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Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham sat for separate interviews with Yahoo! Preparing for Fleetwood Mac Attack in 2013

Stevie Nicks and 
Lindsey Buckingham Speak
(And Counter-Speak!)

By Chris Willman
Yahoo Music

The year 2013 will mark the 40th anniversary of the introduction of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks to the world—not as members of Fleetwood Mac, but as part of what we can think of as a prequel, their Buckingham/Nicks duo act. The timing may be coincidental, but there will be plenty of celebrating going on, as Fleetwood Mac heads out on the road for the first time in three years. Tickets just went on sale for a nine-week, 34-city tour that begins April 4 and includes stops at Madison Square Garden April 8 the Hollywood Bowl May 25.

Nicks and Buckingham sat for separate interviews with Yahoo!, and we were fascinated to find points of convergence on certain issues and divergence on others. For instance, they agree that they’re getting along better than they have in many years. They differ on why that is—but with these two, and the harmonic tension that has always played into fans’ fascination with Fleetwood Mac, would you want it any other way?

Buckingham put it this way, on the group’s cycles of coming apart and back together: “Unlike some groups like the Eagles who always seem to know what they want and —and they most of the time seem to want it at the same time, and there’s something to be admired about that—we are a group who clearly you could make a case for saying does not even belong being in the same group together. A group of people with our sensibilities can be seen as so different at times that you could say, ‘What are these guys doing in the same band?’ But it’s the synergy of that that makes it work. There’s also a far more political landscape that exists because of that.”

These so-called politics led to a dispute over which year this tour would take place, and whether there would be a new album to tour behind or not. But for fans who like product, there is the promise of two newly recorded singles, a Rumours deluxe reissue, and maybe even a Buckingham/Nicks reissue with a new song. And both Stevie and Lindsey sound energized by the prospect of getting out to play arenas again after their respective solo jaunts of the last two years.

Still, there were just enough differences in their takes on this latest iteration of Mac coming back together that we thought we’d present it as a “he said/she said.” May their fruitful near-harmoniousness never cease.


The original plan had been for Fleetwood Mac to hit the road in 2012. What happened? Mick Fleetwood went on record complaining that Nicks had stalled their plans by continuing her solo tour an extra year. She was not pleased about being called out for that.

“ I completely beat Mick up about that, because he was not thinking when he did that article (Playboy Article March, 2012). Mick knows more than anybody how loyal I am to Fleetwood Mac. When I went to do my solo career in 1981, I sat everybody down and said, ‘Listen, I am not leaving Fleetwood Mac ever. And you can believe me, that’s a promise. I am only doing a solo career because I have so many extra songs that I need another vehicle, so that when we come home and you guys all go off on these great big vacations, I’ll just go and work on a record and then I’ll go out and do a three-month tour, and then I’ll be ready when you start up again. I’m never going to be the one to break up this band, so don’t ever put that on me.’ And I have been true to my word through everything.”

“Yes, Fleetwood Mac was supposed to be going out last year and touring, and yes, Stevie’s reneging on that did cause a certain amount of frustration in the ranks. But you know, I don’t think there’s any way you can point fingers at anybody. We’ve all been ones to cause trouble at one time or another. And I would not begrudge her—nor did I begrudge her—following her bliss to the point of getting to 2013.”

“In May 2011 I released my solo record In Your Dreams, which is my heart, my favorite record I’ve ever done. I had a long talk with Mick in maybe October going into November 2011, and they really wanted to tour last year. I said no—no—for two reasons: ‘I believe that In Your Dreams deserves another year, because in this day and age of the music business being in such dire straits, as far as getting your record company to spend any money, I’m my own person who’s backing up this record. It’s not Warner Bros. So I’m going back out next year and I’m gonna tour all next year for In Your Dreams, and I will be available to Fleetwood Mac January 2013.’ And number two, in my opinion, there should always be three years between Fleetwood Mac tours. Because—as we have always been told by our managers, who are very creative—you should get out of the public eye. Because if you just saw us a year and a half ago, we’re not gonna be at the top of your priority list the summer of 2012. If you want to make your show an event, the best thing is to get out of the spotlight for three years. Now it’s the perfect harmonic convergence. And everybody now is definitely knowing that I was right. They always have to admit it somewhere down the line.”

