Monday, October 07, 2013

A little Cologne never hurt anyone..

A few really great captures from Fleetwood Mac's first German show in Cologne Sunday night.  The little chase at the end of Go Your Own Way is cute!

Love this... "SO AFRAID" 


Anonymous said...

They sound a little tired and Stevie Nicks is just losing her voice you could hear her on Sad Angel but it was probably prerecorded She just can't cut it anymore God help her! Being one of her biggest fans since 75 It's hard to watch old footage of what Mick called it Her Rhiannon was more like an exorcism! It really was something to hear and watch. After Rumours her voice changed there were times I didn't think she was going to get through the song. she had problems with her voice all through the 80s it would be very raspy and low but she always pulled it off somehow I believe this was due to the use of way too much coke and then other times she would sound really good then back to the problems with the highs and lows and way too much rasp then after cleaning up her coke habit I believe in 86 then in 89 she did The other side of the mirror and her voice really took a change for the better hardly no rasp and she got back some of the sharpness of her voice I thought it was awesome Stevie's back! Then FM did Behind The Mask without Lindsay, Not a good thing but Stevie's songs were great. Then in 94 Stevie did Street Angel, Not a very good album for Stevie even though it had a few good one's Blue Denim was great! but Stevie had put on a lot of weight she lost a lot of it around 99 but it's all back now. with all her money you would think she'd have it removed or something! I guess thats why she doesn't wear long capes and long lacy dresses anymore she just throws on that ol gold shaw for Gold Dust Woman thats it for costume change. that old greyish dress she wears now looks like polyester same dress every night I wish she would burn it, lose some weight and start dressing like Stevie again. but truth be told she needs to really work on getting her voice back! I don't think her vocal coach know's what he's doing. I guess I need to face the fact that she's actually getting old but I don't want to think that, At least she still looks like she's in her 30s!

Anonymous said...

You obviously haven't seen one of these shows or Stevie up close on stage... In reference to the weight gain thing... the woman is tiny! and I think she sounds great... Sure her voice isn't what it used to be, its been the case for many years, so that's nothing new, but her voice as it is today is very strong.

Unknown said...

Stevie's 'weight gain'... "..have it removed or something" ??!! The woman is 60+ years old, she's not gonna look like an Olympic gymnast! I was right at the front of the stage for the Manchester gig and she looks and sounds tremendous - especially given the excesses of her former years! Her voice is bound to have lowered/matured over time (also especially given a heavy coke habit, which will have had a detrimental effect), thus meaning re-work of many songs, but I'm just happy that's been factored in meaning they've toured again and not sacked the idea because of the tolls of age :)

CxxPIPxx said...

PS Lindsey's voice has also deepened and become more raspy, but that in no way marred his performance. I was also astounded at his stamina - I've seen performers much younger than him exhausted after 30mins never mind two hours. Likewise, Mick's drum solo - that would have finished me off and I'm almost half his age!

Anonymous said...

Really! Come on now give this woman a break! What harsh words poster number 1! Who cares if she doesn't look or sound the same from the 70's! Do you? Stevie looks and sounds great for her age! I don't think her choice of wearing the spanx leggings thing is doing her any favors! It must be hell getting those things on every night!

Anonymous said...

Hey poster one, you really need to see the show! All you did was find fault with Stevie! Maybe you need to get a job or a life! Stevie will always be the Queen of Rock!!!

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