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Pre-Order Stevie Nicks Bella Donna and The Wild Heart Deluxe Editions

Stevie Nicks' upcoming 24 Karat Gold Tour will feature the Fleetwood Mac singer performing songs from her entire solo career. If you want to revisit her earlier solo work, there's good news: Her first two albums are being reissued with live tracks and unreleased material.

Deluxe editions of 1981's Bella Donna and 1983's The Wild Heart arrive November 4. The three-CD Bella Donna reissue includes unreleased versions of hits like "Edge of Seventeen," movie soundtrack rarities and a 1981 live show. The Wild Heart two-CD reissue includes unreleased tracks and B-sides. Remastered versions of both albums also will be available on vinyl and CD that same day.

Stevie plans to reach back to both records on the tour, which kicks off October 25th.

"I would like to do bits and pieces of the song 'Bella Donna,'" Nicks tells ABC Radio. "I'm gonna try to do 'Wild Heart'...It's a very hard song to do but I'm gonna give it a go."

Those tunes will join a parade of Stevie's greatest hits in the set list: She'll sing "Gold Dust Woman," "Dreams," "Stand Back" and "Rhiannon," even though, she admits, Fleetwood Mac "just did 'Rhiannon' 220 times over the last three years." Another song that's always on the list: "Edge of Seventeen," even though, she says, "[It's] really long, so we might have to shorten it a little bit."

For Nicks, the trickiest part is figuring out how many songs from her most recent album, 24 Karat Gold, to include in the set.

"You can only do a certain amount of everything that's not that familiar to people," she notes. "Or they're gonna say, 'What song came off of the set so you could play this new song that I don't know?'"

Here are the track listings for the reissues:


Disc One: Original Album
  1. "Bella Donna"
  2. "Kind of Woman"
  3. "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" -- with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  4. "Think About It"
  5. "After the Glitter Fades"
  6. "Edge of Seventeen"
  7. "How Still My Love"
  8. "Leather and Lace"
  9. "Outside the Rain"
  10. "The Highwayman"
Disc Two: Bonus Tracks
  1. "Edge of Seventeen" -- Early Take *
  2. "Think About It" -- Alternate Version *
  3. "How Still My Love" -- Alternate Version *
  4. "Leather and Lace" -- Alternate Version *
  5. "Bella Donna" -- Demo *
  6. "Gold and Braid" -- Unreleased Version *
  7. "Sleeping Angel" -- Alternate Version *
  8. "If You Were My Love" -- Unreleased Version *
  9. "The Dealer" -- Unreleased Version *
  10. "Blue Lamp" -- From Heavy Metal Soundtrack
  11. "Sleeping Angel" -- From Fast Times at Ridgemont High Soundtrack
Disc Three: Live 1981 
  1. "Gold Dust Woman"
  2. "Gold and Braid"
  3. "I Need to Know"
  4. "Outside the Rain"
  5. "Dreams"
  6. "Angel" *
  7. "After the Glitter Fades" 
  8. "Leather and Lace" *
  9. "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around"
  10. "Bella Donna" *
  11. "Sara"
  12. "How Still My Love" *
  13. "Edge of Seventeen"
  14. "Rhiannon"


Disc One: Original Album
  1. "Wild Heart"
  2. "If Anyone Falls"
  3. "Gate and Garden"
  4. "Enchanted"
  5. "Nightbird"
  6. "Stand Back"
  7. "I Will Run to You" -- with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  8. "Nothing Ever Changes"
  9. "Sable on Blond"
  10. "Beauty and the Beast"
Disc Two: Bonus Tracks
  1. "Violet and Blue" -- from Against All Odds Soundtrack
  2. "I Sing for the Things" -- Unreleased Version *
  3. "Sable on Blond" -- Alternate Version * 
  4. "All the Beautiful Worlds" -- Unreleased Version *
  5. "Sorcerer" -- Unreleased Version *
  6. "Dial the Number"-- Unreleased Version *
  7. "Garbo" -- B-side
  8. "Are You Mine"-- Demo *
  9. "Wild Heart" -- Session *
* = previously unreleased.

Available links so far to pre-order the albums (I'll update when more links are available):

Bella Donna (Deluxe 3CD)
Bella Donna (Remastered Vinyl)

The Wild Heart (2CD Deluxe Edition)
The Wild Heart (Remastered Vinyl)
Bella Donna (Deluxe 3CD)
Bella Donna (Remastered)
Bella Donna (Remastered Vinyl)

The Wild Heart (2CD Deluxe Edition)
The Wild Heart (Remastered)
The Wild Heart (Remastered Vinyl)
Bella Donna (Deluxe 3CD)
Bella Donna (Remastered)
Bella Donna (Remastered Vinyl)

The Wild Heart (Remastered)
The Wild Heart (Remastered Vinyl)


Brian said...

Your right stevie keep the 24 karat gold to just few songs. I am looking forward to songs off bella donna and the wild heart albums. Songs that have not been done on stage at all or very few times early on when they came out back in the early 80's.

Marcia said...

24 Karat Gold is a fantastic album!! Really looking forward to some of those live!

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