Sunday, September 09, 2012

REVIEWED: Lindsey Buckingham Live In Des Moines 9/1/12

Lindsey Buckingham Live At Hoyt Sherman Place
Des Moines, Iowa, September  1, 2012
by Todd Totale

Photos by Laura Stein - Gallery
“Look at all of those dudes up by the stage taking pictures of Lindsey’s guitar rack.” I pointed out to my wife as we made our way to our seats at Lindsey Buckingham’s solo performance in Des Moines last Saturday night. “That’s hilarious!” I added as we both sat down.

“Don’t laugh.” She replied. “You know you want to go up there and do the same thing.”

I paused for a moment before admitting, “I do want to go up there.”

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Anonymous said...

I was front row centre for this amazing show - and I have to say I have never seen so many people wanting to take pics of guitars and set list. I lost count of the number crowding round stage to snap away before show started! :)

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