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Review: Lindsey Buckingham Kansas City "Trouble" at Yardley

Lindsey Buckingham Live
Yardley Hall - Johnson County Community College
Overland Park, KS - November 4, 2012
Photos by Dan Lybarger

Tuesday, November 13th Lindsey Buckingham will release "One Man Show" a live acoustic album that documents his current US tour which ends later this month on November 20th.  The release captures Lindsey during his September 1, 2012 Des Moines, IA show and is a straight from the console, no post-production, live... raw..., true sense of being there recording where just a few mics were added to the room to enhance the recording.  From the 4 previews released, it sounds fantastic! It'll be available only on itunes.

American Songwriter has the latest preview: "Trouble".  Take a listen here

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Lindsey Buckingham at Yardley Hall: Short but sweet
Special to The Star
Chalk one up for baby boomers.
Popular music is the realm of young musicians and relevant artists over the age of 60 are the exception rather than the rule. While he didn't break any new ground during his bracing appearance Sunday at Yardley Hall, Lindsey Buckingham demonstrated that he remains vital.
Buckingham, 63, used age to his advantage by supplanting youthful rebellion with urgent songs of uncommon maturity. During an unaccompanied performance for an audience of over 1,000, Buckingham reinterpreted old gems from his tenure with Fleetwood Mac and showcased sage songs from his solo career.
An arduous rendition of "Not Too Late" served as the emotional core of the concert and as Buckingham's statement of purpose. He repeatedly howled "it's not too late" as he created distressed ripples of sound with his masterfully plucked guitar. As with most of the evening's 13 selections, "Not Too Late" contained personal epiphanies from the astute perspective of a seasoned artist who understands that time is precious.
Full review at or at Back To Rockville (lots of comments on the show)

Lindsey Buckingham and a surprisingly riled up crowd, last night at Yardley Hall
by David Hudnall
Yardley Hall, at Johnson County Community College, is a nice, big, dignified venue — somewhere between a high school theater and an opera house. If you are an important or otherwise lucky person, there are special boxes along the sides up top from which you can watch the show, possibly through tiny binoculars. This year's concert series includes Capitol Steps, Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet, and Garrison Keillor, among others. It is not the type of venue where people wave lighters in the air and chief surreptitious bowls in the corner.
But last night at Yardley, the baby boomers in the house simply could not contain themselves. You'd have thought Grover Norquist was in town for a paid speaking engagement. But no: the buzz was all for Lindsey Buckingham, former guitarist and vocalist for Fleetwood Mac.
I can't find a video online of that Chappelle's Show sketch about white people loving guitar solos, but if you've seen that, you pretty much understand the vibe last night. Buckingham is an amazing guitar player, and his 70-minute set was as much a clinic as it was a performance. He took the stage in a leather jacket and form-fitting jeans, looking at least a decade younger than his 63 years. After each song, he would tilt up his guitar and clutch it to his heart, as though it were a child, and bask in the wild applause. Then a tech would cross the stage and hand Buckingham a new guitar. I'm pretty sure he never used the same guitar on consecutive songs.
Full review at


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