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Saturday, October 17, 2009

REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac's Swedish Concert Reviewers... Reviewed!

(translated article)
Critical points
By Jan Gradvall (Click this link for the original article)

During the Fleetwood Mac concert at the Globe reviewers looked at football. Jan Gradvall notes to the audience, in return, has the eyes of reviewers.

On Saturday, one could witness Scenes from a marriage of two different scenes in Stockholm. One idea was the Royal Dramatic Theater Small Stage with Jonas Karlsson, Livia Millhagen. The second show was at the Globe with Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks in the leading roles. Fleetwood Mac's Rumors album is rock music's equivalent of Scenes from a Marriage.

Like Ingmar Bergman's TV series and play, it is a work from the mid-70s, in which private experiences may be a general sense by a total mastery of the artistic expression.

What is interesting is how different these two similar shows watched by critics.
In the theater world is sitting critic concentrated in a darkened theater and wait until the show is described as final.

Within the rock critic world are today connected to the Internet throughout the show, handing out value judgments scene for scene, twittrar and write blogs.

That journalism today are using Twitter, Facebook and blogs as tools is a matter of course. Not least given that it is now on the web that the greatest number of readers there.

But it is obvious that the criticism would deal with it? What makes real-time monitoring of power to the criticism?

Customers in recent days has been on the net could see how readers rebelled against the four Stockholm-based newspapers disparaging reviews of Fleetwood Mac concert.

Many have been provoked by a picture blog where Expressen and Aftonbladet reviewers sit together and follow the football match, Denmark-Sweden in parallel with the marriage drama played out on stage.

The major events in Fleetwood Mac concert was - just about in Bergman's TV series and play - the smallest gestures.

The song "Sara" is about abortion. It is a complicated love drama, written by Stevie Nicks, which depicts the relationship between Stevie Nicks, drummer Mick Fleetwood, his wife Sara Fleetwood and Don Henley of the Eagles.

Text line "When you build your house / I'll come by" supposed to be all about Don Henley and Mick Fleetwood.

But during the concert on Saturday may be the song a new dimension. Midway track goes up to Stevie Nicks Lindsey Buckingham and gives him a long hug.

Is also the track on Stevie Nicks long relationship with Lindsey Buckingham? It was he who could become the father of the unborn child?

"Silver Springs" is one of rock history's bitterest and most powerful love songs. The song is about how Lindsey Buckingham Stevie Nicks left for another woman.

When band leader Mick Fleetwood decided that the song was rejected by Rumors on the basis of LP-disc limited playing time - the song ended up instead in the b-side of single "Go your own away - Stevie Nicks became so bitter in Mick Fleetwood that she threatened to leave the band.

During a concert in 1990 she changed the lyrics to "Gold Dust Woman". After looking towards Mick have sung "Take your silver springs and dig your grave!" She left the stage. And then left the band for several years.

On this tour ends Fleetwood Mac "Silver Springs" as the final encore.

Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham and Mick Fleetwood comes out on stage side by side. Stevie and Lindsey are looking for each other's hands before the song.

When Stevie Nicks then sings "I know I could have loved you / But you would not let me" is not just the band members' eyes that glisten.

The audience at the sold-out Globe Arena reminded about Dramaten than a typical rock concert.

Average age was somewhere around 57th And the average number of marriages per visitor somewhere around 1.7.

But the verdict from the reviewers days could be summed up: "maddeningly dull".

That concert-goers and readers are angry at reviewers are nothing new. But again is that social media has made that now even the reviewers will be watched and reviewed. And sometimes corrected.

Swedish Dagbladet's reviewer made fun of the Steve Nicks in his long, personal introduction to "Gypsy" - which turned out to be about her first time with Lindsey Buckingham - Confusing the 60's band when she started talking about the Velvet Underground.

But concert-goers informs in a comment to the concert review. As Stevie Nicks spoke of is the Velvet Underground, she mentions in the lyrics: a clothing store in downtown San Francisco.

Rock Critics seem to have concluded that constant connection makes it now needs less effort at work. Readers they are talking about the opposite.

Almost all the songs at concerts are also now on YouTube afterwards, the public tender.
It is no longer the critic who has the last word. To quote the title of Thomas Anderson's recent book on criticism: We are all critics.

