Saturday, July 28, 2012

Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham Shuffle Setlist + Photos >> Videos and Observations

Verizon Center - July 27, 2012
Last night in Washington, Stevie performed the same set she performed in Nashville on the 24th... Moonlight and Annabel Lee are still out of the set and Stand Back moved ahead of Soldiers Angel.  She's sounding really loud and strong and seems to have gotten over whatever issues she was having with her throat.  No duets were performed with Rod again last night.  He didn't introduce her set either which was something he started last year, continued at the beginning of this jaunt, but seems to have stopped doing as well...  The mini photos below are by ML Layton via Getty.  Rod and Stevie continue on in Pittsburgh, PA tonight.


Check out the twirls she gives us at about 5:25... Looks very cool!

Stevie was really powerful sounding last night

Photo Tweeted by Verizon Center
The Franklin Theater - July 27, 2012
Seems to be a little setlist change (or addition) for Mr. Buckingham as well.  Last night in Franklin, TN - two shows into this leg of the tour, he pulls out Rock Away Blind!  Well that didn't take long!!  Seems to be a fan favourite wherever he plays and a request he's willing to fulfill... No video/photos or reviews from the sold out show have surfaced yet...

Lindsey met up with Walter Egan after the show... Walter also met up with Stevie too when she played Nashville the other night - along with former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Billy Burnette.  It's kinda trippy seeing all these old friends back together again!

Next up for Lindsey is Atlanta, GA at Center Stage Theatre Tonight.

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Anonymous said...

That must be one of the coolest versions of Rhiannon I have seen. Perfectly timed and the twirls were great. She looks as fabulous as she sounds. The video grabs a hold of you and won't let you go until the end. Stevie hasn't lost an ounce of charm. In fact, I think it has increased since people are so amazed at how she maintains her talent and beauty, while others wither away.

Gosh I hope she lives to be 100, at least...

Anonymous said...

the estrangement has stuck- stevie and rod don't acknowledge each other at all, no duets, no introduction of stevie by rod. they aren't speaking, not even 'go ef yourself'
mr. rod may try to smooth it out for the final show, but for now he isn't caring. ms. n got soooo mad at him and he got mad at her for being mad at him- but if the shows sell well, likely ms. n may be ready to forgive because she's had larger crowds playing with him-
icy now- but Rod may want to leave Stevie with a good feeling, once it's the last night because they will NEVER share a bill, again. he might even really learn 'leather and lace' and go for a mushy, huggy, teary-eyed 'friends again i hope' finale on the last night. business as usual til then.
he thinks she's rigid and humorless, she was ripping mad about the 'leather and lace' fiasco then let loose about him calling her ''old'' in a print interview. he will NOT rehearse with her and it's very telling she is now singing 'leather and lace' with steve real- its her ef you to Rod- his is not introducing her. They BOTH ef the AUDIENCE by not performing together as had been advertised- at first- but so far, people ain't complaining.
Never too old to get pissed off and stay that way! The final show might be worth the plane ride to see if the 'nice nice' works- be funny if he introduced her and she said 'don't bother!'---

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I don't think anyone cares if they duet, if he introduces her, etc. The songs they chose to duet on (well, Young Turks at least) were pretty lame considering the depth of their catalogs.

Anonymous said...

Hey #2, please don't start all this speculation stuff again. I can't take it!

and regarding "never hsaring a bill," no one this planet WANTS stevie and rod together touring again other than the suits. The audiences have been 100% Rods on this tour. And by 100 percent, I mean, 99.3%. I'm one of the 69 people who came solely for Mizzz Nicks and don't talk to friends throughout her set!

Anonymous said...

I am going solely for Stevie- I wish she brought her solo act closer to where I live :( I will not stay for Rod's half- I just hope she keeps some of the newer songs on the set list- I keep seeing them change I love For What its worth, Annabel Lee and Moonlight soooo much! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Wow stop all the hate and just go and enjoy the shows. I am a die hard Stevie fan, but I thought Rod put on a great show as well, very different performers. Its all about the music.

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