Sunday, July 15, 2012

3 Shows Wrap-Up: STEVIE NICKS Live - Boston | Mohegan | Virginia Beach

Nicks seamlessly weaves old and new
by Sarah Rodman
Boston Globe

The twirls may be a little slower these days, but the spirit remains strong.

Tuesday night at the Bank of America Pavilion, Stevie Nicks enchanted with a two-hour set that was part “Storytellers,” part patriotic tribute, part crystal visions, and all heart.

The show was heavy on tracks from her latest album, 2011’s splendid “In Your Dreams,” which may have been unfamiliar to some in the packed house, but Nicks was a savvy sorceress of sequencing.

The Fleetwood Mac chanteuse wisely prefaced new tunes with stories about their origins to provide a way in and alternated fresh tracks with big hits, engendering good will.

That meant that Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” — still retaining its warm, woozy charm — flowed nicely into “Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream)” — which Nicks explained began life in the early ’70s and was resurrected when she was inspired by the second “Twilight” film — which then segued easily into a churning, spectral, wailing “Gold Dust Woman.”

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Stevie Nicks battles rock legacy at Mohegan
By Donnie Moorhouse

UNCASVILLE _ Marking the second summer in a row that she has been touring to promote her latest release “In Your Dreams,” Stevie Nicks performed for more than two hours at the sold out Mohegan Sun Arena on Thursday night.

Despite a rock legacy that stretches back to the 70s, it was new music that Nicks wanted to focus on during her 16 song set.

“This isn’t a Stevie Nicks greatest hits tour and there probably never will be another Stevie Nicks greatest hits tour,” she told the audience. “I have to do new music. I can’t keep doing the old stuff or it will make me crazy. I won’t let go of this new album until I have to.”

Even with the courteous attention given to the new material, Nicks played six tracks from the record, it was the hits of yesteryear mixed in between that had the audience rushing the stage.

With veteran guitarist Waddy Wachtel leading the band, Nicks hit the stage with a cover, blasting out Led Zeppelin’s “Rock’ N’ Roll,” setting the tone for the evening. She followed up with “Enchanted,” from her seminal solo release “The Wild Heart.”

Then began a sequence of new and then old as if the different eras of her career were in competition. It was “Secret Love” (new) followed by “Dreams” the song Nick’s said served as Fleetwood Mac’s only Number One hit on the Top 40 charts.

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Stevie Nicks' second to last solo show this month at Farm Bureau Live  in Virginia Beach Saturday Night was cut short by what looks like an 11pm curfew... It was a hot muggy night in Virginia Beach... Stevie looked great (check out the photos), but the set had to be tighted up to meet an 11pm curfew.  Gone were Ghosts Are Gone + The encore Love Is.  The show ended at 10:45pm with Landslide which was moved to the encore slot.  Also missing on this night were the band intros.  

By David Polston Freelance


Anonymous said...

Stevie's looking thinner...

Anonymous said...

I was at the Virginia Beach show and am not sure it was a curfew that caused Stevie to drop the two songs and band intros. Before and after "Leather & Lace" when Stevie talks about her vocal coach who sings it with her, she talked about how he got her through nights like tonight, impying that she was having vocal problems. She said multiple comments about it. But she sounded wonderful all night, so maybe she thought her voice was in a fragile place. But as I said to the audience she sounded fine.

Anonymous said...

She also said at one point she shouldn't be talking as much as she was with her voice in the shape it's in.

Anonymous said...

She was better than ever. The strength of her voice amazed me from the beginning. She delivered in Va. Beach outstandingly! I know she made comments about her voice and talking too much but at no time did I hear any problems with the performance. I was amazed, as were the people with me that she was able to deliver her songs with so much power and control. I will forever feel that this was 1 of the best concerts I have ever attended. I was honored to be there and enjoy her.

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