Friday, November 08, 2013

Stevie Nicks In Your Dreams DVD Bundle $34.99. Limited quantity of 1000 - Sold Out

Well that didn't take long!  With an initial 500 DVD bundles released early Thursday evening quickly selling out within an hour, Warner Bros. topped up the offer to 1,000 Friday evening and reduced the number of copies per order down to one whereas the first 500 were offered with no limit to the number you could pre-order. The additional 500 bundles again quickly sold within a few hours. Will there be more?  I'm not sure, but it clearly shows that there is demand for this special package. 

The film can still be pre-ordered via Warner Bros. for $18.99 but it's without the added bonus material - and it is available to those outside of North America, but will it work in your DVD player? The AmazonUS version indicates it's a Region 1 DVD which limits its play ability to North American configured DVD players. I'm assuming the Warner version is compatible to your neck of the woods if you are outside of North America as it doesn't indicate otherwise on their website.

Aside from Warner Bros., AmazonUSAmazon Canada and Barnes and Noble in the US appear to be the only other ways to pre-order the DVD so far. Certainly at some point the film will be available on other Amazon sites around the world to accommodate Stevie's fans outside of North America who are just as eager to see the documentary and have a physical copy. The film will premiere in Australia at the Brisbane International Film Festival on November 13th and hopefully it too will be available to purchase in Australia and New Zealand shortly afterwards.  The film premiered in September in the UK with the press release indicating availability on VOD (Video on Demand) and DVD in November.  AmazonUK haven't listed the DVD yet... but we're only part way through November so there is still time for it to show up.

Initially released digitally on itunes and via Stevie and Dave's website back in May, to fans in North America, it's been a long wait for the physical release of this DVD - hopefully Stevie's record company makes this available to the widest possible audience it can, and early. With everyone gearing up for the holiday season, it's actually the perfect time to get this out!

Stevie will be at Barnes and Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles on December 4th at 7pm for a DVD signing for copies of the film purchased that day.

In Your Dreams DVD Bundle

The Limited Edition “In Your Dreams” DVD Bundle includes: 

“In Your Dreams” DVD personally signed by Stevie Nicks.
An individually numbered, high-quality print of a handwritten letter by Stevie Nicks.

Never before seen high-resolution photographs taken with Stevie Nicks’ personal camera. 39 images in total, delivered digitally upon pre-order.

Limit of one per customer 
Limited quantity of 1000 available. SOLD OUT

Bundle Includes:
  • In Your Dreams DVD
  • Handwritten Letter Print
  • Signed In Your Dreams Insert
  • Exclusive Photos Download

Release Date: December 3, 2013

Buy Now $34.99


MplsMike said...

I pre-ordered this last night. Just an FYI to everyone considering ... you do get the digital photos download immediately. Several amazing images, many from the videos we apparently don't get to see, which is disappointing but at least we get these photos.

Anonymous said...

I pre-ordered, and I'm glad- but don't understand how to get large photo stock prints with a standard size printer. Would downloading the photos then selecting full screen work to capture the ones I want posters of? Like 11x17? So, an old but good 35mm camera or maybe a disposable camera, for standard size prints on photo stock and then have them blown up? My cell phone camera is lousy and I gave away a digital camera because the connection was confusing. Dumb, I know.

I'm very excited that I pre-ordered, the only remorse I have is the 7.99 standard shipping which means delivery could be Dec.12, so possible snow/water damage, holiday delays and no info provided if item comes UPS. FedEx or US Mail. No option for release date delivery, which they ''should'' do with pre-orders but there is no indication, so, they won't. For 7.99 shipping, that hand sized letter from Stevie should be a good size. I hope it's shipped better than the Soundstage deluxe, the box had a slight tear and the photo had water damage!

Sorry for my nerves. It's exciting, if expensive, with tax, it's about $44 for a dvd that is less than $11 on amazon. Won't the 39 photos be all on the net soon if not already? WHY does the order say you can download the photos 3 times- what for? I expect people to call me stupid, but there's a lot I just don't understand.

