Tuesday, September 25, 2012

You choose... Who covered Fleetwood Mac better

Two Fleetwood Mac tunes were performed last night on The Voice.  Alex Marceaux took on Lindsey's Go Your Own Way while Suzanna Choffel landed Stevie's Landslide... Both great covers, but Suzanna get's my vote.  I think America responded really well to Suzanna's rendition as well.  Stevie Nicks was trending world wide on Twitter for awhile shortly after she sang the song..  Who do you think nailed it?

Alexis Marceaux's Blind Audition: "Go Your Own Way" - The Voice

Suzanna Choffel's Blind Audition: "Landslide" - The Voice


Catherine Zierke said...

Suzanna did totally better! Think Miss Stevie would have loved it. But no one holds a candle to the way Miss Stevie does it!

Anonymous said...

Agree Catherine! Never will be another like Stevie!

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