Thursday, July 12, 2012

After four decades, STEVIE NICKS proves she's still got it

"Nicks' mystical image, which brought her superstardom in the '70s as the female focal point of Fleetwood Mac, seems to have a life of its own."

by Rashod Ollison
In many ways, Stevie Nicks has embodied the famed ethos of James Brown's "Hot Pants" song: "A woman got to use just what she got to get just what she wants."

But unlike the bold soul sister in that funk classic, who declared her worth in skimpy clothes, Nicks draped herself in Victorian lace and wore flowing dresses with sleeves that spread like wings. Trailed by yards of gauzy fabric and her mouth in a perpetual pout, Nicks became one of rock's sexiest women.

Her torrid affairs with fellow pop stars, which inspired some of her greatest hits, and an epic drug habit are just as much a part of her legend as her famously scratchy voice and poetic music. Nicks' liberated persona has inspired a generation of female rockers.

But she's not much of a chameleon, like other celebrated women in pop: Joni Mitchell and Madonna immediately come to mind. Nicks has maintained her iconic status without removing a layer of her witchy costumes or tinkering much with her beguiling pop-rock hybrid.

The singer-songwriter headlines Farm Bureau Live in Virginia Beach at 8 p.m. Saturday. Tickets


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Fleetwood Mac is one of the top stories on Google News right now...Nice work, Stevie!

Anonymous said...

^Nice work?
Well, for next year. But has 'In Your Dreams' re charted? NO! She's not keeping the focus on 'In Your Dreams' and still isn't singing the title song of the album she'd like to have people buy.

Promoting Fleetwood Mac during a solo tour that was supposed to be about trying to re-ignite interest in her solo cd is defeating herself.

AN EPIC FAIL at focusing on the task at hand, IYD, has been going on for 14 months. Nice tour, though, but it's not helping the cd.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou anonymous, you seem to know so much, why aren't you her manager?

Anonymous said...

The title song would be excellent live. Not sure why they're not playing it.

Anonymous said...

...probably because she can't be ''managed''

Anonymous said...

Last night in Virginia Beach Stevie dropped "Ghosts Are Gone" and "Love Is", and instead did "Landslide" as the encore. And I must say, I liked it that way. "Love Is" was never that great live anyway. She said during "Leather & Lace" that her vocal coach had helped her sing last night, implying that she didn't have much of a voice, but she sounded great, and I've seen her many, many times.

Anonymous said...

I think "Love Is" is BREATHTAKING live.

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