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REVIEW | PHOTOS | VIDEO: Fleetwood Mac Live in Philadelphia April 6, 2013

Wells Fargo Center - April 6, 2013
No change in the set list from Columbus and that's a good thing!

Review: The return of Fleetwood Mac

Instability is a constant in Fleetwood Mac. Since its inception in 1967, drummer Mick Fleetwood has been the only permanent member, although bassist John McVie joined almost immediately thereafter. And the band's classic late '70s lineup, with Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, reached its creative peak when its interpersonal relationships were at their most tumultuous.
"It's different every time. That's the way it is with this band: it's always a work in progress," Buckingham said during Saturday's sold-out show at the Wells Fargo Center, the second night of the band's first tour in more than three years. The 23-song, 2-and-a-half hour set favored the hits, including most of 1977's Rumours, while adding some surprises.

In the absence of Christine McVie, who left in 1998, the core quartet added two backing vocalists and two utility musicians. The band, however, was at its best when at its most elemental, and Buckingham was the central force with his aggressive, impressive guitar playing and his unrestrained, often manic energy.

That energy anchored punchy pop songs, such as "Second Hand News," "Go Your Own Way" and the new "Sad Angel," as well as earnest acoustic songs, such as "Never Going Back Again," "Without You" and "Big Love" (from 1987's Tango in the Night). He's an underrated guitar hero, and the lengthy solo that concluded "I'm So Afraid" found the youthful 63-year-old feigning exhaustion.

Nicks, 64, was less dramatic and mobile, and her voice took a while to warm up. Although she shifted the melodies of "Dreams" and "Rhiannon" to avoid the high notes, the rarely performed "Sisters of the Moon" was eerie and powerful and the inescapable "Landslide," accompanied only by Buckingham on acoustic guitar, was lovely and sincere.

After an encore that featured a drum solo from Fleetwood, joyous and indefatigable at age 70, Buckingham and Nicks returned to the stage hand-in-hand. Buckingham introduced "Say Goodbye" by saying, "It's about closure, as much of the dialogue between us seems to be."

That closure is still a work in process: the band has a new EP on the way.

Photo Recap: Fleetwood Mac at Wells Fargo Center
Fleetwood Mac at Wells Fargo Center
Photos by Joe Deltufo - See Gallery

SAD ANGEL (New Song on upcoming EP)
WITHOUT YOU - They're having so much fun doing this.. I love it!

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Anonymous said...

Goin to see them in Vegas on Stevie's bday. These vids got me stoked. Saw her twice on IYD tour and she was amazing both songs are very cool and current. Ready to put down my hard earned money for that EP!
Side note. Shame that some waste their 1st amendment right to free speech on dropping turds on blogs like this.

"You consume all the beauty in the room baby, I know you can-- I've seen you do it...."

Anonymous said...

Nobody has posted a video of Sisters of the Moon, the rarest of the rare classic songs Please Please Please somebody post a recording of Sisters of the Moon.

Anonymous said...

Fleetwood Mac was fantastic last night in Philadelphia. Stevie is definitely more animated and happy than she was on the last FM tour in 2009, and she and Lindsey obviously are happier in their relationship than they have been in many, many years and it shows on stage.

The set list is great, "Sisters Of The Moon" was wonderful to hear, as was "Not That Funny", "Eyes Of The World" and "Say Goodbye". And the stage set is beautiful. It starts off with only lighting, then a while into the show the lighting panels appear and are used with many different patterns and graphics. Then towards the end of the show they part the curtain and use a large screen to project the band, something that really works well. During "I'm So Afraid" it shows a close up of Lindsey playing his guitar, and for "Go Your Own Way" it shows all the band in close up shots.

Stevie looks great and thank goodness has finally lost that horrible petticoat skirt and wears a mid length chiffon hankerchief hemline one, her classic look. And for the end of the show wears a very short jacket/shirt with tights and her boots and looks really young and moves around very well.

