Sunday, October 13, 2013

What a wonderful piece of footage via @texasarchive! Fleetwood Mac Dallas 1980 Stevie Nicks Interview

This footage, taped for the CBS-affiliate KDFW, contains a short, unedited interview with Stevie Nicks, the frontwoman for the British-American rock band Fleetwood Mac. Taped just after the band’s arrival in Dallas for a concert at the Reunion Arena in August 1980, the interview focuses on Fleetwood Mac’s decision to return to touring, the importance of playing live shows, and chemistry amongst members of the band. Nicks, who spent several of her childhood years in Texas, also briefly mentions the band’s preference for playing in the Lone Star State.

  • Fleetwood Mac’s plane arrives at the Dallas airport 
  • The pilot snaps some personal pictures of the band from the cockpit  
  • Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood, and John McVie exit the plane  
  • Interview with Stevie Nicks begins  
  • Ruddy questions Nicks about how the band is getting along  
  • Nicks talks about playing in Texas  
  • Fans take pictures as the band prepares to leave the airport  
  • Christine McVie in the limo  
  • John McVie in the limo  
  • Stevie Nicks gets in the car to leave  
  • Lindsey Buckingham gives fans autographs 
Texas Archive


david marx said...

This can't be from 1980. You can see Mick clean shaven. The only time he was like that was 1978. Plus, Lindsey's hair also has the 78 look.

caro__line said...

Stevie looks super cute here. Lovely piece of footage.
Thanks for posting.

John Michaelson said...

Definitely 1980. We were there.

Anonymous said...

Stevie is so cute and beautiful! Love her! She always thinks of her fans.

Erik said...

Lindsey's hair is Tusk hair. I'd say it was their 1980 tour.

Unknown said...

John Courage , their manager reminds me of a late night comedian.

Anonymous said...

stevie looks amazing. i was 16 that year. wow.
great texas fashions.
i wonder what month this was. the album came out in october of 79.
i hope someone puts this up on youtube.
thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Everything about how they look indicates that this was in fact August 1978, not 1980.

Anonymous said...

This is definitely 1980 on the Tusk tour. I was a chauffeur back then and was one of their drivers in another city just around the same time as this. And everything was exactly like this clip. The way each band member looked and dressed and the year's of the limousines. When I was a driver then the band arrived in my city on a Friday night, had off until their show on that Sunday, then we took them back to the airport on Monday afternoon. While in town they had a press conference at their hotel on Saturday afternoon, then they all went out to a restaurant for dinner that night. They were all nice too.

It's interesting in this interview that you can see what a really sweet and friendly person Stevie was and is. And she sure was beautiful. I remember that John Courage was the first one off the airplane and looked at the 5 limousines and chose the nicest one for Stevie, the next nicest for Christine, then Lindsey, then John and Mick took the oldest one. I thought that was funny at the time. After they got to their hotel he came out to the chauffeurs and said he needed one to go back to the airport and pick up their two pilots and their personal stewardess. My boss sent me and when I got to the private terminal and went in the pilots told me they had to park their plane at the other end of the airport and ask me if I wanted to ride on the plane while they moved it. I asked how would I get back to where we were and they said not to worry, an airport van would bring us all back. So I got to board their plane and taxi in it for about 10 minutes. It had a kind of dining room up front with two tables surrounded by fancy plane seats, a living room in the middle with a large screen TV in the middle and a bedroom in the back with two twin beds. It was a total thrill to get to be on their plane, even just for a few minutes.

Anonymous said...

I wrote the above post and while it does look a lot like the 78 tour, another reason I think it is the 80 tour is that there is one part where a roadie walks by wearing a black T Shirt and John Courage gave the chauffeurs the same shirt when I drove them in 80. And the shirt is from NY promoter Cedric Kushner and has the 79 NYC area Tusk concert dates listed on the back. Madison Square Garden shows in the city, Nassau Coliseum shows on Long Island and also New Haven and a couple others.

And if you look at other footage and photos of press conferences on the Tusk tour Stevie has her hair pinned back the same way. And they didn't do those press conferences on the 78 tour. She started the 79 tour with her hair in a tight curled permanent, but by mid 80 it had worn off and looked like this again. And Lindsey's hair was very short on the 79 tour but had grown out more by 80 and he went back to wearing the kind of clothes seen in this clip, much like he looked in 78.

I still have that T Shirt and am sure it's the same one seen in this clip.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to say but I really think your memory is failing you: Mick had a beard in 1980, but not in 1978 and Stevie's hair was a lot curlier in 1980 (there are plenty concert and candid pics from summer 1980 that confirm this). I'm betting a kidney and several other organs that it's 1978.

Anonymous said...

(Note: This interview occurred earlier than the stated description, based on what the interviewer asked Stevie, so it's probably closer to 1978.)

Darren said...

How COOL is that???

Anonymous said...

If you do a search on that archive, there is another clip of Jim Ruddy interviewing Mick Fleetwood and it says 1978. Both clips look like they were taken around the same time

Amy Condit said...

This is an amazing time capsule, not only of the band, but of the era. Great footage! Thanks for posting this treat! :D

Anonymous said...

At about 2:07 the Interviewer asks why they decided to go out and play while working (or rehearsing can't quite hear) on a new album so I think this must be late 1978 when they were working on Tusk but went out on tour again,

John Seger said...

Stevie Nicks always makes me smile....She is so beautiful and sweet here

Anonymous said...

This belongs in the thread about the bra being thrown to the stage at Lindsey this week but I don't see it anymore, it was here a while ago.

It seems that the bra belonged to a girl who follows Stevie solo mostly, but also will travel to see Fleetwood Mac all around the world. She is name Edna and writes very amusingly under the name of Herjina and she is well liked by everybody in the Fleetwood Mac community except for a few people jealous of her being so wealthy. I bet it was an expensive bra, too! Maybe nicer than Kristin's selections.
I think it

Anonymous said...

might have been a joke, too- i don't know if she is ''named'' Edna or not, and I can't recall "Herjina'' at all. I've read all Fleetwood Mac forums since before I left for college a few years ago and caught night 3 (with Christine!) in London.
It was good.

Unknown said...

If it was 78 or 80 doesnt really matter to much. Stevie does look fantastic as she normally does, even when she gained a little weight, still stunning!!

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