Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fleetwood Mac Humour | Win Stevie Nicks / Rod Stewart Tickets | Starck Contrast

Well, Well, Well, Look Who’s Come Crawling To His Uncle To Hear His Fleetwood Mac Concert Stories

Ah, my dear nephew, I thought those were your steps I heard. Allow me to pause this Mirage concert bootleg; may I ask to what I owe this unexpected visit? Surely you haven’t come to my basement hideaway to spend the evening hours with your doddering old uncle, who, as you have made abundantly clear so many times before, has nothing at all to teach you—

But, wait, what’s that you say? Do my ears deceive me? Has my headstrong nephew at long last come to his senses and crawled back to hear his uncle’s Fleetwood Mac concert stories?  Full article


Watch & Win With Tulsa's Channel 8 In April

Tulsa's Channel 8 is giving away tickets to Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks beginning on April 26th and April 27th... Watch their 10 p.m. newscast to enter and win.

Tulsa Channel 8


Starck Contrast
Another new documentary on the Starck Club revisits the storied Dallas nightclub of the '80s

It was May of 1984, and young punk Frank Campagna was racing around Dallas in his '75 burgundy Chrysler Cordova – the model with the real Corinthian leather. His mission: to find some green tea for Stevie Nicks.

"It was before there was Whole Foods or any of these organic places," he explains. "Hell, I'd never even heard of green tea before that. But that's what she wanted, and it was the only thing she drank."

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