and Ends... Stevie in Glamour Mag "Now Let's Get Pissed!" + US Mag & Reverb

Glamour Magazine UK August, 2011
3 or 4 pages in the August issue of Glamour Magazine in the UK summing up the Glamour Awards event in London this past June... Stevie's pic on a couple of pages.  Did she really say "Now let's get pissed!" at the end of her acceptance speach?  That's hilarious!

US Magazine July 18, 2011
The voice finale featured in the current issue of US

Reverb Magazine Australia July, 2011 | Castleknock Gazette Australia July, 2011


Anonymous said...

This will sound like an odd question but who were they talking about when they mentioned the silver bracelet table gift?

Jay said...

Hilarious is right!!!!

Here's the British meaning of "pissed" according to "The American's guide to speaking British"

Pissed - This is a great one for misunderstanding. Most people go to the pub to get pissed. In fact the object of a stag night is to get as pissed as possible. Getting pissed means getting drunk. It does not mean getting angry. That would be getting pissed off!

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