Thursday, August 18, 2011

STEVIE NICKS Live in Atlanta... Included "For What It's Worth" Video

Stevie's show went off without a hitch last night in Atlanta at Chastain Amphitheatre... Atlanta was originally scheduled for Monday night but because of medical reasons it was postponed until Wednesday which sadly meant cancelling Indianapolis.  We later found out that it was Stevie's vocal chords that were sore... Not so much from the singing but from talking.  She had been doing a lot of press lately and being the chatty person that she is... she just over did it a bit.  So that coupled with being on tour, just wore her voice down... So she obviously was advised to take a few days rest, which she did...

She spoke early in the show about how she had been on vocal rest due to press she had been doing for the new album... According to reports you could hear it in her speaking voice a little, but her singing voice was spot on!  The setlist remained intact from Woodlands on August 13th.  Two songs in total have been dropped since the beginning of the tour.. Sorcerer and unfortunately the lead track from her new album "In Your Dreams".  But with the ever popular Landslide back in the set and Leather and Lace, which hasn't been around in years... It's all good.  A noticeable change in the wardrobe department, Stevie ended the night in the white top she had been wearing beginning with Edge of Seventeen, but on this night she left out the white dress.
Another major change was the "For What It's Worth" video made an appearance during her performance of the song... Descriptions of the new video for Stevie's new single, which hasn't actually premiered yet, say it looks really beautiful and very fitting for the song... The video was shot in the desert a few weeks ago with an old bus used as a backdrop as if they were driving across the USA.  Reports say there are a lot of close-ups of Stevie in the video - on the bus, getting her makeup done, playing guitar, hanging out with Dave Stewart and Mike Campbell.  Plus there are images of her standing out in the desert in black flowy chiffon with the wind blowing.  Stevie's niece Jessica, appears in the video as a makeup artist doing her makeup.... CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT!!

Photos by: @yourgypsybrandi

#StevieNicks and her band...  seriously tho....  at the stage... on Twitpic Stevie closing the show w/band members behind her....  I love... on Twitpic Stevie!!! on Twitpic

Photos by: CA_Dream

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Stevie  on Twitpic Stevie whipping her hair a few feet away from me. No big deal.  on Twitpic Take me back in time please. Edge walk.  on Twitpic


Anonymous said...

Indy fans! Of course, nothing will completely make up for the cancellation (and there is the added expense of gas,) but if you can make it Saturday, the venue in Cincinnati is small, fairly new and covered. There isn't a bad seat in the place as the capacity is only about 4,000. Its convenient to major highways too. And with the sounds of all the reviews, it would be worth the trip.

Anonymous said...

How did I know the white outfit wouldn't last? I am not seeing Stevie for two weeks and had a feeling she would be too lazy to change her dress for the entire tour, even though it's a short tour. Too bad, the white dress looked so beautiful on her, much better than the white jacket over the same old black schmata. Oh well!

Anonymous said...

^^ Too lazy? Hmmm... Nice!

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic website although the comments people make are self centered, rude and often hateful. Seems like Stevie's fans are getting old and cranky. The comments need to be moderated

Anonymous said...

Drove from Birmingham, Alabama on Monday night...cancelled...arrrggghhh (was at the park before we knew!). Drove back Wed and boy were we happy we did. Chastain Park is a beautiful venue, wasn't too crowded (thought the crowd was light). It sprinkled a bit before the show, but they sell nice wine at the park (in these bong looking plastic containers that hold a whole bottle! ;^) Michael Grimm opened with a great set of covers (Rolling Stones, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Janis) and some of his own songs. Great voice with a nice live sound. Stevie played a wonderful set. Top notch. No encore (strange, but figured it was the crowd or her voice or the fact they HAVE to stop at 11pm at Chastain since it's in a neighborhood). She is beautiful, sweet, classy...LOVE HER!!! Thanks for the memories, Stevie! Oh...and any time you can see someone like Waddy play live..DO IT!

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