Thursday, October 27, 2016

Listen to Stevie Nicks "Wild Heart (Session)" from upcoming "Wild Heart" Album Reissue

"Wild Heart" from the upcoming reissue of Stevie's second solo album (available November 4th) is available to check out at Billboard (US), Uncut (UK) and Rollingstone (France).  The song is now available to purchase on iTunes in Australia/New Zealand and the UK.  Will be available in North America on Friday October 28th.

UK iTunes
Stevie Nicks - Wild Heart (Session)

Australia iTunes
Stevie Nicks - Wild Heart (Session)



Anonymous said...

Really too bad that it is not the early version with the instrumental from cant go back (Mirage), as seen on YouTube during the photo session for rolling Stone. That one on cd would have been awesome

Anonymous said...

If you bought the Mirage reissue the instrumental track she used in that youtube video is on that... no vocals though

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