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“There was a long period of time years ago where I had a sense of frustration because I, on more than one occasion, had gone in the studio and had the intention to put out a solo album, and that particular effort would get co-opted by the band. And if you’re in a band, and you call yourself a band member in good standing, you really need to think about that maybe first, at least most of the time. And so I got this sort of built-up frustration at not being able to get at some things that I wanted to do on my own. And after we did Say You Will back in 2003-4, I asked for a three-year period—which is probably where Stevie got that— to make two solo albums back to back and to tour behind them. But see, for me, I got that out of my system. So I do not necessarily have something as arbitrary as a three-year minimum in-between doing Fleetwood Mac tours. I mean, I think it should be whatever everyone feels it should be. And so Stevie, I think right now, is professing a certain length of time between Fleetwood Mac tours becauuuuuuse—and this is just my opinion…”

“Even if I hadn't taken last year to tour with In Your Dreams, we still shouldn't have toured last year. Lindsey got to go out and do a bunch of gigs by himself, which is brave, to go out with a guitar and do an hour and a half. He got to play all his favorite songs— there’s nobody telling him what to do, so he could do anything he wants. And Mick has a blues band in Hawaii, and he plays all over the islands and he loves it. He’s been trying to open a restaurant there for years and it finally opened up in the summer. And John McVie lives on Oahu; he’s a Hawaiian person now. He never comes back to the mainland, hardly. He’s a bass player. He plays the bass, and he just kind of does his life and when Fleetwood Mac comes up and gets ready to go, he’s thrilled.”

“… Well, first of all, she watched me do this thing where I did solo work and came back and brought that energy back to the band. She hadn't had a very good experience making an album or touring in quite a while. Then she did [In Your Dreams] a couple years ago with Dave Stewart, and she had a wonderful experience making it. And I think when she started to tour behind that and started to feel the energy coming back from that, she was sort of loath to give it up…. Whether or not we’ve got to take three years off every time, I don’t know. I think she’s saying that, again, in a bit of an arbitrary way. I would not agree with that as anything that’s written in stone by any means, you know.”


Fleetwood Mac will be releasing two new songs before the tour begins: “Sad Angel” and “Miss Fantasy,” both written by Buckingham but sung largely by Nicks. As it turns out, there are more in the can—by the Nicks-less trio of Buckingham, McVie, and Fleetwood, anyway. So why is this the second tour in a row with no new album to promote? Is two songs enough, since times have changed and that’s two more than we got circa the 2009 tour, anyway?

“I was up at Lindsey’s house about three weeks ago, and we did some work on some music. We’ve done two songs, and they came out great. You know, in this day and age, nobody is sitting around waiting for an album from anybody. And that’s unfortunate. That’s not how we want it. If we had felt that there was a reason to rent a house and go into a house for eight months to do a (full-length) record, we would have. But I think we’ll throw these two songs out between December and our first show, in the way that we do these days, which I’m not really familiar with, because I’m not a computer person. If I make another solo record, it’s not going to have 14 songs on it; it’s probably going have eight songs on it. Because it doesn't seem that the world wants 14 songs now. In fact it seems that the world really only wants two or three songs. So we've changed our heads around a little bit because of the way the music business is, not because of what we want to do. If the world was still the same as it was 10 years ago, we would have been going in to do a record right now.”

“As far as the idea of not understanding an era in which albums are not appreciated as an art form in the way they once were, well, you know, when I first started listening to rock & roll, albums were throwaways. I mean, singles were everything. Albums had not been defined as an art form yet. Usually maybe the first two songs were the singles and everything else was a throwaway. So perceptions come and go. But, having said that, most everybody is out there making albums still anyway and still thinking of it to a certain degree as an art form--and that the quality level needs to hold throughout the album as much as possible.”

