Monday, August 01, 2011

Stevie Nicks Interview.... KBCO Denver... Great Interview!

Stevie was the call in guest today on the BCO Morning show in Denver, CO speaking with Brett Saunders... The podcast is available to listen to or download on the KBCO website... Great interview!

Stevie was very open to discuss her years of addiction, owing her life to Betty Ford, South Park and much more. Listen to the conversation at the podcast link above and See Stevie when she returns to Red Rocks next Tuesday.

She tells Brett how she had to OK the latest South Park episode where they used Landslide... and she talks about when they used her previously when she was a goat being captured.. She thought it was hilarious!  

Stevie also tells Brett she wants the fans to know that 6 or 7 new tunes are in the set on the upcoming tour, again saying The Wiltern show was the benchmark for the decision since the show turned out so well with the added new music in the set..

I think she's nailed it.  The Wiltern set list was perfect in my opinion... It balanced the old and the new very well...Look forward to seeing how the new set turns out!

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