Thursday, September 22, 2011

NEW Unseen Rumours Tour Video Australia Nov, 1977 Fleetwood Mac "Oh Well"

Another piece of Mac history surfaced over night.... Oh Well performed in Australia November, 1977. Read the comments below by the video poster, head on over to Youtube, leave a comment and request what you would like to see next. This is awesome stuff!!

Here is another great track from the 1977 Fleetwood Mac 'Rockarena' tour of Australia. This one is aimed at all the Lindsay Buckingham fans out there.

Unfortunately this concert was not lit for television and this track had a lot of 'blackouts' for stage visual effects - not good for the tv camera's. So I had to do a lot more editing (and did it at a higher quality).so hopefully you all will approve.

The next track I will work on will be either a Stevie or a Chrissie. Well it keeps me off the streets eh!
Here is the whole concerts track listing; maybe you choose?

- Say You Love Me
- Monday Morning
- Dreams
- Oh Well
- Rhiannon
- Oh Daddy
- Never Going Back Again
- Landslide
- Over My Head
- Gold Dust Woman
- You Make Loving Fun
- I'm So Afraid
- Go Your Own Way


Anonymous said...

Rhiannon!!! Please!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rhiannon next, but really we want it all.

Anonymous said...

I'm leaning toward dreams, or gold dust woman

Anonymous said...

Gold Dust Woman Please!!
But I look forward to seeing them all..
Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

NOW this is Lindsey Buckingham worth listening to...!!!!!

Jzero said...

A toss-up between 'I'm so afraid' and 'Landslide' (then all the rest). Oh man... the 70's were so good for some very great music.., 'miss those days big time...

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