“Those are both written by Lindsey. But I really like ‘em. The boys went in at the beginning of the year for a couple weeks and recorded about eight songs. I was supposed to go, but my mom had just died on the 28th of December, and they went in in February, and I was in no shape to go into a studio and record or write anything. Then I got pneumonia again, so I was very sick in February and March. It’s funny, because my mom died of pneumonia with complications from emphysema from smoking for 60 years. And I just kind of went underground for about six months, so I wasn't available. So they recorded several songs, and they’re all good. And I chose one, and Lindsey chose one. And I put vocals on them, and we played around with them, and they came out great. Even though I didn’t write them, I think they’re very representative of me. As Lindsey told me, ‘I tried very hard when I was writing these songs to make them you. It’s not about you… of you.’ And I can hear that in these songs… Because I just came off tour and Lindsey just came off tour, we would be starting an (entire) album right now. But that’s not the way that the world is. So we thought, we will do two songs.”

“I think there’s a little bit of a rationalization there, too, only in the sense that I don’t think she’s got a bunch of new material sitting around. And if she did, I think she might be a bit torn about what she wanted to do with that material. My sense is that she’s going to want to go in and do another solo album at some point. So I think she would feel a lot of pressure right now coming up with new stuff for Fleetwood Mac. I mean, I’m not worried about whether we do an album or not. The first thing that I did, when I found out we weren’t going to tour, in 2012 I just wanted to make sure we did something that was constructive. So for a couple of months, I worked on some very rough new song ideas, and then I got John and Mick over from Hawaii. And even though Stevie was on the road, I was trying to sell the idea of the album to her then, and she didn’t want to do it. But John and Mick and I cut these tracks, and they’re tremendous. I think for whatever it means, they’re the most Fleetwood Mac-y things I’ve heard in a long time. And Stevie did not really warm up to them, but it’s my opinion that she was not prepared to warm up to them, because she had an idea of not really wanting to support the idea of an album. And that’s fair enough, too, I suppose. But… again, these things have been sitting around for a while. Stevie came over. She started liking them more once she sang on a couple of them. And who knows where that’s gonna lead. Obviously we’re not putting out an album before this tour starts, but let’s just wait and see what happens. The problem right now is that I’ve got like eight songs sitting around, and Stevie hasn’t brought any in. So whether or not that changes down the line remains to be seen. I’m not concerned about it one way or the other. You know, his material will find its way somewhere eventually. So I don’t care. I just want her to be happy, you know?”


From all indications—or at least these two indications—things went swimmingly during the Buckingham/Nicks recording sessions in November. But, naturally, they don’t see 100 percent eye-to-eye on why they got along so well.

“I had a great time at his house, and I had a great time spending time with his three children and seeing a whole different side. Because he has two little girls and a son, and he lives in a world of women, really. It’s very much softened him up, because when you live in a house full of girls, it has to. He has a son, but you know boys—he stays in his room. The girls are everywhere, and they’re all about their dad. They’re all over him. He’s living in girl world! And it’s great for me, because it’s made him different. It’s made him softer and more understanding of women in general. So it’s really good, and we’re in a really good place. We had a really crazy photo session together and that was a lot of fun. so I see really good things coming from this. I feel really good about it. This is nothing like the 2009 tour. The 2009 tour was abrasive and not very happy. This is different. This is a better time, a better place, a better way.”

So we’re talking about the feminization of… “…of Lindsey Buckingham! [Laughs.] You know, when little girls are balleting through your house, it has to affect you. And they ride horses, and they have their winning ribbons. They’re little amazing athletes. He comes from a family of three boys, so this is very different. And I’m really glad he had girls, because he’s really in touch with his feminine side because of this. So I’m thrilled.”

