Sunday, July 22, 2012

Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham The Next 2 Weeks Ahead...

The next two weeks are jammed packed with tour dates for both Lindsey and Stevie covering a large swath of US states from the mid-west, to the deep south with 5 of the dates below overlapping one another. A fans dream or nightmare... Tickets are still available for most of these dates.

July 24th - Stevie Nicks (Nashville, TN)
July 26th - Lindsey Buckingham (Birmingham, AL)
July 27th - Stevie Nicks (Washington, DC)
July 27th - Lindsey Buckingham (Franklin, TN) Sold Out
July 28th - Stevie Nicks (Pittsburgh, PA)
July 28th - Lindsey Buckingham (Atlanta, GA)
July 29th - Lindsey Buckingham (Spartanburgh, SC)
July 30th - Stevie Nicks (Milwaukee, WI)
July 31st - Lindsey Buckingham (Charlotte, NC)
Aug 1st - Stevie Nicks (Greensboro, NC)
Aug 1st - Lindsey Buckingham (Willmington, NC)
Aug 2nd - Lindsey Buckingham (Carrboro, NC)
Aug 3rd - Stevie Nicks (Orlando, FL)
Aug 3rd - Lindsey Buckingham (Kernersville, NC)
Aug 4th - Stevie Nicks (Sunrise, FL)
Aug 4th - Lindsey Buckingham (North Charleston, SC)

Link To Buy Tickets

Lindsey Buckingham Live in Orange, TX August 19th 
Tickets go on-sale Thursday, July 26th 


Anonymous said...

The similar facial expressions in that photo montage are classic.

Anonymous said...

Stevie looks hot in that pic too!

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