Friday, October 07, 2016

VIDEO Stevie Nicks Live on The Late Late Show Performing "Leather & Lace"

Wow! Sounding and looking amazing!  Great song choice!!

"Down With The Clown" 


Anonymous said...

The Bachelor clip got a little uncomfortable there for a moment. I thought Stevie was getting ready to out Taylor Lautner on national television, but then she threw him right back into the closet. :P

Anonymous said...

Now that is a great Performance and choice of song! Beautifully delivered and likewise looking.

Anonymous said...

In a way, it's nice to see Stevie goofing around and having fun on TV. On the other hand, these appearances and this tour are pretty much pointless, treading water stuff. Guess she wants to employ her people - that's about it. To think this time's being spent (wasted?) when she could be recording a new Fleetwood Mac record is a shame.

Brian said...

She has a solo career too and she likes it as much as fm. she has been there for fm and at times she cut her solo tours short for the mac. Its about time she stands her ground for her solo career. Good for you Stevie see the mac in a yr or two.

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