“Well, I’ve got a son too. I’ve got a 14-year-old son, and two daughters who are 12 and 8, but it’s not like that’s anything new. I’ve had these kids for a while! [Laughs.] They were there in 2009 as well. I think you have to look at it from both sides. Certainly one of the things you could say generally speaking is because we take periods of time off, every time Fleetwood Mac reconvenes, everybody’s life has evolved in some way, and you put all those pieces together and it’s a different equation. So in 2009 (on the last tour), perhaps, I still had certain concerns. And certainly Stevie was living in a world where she was quite a bit more frustrated creatively than I think she probably is now. So it’s a lot of things. It would be an oversimplification (to say) that ‘Lindsey has softened up because he has daughters.’ Because my daughters have been around for quite a while, and my son has been around for 14 years. Certainly getting married and having children relatively late after all the other garbage was out of the way—especially after seeing a lot of people I knew who really weren’t there for their families, back in previous decades—that’s been the best thing that ever happened to me. This is truly the best time of my life. And so that clearly plays into things. But I think it’s more than that. Both of Stevie’s parents have passed away since the last time we toured. And I think her journey over the last two years of following her bliss has landed her in a different spot in which to see some of the things about me that maybe had always been there but she wasn’t recognizing, you know.”


The Buckingham/Nicks LP that Lindsey and Stevie made as a duo in 1973, just prior to joining Fleetwood Mac, has never been issued on any post-vinyl format, amazingly (though every fan who wants one has a bootleg copy). For at least 10 years, Nicks has been saying a CD release is imminent. The chances of it coming to fruition seem greater now, because Nicks says the two of them recorded a “new” track for it while they were recording the two new Mac tunes… though Buckingham is warier about making any promises about that, or other new releases.

“Besides the other two, we also did a Buckingham/Nicks song that was supposed to go on Buckingham/Nicks and we don’t even know why it didn’t. But I found it, so we recorded that, and next year is the 40th anniversary of Buckingham/Nicks, so we’re thinking that maybe some time next year we might throw that record out also, and then strip this song onto it. So there is—as Dave Stewart would say—reason for cautious celebration, that there is going to be some new product. And then we’ll see. Is this (a full-length album) what people want? And if they want it, then that changes everything.”

“Well, that (the Buckingham/Nicks reissue) could happen. We’ll have to wait and see where that goes, too. A lot of these things are going to reveal themselves in the moment that they get revealed and not before. I don’t know. Again, I’m just happy we’re doing this (tour), and I’m looking forward to spending time with people that I love and have a great history with.”


Unknown said...

I get the impression that Stevie and Lindsey are on totally different pages which is nothing new. If I had two minutes with Stevie, as a fan of hers and Fleetwood Mac, I'd tell her she's wrong - I do want an album of new material more than I want (another) tour that sounds the same as 2009 - and 2003/2004.

Let's keep it real: The tour is a money-grab designed to keep the "partial fan" happy with a two-hour concert-party. They are happy and FM is happy to take their money.

The real fans only get yet another stale-sounding (unevolving musically) tour and reissues of music we already have in multiple greatest hits packages.

I'd give FM $18 for a new album and more $ for singles/deluxe packages and imports/remixes - but once again, they are not getting $120 - $495 from this mega-fan for stale-sounding live renditions of "Dreams", "Go Your Own Way" and "The Chain".

I think I'll put on The Dance DVD or Live in Boston, donate the $120 to Wounded Warriors and not hassle with traffic, parking, or over-priced T Shirts promoting just how foolish this FM fan is with his money.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Been a fan since the 70s and I feel the exact same way you do!

Anonymous said...

I hope they bring out another album!!! Their 2003 album 'Say you will' was so good and it reached the top three. I think they have such a great following now with the younger crowd as well (I'm only 14!) that they could bring an album out and it would do really well. Stevie is only worried about doing an album because her 'In your dreams' didn't do as well as she hoped, mainly because it was hardly promoted and the music business is in a terrible state. However, it did reach #6 in the charts and it has sold around 200,000 copies!!! Btw, if anyone is reading this, you need to buy 'In your dreams' as it is AMAZING!!!!! Come on Stevie, you know you want another #1 Fleetwood Mac album to happen!!!!

Kristen - The GCAC said...

