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Lindsey Buckingham pulls out "Rock Away Blind" last night at 92Y

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Lindsey Buckingham sat down last night with Rollingstone Contributing Editor Anthony DeCurtis for a Q&A at 92Y in New York City.  He talked about everything from Seeds We Sow, Fleetwood Mac getting back together in 2012, his relationship with Stevie Nicks now, The Buckingham Nicks possibility, family - with the highlight of the night being an acoustic performance of 3 songs, Big Love, I Am Waiting and the never before played live "Rock Away Blind".  Oh boy would I have loved to have heard Rock Away Blind!!

Lindsey also took audience questions and did a CD signing afterwards.

Reading the review below and hearing fan reports from the night - it sounds like it was a pretty amazing night for those that attended.

Check out a full review of the night below by Geoffrey Dicker at

Review: A Conversation With Lindsey Buckingham at 92Y, NYC

By: Geoffrey Dicker

Some people will always remember the 5th of November.  I’ll always remember the 4th of November, 2011.  It’s the day that I met one of my musical gods – Lindsey Buckingham.  The 92Y in New York presented an hour and a half program called “A Conversation with Lindsey Buckingham,” and it was a die-hard fan’s dream come true.  He was interviewed by Anthony DeCurtis, who is obviously a fan of Lindsey’s music, so the discussion was relaxed, open, honest and it really felt like eavesdropping into the mind of one of the biggest musical geniuses of my lifetime.  So many questions I’ve been dying to know the answers to were answered as Lindsey Buckingham talked about everything from his love for the Brian Jones era of the Rolling Stones to the creative genius and madness of Brian Wilson to the changes of the marketability of music, some of his current favorites (including Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend and Dirty Projectors), his kids listening to the music of Katy Perry to getting to and being in a place where his life is totally enriched by being a family man – which wasn’t always the case in the “glory days” of Fleetwood Mac.  He was even asked what he would have done if Fleetwood Mac didn’t happen and though Lindsey found the question to be interesting, he said it was too hard to speculate but he also reiterated the magic event of himself and Stevie Nicks getting the opportunity to become members of Fleetwood Mac and how it changed the direction their lives took.

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Steve Powers said...

Totally agree with you! Fantastic evening, and a real dream come true for me to be able to personally thank Lindsey Buckingham for the great music that I've been listening to my entire life!!

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