Thursday, October 10, 2013

REVIEWS | PHOTOS: Fleetwood Mac - Antwerp Highlight, the drawn-out, brooding, slightly psychedelic 'Gold Dust Woman'

Fleetwood Mac solves high expectations only partly in
by Bart Steenhaut

"Despite long interludes and a far from optimal sound had this Fleetwood Mac concert many times in splendor house."

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Photos by Alex Vanhee Photography
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Fleetwood Mac @ Sportpaleis
by Pieter Dhooghe
Photos: Ymke Dirikx
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Some ups that are worth mentioning: the new 'Sad Angel' fit perfectly between the old hits. That was obviously good news, because new material from old bands dare already to disappoint. Also the more experimental work of the album  Tusk caused goosebumps moments: a slickly 'Tusk' overwhelmed the audience and at 'Sara' Nicks had her second wind (thankfully) found. Yet it was the absolute hits like 'Landslide', 'Go Your Own Way' and 'Do not Stop' that people did right springs and a second youth did experience.

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Fleetwood Mac @ Sportpaleis: One minute, boring, another brilliant

The highlight of the evening was, in our opinion, the drawn-out, brooding, slightly psychedelic version of 'Gold Dust Woman', which expressed Fleetwood Mac gave exciting things still to be able to. Also strong: to Deep Purple leaning hard rock ballad "I'm So Afraid", which Buckingham was like a madman on the strings to time. His solos were intense, both technically and emotionally, an experience.

IN A SENTENCE: At its best moments the band played brilliant pop songs with a timeless character, its worst she sounded routine, predictable and uninspired.

HIGHLIGHTS: 'Gold Dust Woman' , "Big Love," "Landslide," "Dreams," "Rhiannon," "I'm So Afraid", "World Turning '.

LOWS: 'Not That Funny', 'Tusk', 'Sad Angel'.

BEST QUOTE Stevie Nicks: "Thanks to admit that we still do find the finest us. You are our dream catchers. So write soon, before you go to sleep, in a note: "Stevie thinks I'm extraordinary. Because I really believe. "

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Photos by Marco de Niet
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I'm So Afraid
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Anonymous said...

Hmm, Stevie sounds notably more tired and flat from just a few days ago. Hope she's not getting sick.

Amy Condit said...

These videos were just great! I love the sublime "Never Going Back Again"--great close ups! "Gold Dust Woman" is getting better and better---lots of gong! Wow! Also, great guitar work from the instrumental part at the end of the song onward. Loved the angle "Go Your Own Way" was filmed from. I usually stare at Lindsey, so it was fun to see Stevie adjust her top hat before getting out to her microphone. Too fun! Almost makes me feel like I was lucky enough to be there! :D

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