Tuesday, November 06, 2012

'Big Love' Live from Lindsey's acoustic live album "One Man Show"

Lindsey Buckingham Powers Through Solo Version of 'Big Love'
Rolling Stone

From Lindsey's upcoming live acoustic digital only iTunes release "One Man Show".  Recorded live in Des Moines, IA September 1, 2012.  The album will be released November 13, 2012.

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Playing is awesome as usual - voice more ragged than I've ever heard from Lindsey, but still like the raw quality of it.

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Since Lindsey left Fleetwood Mac before the 1987 tour, we have heard only this accustic version since his return for the 1997 tour. I wish the Mac would do the original full band verison on tour next year. I love that version.

Anonymous said...

Seeing all of these postings of "new acoustic version of..." --- fill in the Lindsey song is exactly why I want/need the band to record new music. I love Lindsey, but another version of BIG LOVE? Essentially the same as the one that appeared on THE DANCE but with a weaker vocal and cruder recording? No thanks. A "new" version of NEVER GOING BACK, after having the had the one on LIVE since 1980? No thanks. A "new" acoustic version of GO INSANE after the defining one on THE DANCE/VERY BEST? No thanks.

I'm so tired of this recycling of old stuff - something I thought Lindsey would never fall prey to.

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