Monday, October 03, 2016

VIDEO Stevie Nicks performing "Edge of Seventeen" Live on The Ellen Show

Stevie was a guest on The Ellen Show October 3rd and performed "Edge of Seventeen". Check it out.


John Seger said...

Oh hell yes! Although a very shortened version of the song, Stevie ROCKED it good, and looks sultry, sexy and fierce here! Awesome way to promote the new tour!

Brian said...

that's not lori nicks back vocals nor jimmy paxson on drums. I wonder if either will be on this tour.

Jeremy J. said...

No. Lori will not be on this tour. Her daughter, Jesse, (Stevie's niece) is expecting, so naturally she's going to be with her instead of trotting around the country. That's Marilyn Martin you see with Sharon.

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