Thursday, November 10, 2011

Review/Photos: Lindsey Buckingham Salamanca, NY 11/5/11

Lindsey Buckingham @ Seneca Allegany Events Center (Inside the Seneca Allegany Casino) Salamanca, NY November 5, 2011

Written by Gus Griesinger

Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham brought his solo act to the Seneca Allegany Casino last Saturday night. Mostly known for his plucking style of guitar playing, Lindsey played songs from his latest solo effort “Seeds We Sow,” in addition to a slue of Fleetwood Mac covers.  

The casino allowed the first couple of rows to fill in the front, as per the request of Lindsey. He surely played off the crowd and enjoyed every ounce of adulation and gave it back as well. Buckingham enjoyed the spotlight on the first four tracks of the evening, and was later joined by his band to complete the set. 
However, he did finish the show in earlier fashion, as he performed the last song of the evening, “Seeds We Sow,” under a single spotlight once again.   

Lindsey talked about why he is choosing to play these small shows with just his acoustic and electric guitars. His thoughts conveyed that it takes him back to his days as a kid, learning on the acoustic and just enjoying the simplicity of that. He also referred to Fleetwood Mac as the “big machine” and his band as the “little machine.”

Lindsey would make it to the edge of the stage and hold his guitar while letting the fans strum some chords during the Fleetwood Mac classic, “Go Your Own Way.” “Big Love” was an intense masterpiece and one of the evening’s highlights.  The other highlight was the song “Stars are Crazy,” as his solo during it was simply jaw dropping. In fact, he played 5 other new songs off of “Seeds We Sow.” Buckingham offered a great mix of song selections and the new material seemed very well received.

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