I've been a mega fan since The Dance in 1997. Some will say that means I can't be a mega fan but I wasn't around for the really good stuff in the 70s. BUT since 1997 I've gotten every album, CD, DVD, etc. available and have seen every tour. I've got my tickets for the Hollywood Bowl May 25 and also plan to see them in Chicago. I agree that it's a bit of a money grab but I also think it's something they really enjoy doing for the fans, as well as really enjoying being on stage themselves. That said, what a great idea to donate to a charity! Especially this time of year. Btw, these interviews were hysterical. Forget the Mayans, if Stevie & Lindsey every agreed 100% about a single topic that would be a sure sign of the apocalypse. But they're adorable. <3

greg said...

Stevie said she'd never quit Fleetwood Mac in this new interview, but technically she did in 1991 when Mick refused to give her Silver Springs for her greatest hits CD, TimeSpace. She only agreed to come back in 1997 when The Dance was proposed and Lindsey and Christine were back on board.

I still remember watching Joan River's talk show where she always discussed current news events in the beginning segment. She announced both Stevie and Christine were leaving Fleetwood Mac. Not surprisingly as The Mask CD with Billy and Rick sold nowhere near the amount as their previous studio album, Tango in the Night. Add to that Mick's autobiography he released around that time and the girl's in the band were done.

Stevie's solo career was at an all time low point at that time as well. If it wasn't for The Dance, I really think all of their careers would be under the radar.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It really annoys me a bit when people start using the words ‘money-grab’ when referring to Stevie & the Mac reuniting for a tour... Let’s be clear, Stevie Nicks is worth about $65 Million Dollars... so, it's never about the money. Music is her life. It's what she does.

However, I'd absolutely have to agree with the first poster. Fleetwood Mac needs to be more concerned with being Fleetwood Mac, and making new music, not so concerned with the business outcome that all creativity is lost. One can perhaps understand Stevie as not being completely satisfied with just merely adding her vocals to tracks that aren't really hers; where is the synergy in that? Although having Lindsey write a couple of tracks with Stevie in mind was a great idea. Now Stevie should do the same, and they should work together. Why is that so hard? They need to all work together in the same place and synergize some really great new music, with the input of Mick and John as well. But I do have to agree, I'd rather pay more money for an album with new songs and a concert, than to pay hundreds of dollars just to see the same concert I saw in 2009, along with a repackaged edition of music I already own.

Why do they have to simplify their existence as a band? The state of the music business is no excuse. Making and selling an album has always been a difficult process. So times have really changed when it comes to music, and that’s just the way it is, but Fleetwood Mac is very lucky to still be relevant, and they shouldn’t be taking that for granted by over-simplifying their reunion. They need to realize, they are FLEETWOOD MAC, and they should concentrate on collectively doing what they do in an authentic way, as the successful band they've always been, and the fans will naturally follow.

Lastly, I’d suggest Lindsey and Stevie and the rest of the Band get together and have a really long conversation within the same room, to get on the same page, before doing anymore ‘separate’ interviews.

I’d really like to see some BIG MONEY put behind this tour… the potential is there for Fleetwood Mac (Buckingham/Nicks) to be brought into 2013 with a Big Bang… with Stevie in all her story-book finery, costume changes, etc… with lights, visuals, energy… give us the imagery that makes Fleetwood Mac Legendary! Bring the Fairy-Tale to Life!!!

Stevie says nobody is sitting around waiting for a new album from anybody… but is anybody really waiting around for more repackaged music and the same concert they already saw a few years back, and prior? I think not.

In addition, to get a leg up on internet piracy, PRE-SALES FOR any NEW released MUSIC is the way to do it. That way the MONEY is made well IN ADVANCE before the music is available online. That’s what they should do with the TWO NEW SINGLES they’re planning on releasing. All the BUZZ they’re generating from these interviews about TWO NEW MAC SINGLES ON THE WAY SOON is free advertising, these songs should be AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW before they can be purchased anywhere, otherwise they will unfortunately be available ONLINE for free digital download by file-sharers across the net on the same day they are released.

greg said...