The visitors to the Globe on Saturday that gave the best journalistic narrative of the concert was the person standing in front of the stage held up a camera phone during Lindsey Buckingham solo version of "Big Love".

With this simple tool to tool - a camera can be a pen, a pencil can be a camera - achieves this amateur critic as critic heel up in the gallery is not brokered.

Through this story we follow down to the concert floor.

We'll see Lindsey Buckingham tense temples. We can relive the exorcism he practices with his acoustic guitar. We can almost feel how it smelled in Stockholm on Saturday evening.

And when the person with the mobile camera at the end of the song turns around, we'll also see how the audience reacts to the performance.

Writing reviews is not just about making a thumbs up or thumbs down. The idea is to reproduce in detail.

These are things that, at least in the past, been the foundation of what critics do.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Candid Photos: Mick Fleetwood and Lindsey Buckingham on the street in Stockholm

Both Mick Fleetwood and Lindsey Buckingham in Stockholm taking the time with fans outside their hotel. I think it's awesome that they are so approachable, which is largely due to the fact that Fleetwood Mac fans are respectful.  Photos by: Morningstar.  Please visit the Fleetwood Mac Forum "The Ledge" for more.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

REVIEW: FLEETWOOD MAC - STOCKHOLM "Most Lasting Impression is a Drum Solo"

Fleetwood Mac
Stockholm October 10, 2009

Fleetwood drumming out of control

Fleetwood Mac played in Sweden for the first time in 20 years, And the most lasting impression is ... a drum solo.

Solo question fired in the middle of the extra number "World Turning".
The rest of the band goes by the stage for Mick Fleetwood to be dust on the cymbals and timpani and snare drum alone.

As if that were not enough, make the old juggler, strange sounds. He screams a lot of incomprehensible units that, for example, chewing gum. Mick looks like Jämtland President Bob Seger, but yelp as Killinggänget fictional and drunken bus driver Lasse Congo.

Lose themselves completely
If I were Mick Fleetwood headset, I would have packed up, bowed and took an early evening.
The drum solo is in all its obvious Terribleness evening's most entertaining moments. Perhaps says a lot.

The only thing that would otherwise break the pattern is that Stevie Nicks lose so much before a solo number, "Stand back" that she did not even catch up on stage.  The band may simply start over when she finally emerged from the rock scenes.

Fleetwood Mac played eight tracks from their best album "Rumors", including "Silver Springs" was originally an unreleased outtake from the same disc. They are doing six songs from "Fleetwood Mac". And four from the "Tusk".

The glow is gone
The rings in her period of greatness by doing a full 18 songs recorded between 1975 and 1979. But they never manage to recreate boards unique and enchanting glow. The scenes that occurred when the members' own standards and break up marriages embedded by the polished arrangements so that the listener could reflect itself in them.

Fleetwood Mac sounds like similar and nostalgic and radio-friendly rock veterans do - blunt and dull.

To finally hear and see Stevie Nicks in "Landslide" is some consolation. Nobody can sing like her.

Otherwise, it is most of Lindsey Buckingham and his guitar and theatrical voice that sometimes gets really annoying. He pulls out väääldigt myyyycket on oooorden when he feeeeling. Yeeaaaah.
And the drum solo, of course. It obliterates everything.

Fleetwood Mac
Location: Globen, Stockholm. Attendance: 10,828
Length: Just over two and half hour.
Best: "Second Hand News" and "Silver Springs".
Worst: Diffuse and long blues number "Gold Dust Woman". The time to be a new calendar year before the song is finished. And Mick Fleetwood's bizarre drum solo, of course.



Otrendigt tunggung
Photos by: Adrian Pehrson

Fleetwood Mac has expanded its audience since the last visit, 19 years ago. The Anglo-American group's chill 70's production has been incorporated with other archaeological findings in the ever-changing club music scene, which made them even an old name to drop for young hipsters.

Something trendy Balearic lapping it will unfortunately not for the varied group of people who filled the Globe this Saturday night. On the contrary, it is a mostly stab Tunggung that is coming out. But not the Blue Rock Tunggung that marked the group's first edition in the 60s, when guitarist Peter Green was still a healthy man. Rather, it is an inability to reproduce the elegant and successful Californian groove as the group honed in Los Angeles studios in the 70s. In fine songs like Dreams and Sara - where the band is located immediately west coast rock - will find it almost to the evasive groove as enchanted as well as hipsters Swedish studio musicians, but there are just two of the 23 songs in a nearly two and half hour long concert.

