Wednesday, July 27, 2011

[VIDEO] Stevie Nicks performing live on America's Got Talent 2011 [NEW SINGLE]


Absolutely love this... Great job Stevie!!


This was the bigger surprise of the night... 
kick ass version of Edge of Seventeen!

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Anonymous said...

I'm blown away! SO proud of both of these performances!!!!! Although, I love the song 'Secret Love,' I don't think it translated well live. Stevie said the same years ago about 'Talk To Me.' I love that song too, but when I saw it live, I didn't think it went over as well as it did on record. ANYWAY, Stevie, I want this albim to sell a million + and go on to get 10 Grammy nominations!!!!!!!!!!!!! You and Dave deserve it. Have a re-launch and spend the money to show at least a 30 second commercial of clips, especially 'Moonlight.' Speaking of 'Moonlight,' that needs to be the next single. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this whole record. SO, SO PROUD!!!!

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