Fleetwood Mac is creatively dead to a large degree. Attorneys and managers play a larger role in the band than any of the remaining members.

The bottom line, Stevie isn't receptive to Lindsey's input as she once was, and it appears Lindsey doesn't want to deal with the drama of "changing" her music whether it's for the better or not. He only cares about his own music for the most part, and the same is true for Stevie. It has nothing to do with being a group anymore. As a huge Stevie fan, I can say she truly needs Lindsey's input when she's with the band. She got an amazing talent, but when you put limits on the individual producing your music, the creative process is stifled.

Brian said...

I love Stevie and always will,no matter what and I would fight tooth and nail for you. But just wish she would just do a new album with fm. So what if it does not get to the top of the charts with it. Its not because it would not be a good because we know fm and it would come out great. Its just the way the music business is today. Stevie just do for the art,your fans and for the band members that u became famous with. Lets face it u r not getting younger none of u r. So do it while u all can. U all have made your money and your legniency will not be affected by an album that did not sell copys to your standards its about the art at this point of your careers. We your big fans will love you no matter what and always will and thats all that matters as u once said on stage.

Anonymous said...

I have been a fan since 1976 when I first saw Fleetwood Mac in concert. Since then I have seen the band and Stevie solo over 100 times, multiple times on every tour she and the Mac have ever done. While I also would love more new music, this disecting of every word the band members say in interviews is kind of sad.

While they do tour for the profits, they also give their audience a wonderful night of lovely music. And I never tire of hearing them perform live, just as I never tire of listining to their recorded music. Whatever new tunes we get, I will be happy with. And I will always be thrilled to see them live. Stevie and Lindsey are both performers who were given the gift of total stage charimsa and talent. And as long as they both can sing, I will be there with a smile on my face from the moment they take the stage until the final bows.

Anonymous said...

I am just happy they are willing to tour no matter what they play. It is a joy in itself just seeing them live (and alive) while so many great artists have passed away. Being able to reminisce of times gone by with their classic songs is priceless in my opinion. FM play what you wish, this fan is willing to listen to whatever you have to offer.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I find these "separate" interviews in bad taste. It sounds as if FM (Stevie & Lindsey, for that matter) have no idea what the hell is going on. I agree with almost everyone else: they have all made their millions and money should not be the objective. The art should. Stevie is worth more than $65 million, trust what if she doesn't make $6 or $7 million from an album anymore...FM commands $500,000 PER MEMBER, PER CONCERT!!

Get on the same page!!!

Anonymous said...

Stevie has, in countless interviews during her tenure promiting "In Your Dreams", described her revelation that collaborating in the music writing process with someone else is gratifying and resulted in "the best year of my life".

In my dreams Stevie, Lindsey, Mick, John and yes, Christine lock themselves away and truly collaborate on a new album - each providing their individual gifts to each song together as a unified band.

Nothing in that dream will ever come true.

In an interview promoting his book about the recording of "Rumours" Ken Calliat recently paraphrased a phone conversation he had with someone at Warner Bros. and it was said of Fleetwood Mac: "They are a fuckin' nightmare..."

Their egos are huge - they threaten each other about releasing their own team of lawyers on each other when they argue (as witnessed in the documentary of the making of "Say You Will").

It's about money and getting the advantage over the other - two bullies on a playground. It isn't about the fans and it isn't about the music. It hasn't been about us for a long time.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Well said. Stevie is much happier when she's flying solo. FM seems like such a chore to her now. She's over it - and has been for a long time.

greg said...

Stevie apparently hasn't gotten over the money that comes with being in Fleetwood Mac or she wouldn't keep going back. It's too important for her to say she's a member of a legendary rock band. It's her whole identity, and it's what keeps the media interested in her. Solo Stevie would have disappeared years ago without her identification to Fleetwood Mac.

Brian said...

well I disagree with that last statement she has stayed in the pulic eye and toured since she became famous since 1975 . except for when she got cleaned out in rehab. She has always had a big fan base.she does not need fm for that.sorry not true!

Anonymous said...

