Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stevie Nicks Reveals Two New Song Titles Recorded by Fleetwood Mac

In this audio conversation, which is obviously part of a larger interview, Stevie talks about going over to Lindsey's home to record her vocals on two tracks that Mick, John and Lindsey had previously recorded earlier this year.  

Stevie said the boys went in at the beginning of this year and recorded some songs (Lindsey talked about 8 songs recorded in previous interviews) and that they wanted her to come but she said her mother had just passed away and she wasn't in any condition to sing or write songs.  She went on to say that she went over to Lindsey's and recorded her vocals parts on two of the tracks, one that she picked and one that Lindsey picked saying:

“They came out great,” says Stevie. “They sound totally like really great Fleetwood Mac songs.”

The songs are “Miss Fantasy” and “Sad Angel.” Stevie and Lindsey also recorded a third song, which may be released next year as part of a possible 40th anniversary edition of the Buckingham-Nicks album.


Anonymous said...

"They came out great" does not sound quite as effusive as "this is the best thing I have ever done" in reference to her IYD album. I hope there is time for Stevie to go back in and record a few of her own songs with them before the tour. Just eight more songs and we have an album. Get cracking, boys and girl!

Anonymous said...

I really want her to do "My Mother's Ring" she talked about a few weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Fleetwood Mac just needs to get together and work their craft, doing whatever it takes to conjure up some more great music for a complete new album. They seem to be failing to realize that not all classic bands still have the public allure that they seem to have, and Lindsey and Stevie's solo projects have generated enough public interest this time around to make a new Fleetwood Mac Album & Tour a major success. I'm aware that perhaps in the past, a tour featuring mainly new Fleetwood Mac songs may not have necessarily been received as well as when they mainly perform the classic hits, however, a few new songs scattered throughout Fleetwood Mac’s classic lyrical treasures, are always a welcome delight for the ears!

In fact, I would go so far as to say that in the same way that 2012 was the year of Stevie's resurgence, 2013 is now perfectly poised to be the year of Fleetwood Mac. It's all in the cards; it's now collectively up to them how they play the cards they've been dealt. Not to mention, the huge interest that could be generated by a potential 40th anniversary edition of the Buckingham-Nicks album complete with freshly recorded Buckingham-Nicks era song(s)!

No doubt Stevie has some new music she can record for a new Fleetwood Mac album; she needs to open her Book of Miracles from the days of Fleetwood Mac lore and invoke some deep emotions, infusing that into fresh music. Fleetwood Mac’s greatest songs are those that mystically express the legendary dynamic between the members of the group.

I personally would like to see a new album and concert tour featuring more lights, graphics, special effects, etc., with Queen Stevie once again dressed in all her front-woman finery, as opposed to another stripped-down intimate concert with little flash and little costume.

There is certainly still much interest in Fleetwood Mac from the younger generation – especially in Stevie – and if the Band is produced, managed, and promoted correctly, there is no reason in the world that the colossal Planets of the Universe couldn’t successfully align once again for Fleetwood Mac.

Anonymous said...

JOHN HAS THIS LOOK ON HIS FACE LIKE "Damn Lindsey, you've got some bad effin breath." LoL

Anonymous said...

Fleetwood Mac is a brilliant light, and each member a part of a bewitching flame. It is when they are united, they brightly burn ablaze. The trouble seems to be when they reunite, some flames once again become fueled, ignited by the kindling of previously extinguished fires, and some get burned by the unwavering heat. Fire, when left to its own accord, becomes powerful and uncontrolled, engulfing everything, scorching some to sinders and ashes in its wake. Fire needs to be managed, organized, and directed. Only then can its potent energy be harnessed and its light be unleashed for the good of all to gaze upon and bask in its radiant heat.

Fleetwood Mac – Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks – definitely still have the greatest Fleetwood Mac album ever residing deep within them. Their talent and intensity remain timeless. I think what needs to happen this time around is to bring in a team of familiar names to produce them – whether past Mac producers, Jimmy Iovine, Dave Stewart, or even some newer names in rock, etc. – this way there is a team of organizing people around, mediating them, giving them structure, unifying and magically weaving together their individual talents without the stress of production resting solely on Lindsey and the band; that way they are fully free to collaborate together and express themselves lyrically and musically, without any extra hindrances, pressures or distractions. Letting new, fresh people produce and engineer the sound, with, of course, the collective oversight and input of the entire band; thereby bringing the music of Fleetwood Mac far into the future.

