Sunday, April 14, 2013

Amazing photos of Dave Grohl with Stevie Nicks - Relix Magazine is out now!

Relix Magazine with Stevie and Dave on the cover (s) is out now... Check your local magazine retailer.  
Dave Grohl & Stevie Nicks 
The Old Dreams & New Realities of Rock and Roll
Photos by Danny Clinch - More on his website
Read an excerpt from the magazine at Relix

People seem to be having a hard time finding this magazine especially at Barnes and Noble.  Not sure why they aren't stocking it - yet. Another individual was told by B&N that it comes out in May, when it's actually OUT NOW!.  An alternative to buying at a magazine store is ordering it directly through Relix. You can buy single issues directly through them. In the U.S., it will cost you $3.99 extra for shipping on top of the magazine price of $6.99 (they also offer international shipping).  A cheaper alternative would be to just subscribe to the magazine for one year at a discounted price (which ends on April 17th).  The price is $20 and Relix will send you BOTH magazines featuring the different covers... So it's up to you. $11.00 for one magazine or $20 for both covers plus a yearly subscription.  Click through here for more details at RELIX on the subscription discount. Use Promo code SPECIAL in the promo spot HERE to place your subscription order.


Anonymous said...

The b&w solo SN pic is quite telling...soft, yet hard. A very beautiful older woman...Venerable. Rarely do we get to see this side of SN...It is almost how she appears in person (not with stage make-up).

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Thank you for posting the B/W pictures.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get the magazine? Even Barnes & Noble doesn't have it.

MplsMike said...

I found it at B&N on Friday, April 12th but they only had two copies left when I got there. They did not have the mag before that day, as I called and asked, but the girl who checked for me said different magazines come in on different days because outside vendors stock their mags.

Anonymous said...

Dave Grohl is actually kinda hot, isn't he!

Anonymous said...

Eyes opened would have been nice for the magazine cover, it's pretty, in a way, but there's a 'sleeping granny' quality to the photo- and actually, the one inside with her eyes opened isn't very flattering.
Where can i find my copies? :)

It's very nice she has a cover of a music magazine, it's been too long- now would be good for Fleetwood Mac to be on the cover of Rolling Stone, an album might have helped!

Liking well the 2 plus hour dvd "Stevie Nicks Through The Looking Glass''- some rare portions of 1970s interviews and quite worth the $14- it comes in a slipcase box, then the dvd case, and the dvd- all 3 of which have the same photo. I think it was compiled to tide fans over until/if the "In Your Dreams'' doc gets a dvd release- they had 'courtesy of Welsh Witch' and other credits that indicate SN's lawyers must have approved the release, or likely the music clips couldn't have been included. 4 main 'talking heads'- one is Ken Cailett, have a lot of screen time, the woman with red hair who recently interviewed Nicks at a documentary screening made me laugh when she insisted many thought 'Sara' was a lesbian song and it was smart and brave of Stevie to let people think that! She reads '' a lot'' into Stevie but it's enjoyable to hear her comments. The middle aged British guy is well spoken and mostly very classy, and is a big SN fan, though he did say that each solo album of Stevie's was progressively worse than the previous one! well, 'other than that', he was classy and a balanced voice of reason. The woman fawned a lot, and a third guy didn't seem to like Nicks much, goat-like voice comments, a ''flawed sex symbol'' comments and he got in plenty of negative comments. whoever he is. Ken was interesting and not harsh, though had honest and interesting comments, some not positive. Oh, Keith Olson had a fair amount of screen time, said Stevie had him write the bridge for 'Has Anyone Ever Written' and then told him she always hated the bridge that he wrote, and he replied the song now had more than 2 chords- he also said he was hired to produce all of RAL after Iovine quit, but quit after a while because SN was not only impossible, that he felt she was singing 'off key' for most of the album and refused to be told she wasn't. I never noticed RAL sounding off key, he blamed the drugs for SN not being able to hear it.
The dvd is some 128 minutes, with rare photos and a good amount of concert footage, though invariably the clips are too short. I was expecting more about SN's solo albums, but a huge chunk of time was all about 'Rumours' and nothing we haven't heard from the band. Worth having. As will be the Relix issues!

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