As to the new songs, unfortunately "Sad Angel" is a very bombastic, grating song, much like "My Little Demon" was. And even with Stevie singing on most of it, I can't hear radio stations wanting to play it. I wonder what his other new song "Miss Fantasy" sounds like, because once again Warner Bros. Records has made a mistake. Stevie's old song "Without You" is beautiful and sounds much more like classic Fleetwood Mac, and would have been a better choice to release as the single.It even actually sounds like it could be an Adult Contemporary hit.

All in all, the band is better and better with each tour and this time they really create a party atmosphere and the audience was thrilled. They really appear to be having a terrific time on stage and it makes all us long time fans very happy. Long live Fleetwood Mac !!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, forgot to mention, Stevie lost the sunglasses in Philly. And that's a good thing, they look awful and hide her still beautiful face. Much better without them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for saying that first poster! I was getting bummed by all the negativity. I too saw the Philly show and it was amazing! I already posted something at another spot about the loss of sunglasses and how happy that made me since she is so beautiful and it hides her face. I LOVE the "sister" refrain on Sisters of the Moon. They seemed really pumped last night too!

Anonymous said...

I love the look on Lindsey's face at the very end of Say Goodbye when he notices Mick's red top hat.
Hilarious!! Love these guys!

Anonymous said...

its really just one peason doing the negativity and that person has not been on this blog yet!!! stay away. Ass----

MplsMike said...

Really loving the videos that are being posted! Can't wait to see them live in St. Paul!

Anonymous said...

I hope Stevie doesn't wear those ridiculous sunglasses in NYC.

Unknown said...

This was my third Fleetwood Mac concert. The first two were exellent shows with a
efinite rhythm from start to finish. Last night the band kept stopping to give a historical lecture about songs. Maybe once or twice is fine but too many last night. Sounds for band was good but vocals were hard to here. Walkex out after 1 1/2 hours. Very bad concert. Shame on you Cleetwood Mac.

Anonymous said...

the he she is back!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the new arrangement for SARA is like? I love the stripped down, jangley, tick-tock version on FLEETWOOD MAC LIVE, which was radically different than the studio version.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Fleetwood Mac in Phila, this was the best concert I have ever been to!!!! I am 53 and have been to many, you touched my heart more than words can express here, Love You!!!!!

PhilAndTheMrs said...

There's NOT just ONE person behind the so called negativity around here. I agree with them more often than not myself. So please don't be so quick to assume everyone is in the happy fun time FM sitcom painted above.

Some of us think the sunglasses thing is silly and annoying, and some of us don't care for Stevie's new can't really be bothered style of singing. I'm one of 'em, and from the comments on this site I'm not alone.

Unrelated: "Sad Angel" has a decent hook, but if "Without You" is all Stevie's contributing, then the whole thing is a let down. And they keeps saying they're gonna release it in a few days, but there's no details or info about it anywhere. Seems like some kind of self-released kick-starter BS that will be quickly forgotten. Why doesn't this bad do anything right anymore?

Anonymous said...

Philly show was fabulous!!!! I clapped, laughed, cried, sang along, was held spellbound. . . So so good! Thank you Fleetwood Mac!!

Anonymous said...

Eric, your musical taste is about as exquisite as your grammar.

The arrangement for "Sara" was a bit different. Rather than starting out with the keyboard part, the whole band chimes in together at once and the acoustic guitar is more prominent. It's a lovely arrangement. That being said... I just don't like Stevie's harsh vocal on it. It's obvious that she could still sing softly, as evidenced on "Say Goodbye." Why she doesn't use that approach on "Sara" is a mystery to me.

Amy Condit said...

I love these videos from the Philadelphia show so much. I'm really enjoying the interaction between Stevie and Lindsey; the sweetness between them melts my heart! I remember reading that Stevie said during each show she and Lindsey go back to living the songs and being in love again. You can see the mutual enjoyment of "Without You", the love shared during "Landslide", and interestingly, the poignancy during "Say Goodbye".
I can't wait to see more and more footage from these shows!

Anonymous said...

Going to see them tonight @ The Joe in Detroit, can't wait!

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