In addition, I would also like to see Lindsey & Stevie reach deep into their dark and dusty candlelit vaults of the Buckingham-Nicks days and pull out some timeless treasures – cobwebs, black widows, and all – to record for the 40th anniversary edition of the Buckingham-Nicks album; perhaps maybe making it a double album, with the addition of some newly recorded Buckingham-Nicks era songs. This could be a really outstanding musical project. With their name alone – ‘Buckingham-Nicks’ – invoking a timeless yin/yang music duo of two of the most legendary names of classic rock, I believe a project like this would be phenomenally successful. Maybe even after Fleetwood Mac wraps up their 2013 tour, Lindsay & Stevie could perhaps play – if just a few – Buckingham-Nicks concerts to support the album’s 40th anniversary and new release. This would be huge! I think this might even have the potential to be Bigger and perhaps even more successful than a new Fleetwood Mac album; with the not-as-heard-of ‘Buckingham-Nicks’ name more likely to have a fresher as well as classic interest from the immediate public; Mick Fleetwood and John McVie could even back them, generating renewed interest in Fleetwood Mac, as well as celebrating the main focus and the front voices of the Band – Buckingham-Nicks.

We've had the solo projects and the intimacies of the "small-machine" ... now it's due time for the glittering 'Big-Machine' touch to once again grace the legendary likes of Fleetwood Mac & Buckingham-Nicks! : )

Anonymous said...

^ ^ ^ That post was amazing. Sounds like you got some gooooood reggie.

Anonymous said...

Things have changed since SAY YOU WILL. Lindsey's released 3 great solo records and garnered much more respect than ever before - honored by the old guard and looked up to by the new as a model of integrity and artistry. There's no reason for him to prove his cred like he felt he needed to on SAY YOU WILL - which frees him up to do a really commercial, radio-friendly FLEETWOOD MAC record.

As for Stevie, she's understandably lost faith in the recording industry, and seems to feel burned by Lindsey and the prospect of a grueling recording process that results in a record no one hears. Again, understandable.

By the same token, they're too vital and creative to simply rest on their laurels as a nostalgia act, and they're more commercially powerful together than separate. The need to do a deep A/C hits package, just as in the old days before they got so hellbent on outdoing each other.

How about an 11-track record - 5 Lindsey songs/5 Stevie songs and 1 collaboration. Lindsey does radio-friendly folk/rock/pop songs (okay, maybe one weird, outre song) and Stevie does lush,/orchestral/romantic songs (and maybe 1 acoustic). The agreement is that he doesn't get too weird and she doesn't get too narcissistic. Freshen up the sound with...I don't know...horns, strings, a choir, a harpsichord, steel guitar, the sessions to a couple of months and reel in a big one.

How about it guys?

Anonymous said...

I'm not gonna lie. The titles of the 2 songs have me concerned.

Anonymous said...

Me too

Anonymous said... seems that Stevie has successfully sabotaged the rest of the band's hopes for a new album, anyway, as dates are now being booked in the window that should have gone to recording. I'm so frustrated with them/her!!!

Anonymous said...

There's no Fleetwood Mac without Stevie - you know the "guys" would take as much time as they felt necessary to promote any new music that they had out - just look at Lindsey.

Anonymous said...

After running wild with Dave, it's almost as if Stevie can't face the discipline of Fleetwood Mac. Artists are never the best judges of their own work, and though Stevie keeps calling IYD her best-ever record and I personally love it, it's most definitely not. SAY YOU WILL was in many ways a rough, tough sounding project and I really like its hard edge and lack of sentimentality. I wish Stevie would go to those dark places again with FM backing her up. Lindsey's arrangements and playing suit her songs the best - they give her musical vision a precision and depth her solo work sometimes lacks. A good fight or two (or three) is good and healthy. I hope she comes around, but it sounds like she won't.

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