Is everyone who pre-ordered happy that they did so? It will be great to have, but that warner store does not know how to ship photos- I got a second one, free, of the Soundstage, but even after my e-mail that the photo slid all around inside of the box, the 2nd one was sent the same way, minus the cd-dvd with not even a sleeve, again, in a box far too large for it. An eBay seller or amazon would never get away with such lack of care in shipping an item.

Ok, I have a little remorse- an assurance that the pre-orders will not arrive after Dec. 12 would help? Maybe someone with some clout will see this message and make sure the 'extras' are sleeved and mailed in the correct sized box. I'd also like ti upgrade to release date delivery.

Nobody will care, though, they'll do what they do.

Robert said...

Anonymous -- you need medication. Lots of it

Anonymous said...

It's already sold out yet again.

Top_Hat said...

Yes & I sent a message to Warner Bros stating that it seems as if they're conducting some sadistic scavenger hunt! Hyperbole on my part, but it's certainly frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Ha - sold out. Probably get it on ebay later. Am I cynical - you betcha!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Robert thats too funny!!!

Anonymous said...

Got it, Robert, and yes, lots of them. Four different ones, twice a day. You did make me smile.
"Still'' want the items not damaged in transit and not sliding around in a too large box without even a photo sleeve or protection for items that can- and did- get damaged in the past. Warner's fault, not mine. To know if it's UPS, FedEx or US Mail isn't a lot to ask, either.
I'll figure out the download, printing stuff, didn't expect help. You're a wiseass, but that's ok, to have fun or feel superior by being glib. I can take it like a big girl. If you ordered, Mr. Robert, wouldn't you want your items on time and not damaged?

Anonymous said...

love you stevie!! please keep doing things no one has ever done its awesome~
your a true inspiration for any artist~

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There's already one of Ebay for $499.99 I kid you NOT. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I saw the three offers on ebay and I agree and am equally disgusted! I got an offer for a bundle upgrade from warner bros., of course out of stock . I hope they have more available since the offer was only on pre orders and expires on Nov. 12 th . Not to thrilled with this deal but I won't pay the
prices on way

Anonymous said...

$499.99? That's a deal, I just saw one for $599.99 on eBay. We knew it was coming, but did any of expect those outrageous prices?

alekx said...

I cant believe i managed to order the signed DVD four hours after it went on sale. A couple of minutes later my mom tried to get a copy, and it was sold out.

Anonymous said...

^ Thats because they're releasing the last 500 copies in 'waves'. Usually at 50 copies each time. They did this to Lana Del Rey's second album which she autographed 2500 copies. They released a hundred copies every few hours.

Anonymous said...

Guess they're still releasing them. Just ordered mine..but had to buy as two pieces...dvd$18.99 and bundle $16.00(only available with DVD purchase.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I can see they are doing that now; the upgrade option. Strange, it no longer says limited edition number. I am guessing it is no longer being released in a limited edition.

Anonymous said...

I originally was unable to get the bundle, so I pre ordered the dvd through warner brothers( they offered an upgrade on pre orders )I just got a bundle upgrade after I emailed them. They were very nice and helpful. In the future I'll order through them. I also had to pay $18.99 plus$16.00 ( al lot better than the$599.99 price on ebay.) Can't wait for the release.

Anonymous said...

We saw the movie at the Brisbane Film Festival on Wednesday nighe and loved it! Was so excited when we we saw it was released on DVD, wish we could have got one of the signed "bundles" (although we did get a copy of Stevie's letter when we saw the film) ! If any one has a bundle they would be willing to part with (at a not too inflated price), I would love to hear from you. It would be an amazing Christmas present!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to get the bundle in the near future? I wanted to get it but was having computer problems. I really wanted it. Hope more come available!

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! Please offer more bundles. :)

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