Oh, psychoanalist Lindsey knows this classic in-denial Gemini soooo well...

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of stevie bitching about internet piracy!! she has made milions over the years from her fan's who have always supported her and always will, bruce springsteen puts out cds all the time so do most artist and they dont worry about it because they know the fans will pay for there music, stevie's real problem is she cant write anymore, if you look at her albums all she does is redo old songs the same demos she had 30 years ago like twilight , secret love etc, her albums dont sell well because there promoted badly , they always put out the wrong singles and its her own fault because she puts out and promosted what she likes not what is best, if she had released annabell lee as a single it would have been a hit inbstead she went on every show doing secret love which was not a great song, I also dont think in your dreams was the master peice she though it was, wild heart and street angek were better albums with more original type songs they had stevoes personality all over them, in your dreams had too much dave stewart and had an over produced feel to it , no one produces stevie like lindsey no one that man works magic with her songs , listen to the gypsy demo from bella donna with tom petty and then the mac version lindsey turned it into a masterpiece, make a new cd with the mac stevie you owe it to your real fan's!!

MplsMike said...

In this case I have to disagree with Stevie. I want new material. When she says no one wants 14 songs anymore, I think its more a reaction to her last two releases (IYD and TISL) not producing powerhouse hit singles or cracking the Billboard Top 20. Stevie has always been used to her solo career being more commercial than Lindsey's, so even though yes, she is all about her music most of all, I imagine in still stings very much. All of her current singles get sent to Adult Alternative or Adult Contemporary charts. This is where she is wrong to not embrace the Internet. This is how to reach the younger audiences. As for a new Mac album, I really can't believe she doesn't have at least two or three outtakes from the IYD sessions that didn't get sequenced onto the final cut. She always has two or three. Surely those could be repurposed since we're getting an 'EP' and not an album.

I will still go and see them here in Saint Paul; I missed the 2009 tour but saw them twice during the 2003/2004 SYW tour. I saw Stevie twice for IYD and I have to say I am so very sick of hearing Rhiannon performed live. Same with Gold Dust Woman. I would gladly shell out a couple hundred bucks for a Stevie solo show if I got to hear some real solo classics I haven't heard in a while.

As much money as each member of Fleetwood Mac receives from one live show, and the fact that Stevie spent a decade touring solo between Fleetwood Mac, TISL and IYD money is the last thing she should be thinking about. She should be thinking about her art. This woman is a prolific songwriter.

As for the reissue of Buckingham/Nicks, meh. I love the bootleg I own and of course I'd buy it, but I don't want them singing a "newly recorded" song they didn't record forty years ago. I want newly written material.

Anonymous said...

In Your Dreams debuted in the top 10 with sales of 75,000. In the past month, new albums by Christina Aguilera and Ke$ha - who has a huge string of top 10 singles - debuted in the top 10 with sales of 75,000 each. Very few albums sell over a million anymore. Kelly Clarkson's latest CD Stronger was ranked the 24th best-selling album of 2012 in Billboard. It's sales: 987,000. It's title track was the #7 song of the year. You can't compare Stevie's sales from 1981 to 2012 because a hit today looks very different than it did 20-30 years ago. Also, In Your Dreams and Stevie's promo efforts motivated sales of FM's catalog. The live version of Landslide from The Dance has sold just over 1 million paid downloads in the past 15 months.

Anonymous said...

"Show Me The Money"...Mick Fleetwood

Anonymous said...

'In your deams' debuted at #6 with sales of 52,000, actually.

Anonymous said...

These "he-said she-said interviews are fascinating and insightful. Its a wonder anything gets done with Fleetwood Mac at all with that ping pong match of dialogue going on. Yet, its tiresome. They are fighting about whether or not to release new material and I'm digging about on youtube for twenty year old, poor quality
demos on youtube to slake a thirst for music from my favorite band. One thing I am not doing is throwung money away on another greatest hits concert. I will watch this blog site for an opening night set list and if it looks worth it, I will walk up to the venue on the day of show and hope for the best. Certainly this madness makes for good press.

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