Fleetwood Mac has a long and turbulent history with many member changes and stops. Set at the Globe - Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham - reflects the commercially successful 70's, with the exception of Christine McVie. It was originally supposed to Sherryl Crow was replaced McVie of the current world tour. It had probably been a stroke of genius, but unfortunately it was not so.

With two help musicians and three körkvinnor is the total of nine people on stage (ten if you're going to count drum technician who sits hidden behind Mick Fleetwood and sometimes helps with the percussion). Clowns, Lindsay Buckingham takes the greatest place. He is a capable guitarist, but the last line has custom-built guitars and get it right pompous in his lengthy between snack. Ii'M so afraid he goes completely bananas and sets off in an eternity-long guitar solo that ends in pure abuse of the semi-acoustic Guran. Together with Mick Fleetwood involuntarily comical drum solo during the extra numbers are the bottom of this evening's talk.

Stevie Nicks is a much lower profile. She certainly change clothes three times, but it is about the same frayed romantic rock outfit every time, in black or red.

She has a hazy look and turns to it when she'll tell you about bands in the 60s San Francisco. When she probably believes Jefferson Airplane "she says Velvet Underground, which is quite fun when Lou Reed hated the flower children in California. Though she has a nice MIXED-style - she miss an entrance - and the little effect his voice is remarkably intact.

REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac Took Off in The Globe

Fleetwood Mac took off in the Globe - Live in Stockholm, Sweden

A band who had their greatest success for over 30 years ago, and now reunited for a world tour as most are based on the older songs, it might be so interesting?

Yes indeed, the band called Fleetwood Mac, or rather 70-talsinkarnationen of this from the start the British blues band.

In the lead is still Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks was once a couple, both private and on stage, but whose divorce formed the basis for many of the supposed sad, bittersweet pop melodies are the mega-seller Rumors. The strange when they are on stage together again is that the songs from that time portrayed as a still ongoing drama about love, hope and desolation, in dialogue with the listener. Often the songs omknådade and have been rearranged, and a nerve that was not the original.

Stevie Nicks has become quite scarred voice, but also an undeniable theatrical presence in its häxliknande outfit. Moment is very much also Lindsey Buckingham that balances on the brink of total INCONTINENCE in several rock numbers, and showing its totally brilliant guitarist, he is in solo and duosånger as Big love and Landslide. And perhaps that is where, in the more intimate songs that Nicks and Buckingham makes the biggest impression. As with Stevie Nicks beautiful Sara, a look back at lawsuits from the U.S. west coast, culminating in that they give each other a hug on stage. It may be directed, but the impression is still as naked.

And at the same time, they have one of rock's most rhythmic and rhyming sections of Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, it used to be fun grandfather in äppelknyckarbyxor who have a sustained frenzy of drum game and also makes a fun solo interjections.

Who said that the coat must end at 60?

By: Ulf Gustavsson

[One fan response]

Fleetwood Mac

Thank you for your review, UNT. Have read the two evening newspapers, reviews, and I wonder if they were at the concert. Rather negative preconceived opinions about the group. I myself was at the concert and felt the heavy two hours went quickly. There is evidence that a concert is a good thing.

Missing, however, a couple of favorite sounds, "Tango in the Night," "Black Magic Woman". Drum Solo has never spoken to me - not even Mick Fleetwood.

REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac - Stockholm, Sweden October 10, 2009

(translated version)
Konsertrecension: Fleetwood Mac
Globen, 10 oktober.

It is not just an old tape that is at issue here, there is also a true old-fashioned show they do. Since last spring, the Fleetwood Mac has been out on his world tour, and every night repeating the exact same thing.

They play the same songs, in the same order, and says the same things, in the same clothes. It reflects an approach to concerts derived from rock professionalism during the 70s. That was when Big band went on tours and large expected to be held at-established concept. It was also when Fleetwood Mac had a great time, it was between -75 and -79 they did their best records, the self-titled "Fleetwood Mac", "Rumors" and "Tusk." With few exceptions, it is on these albums on this tour track list built. Tonight's last written track is from -87.

So it is no exaggeration to say that they live on the old track record. They know their place. The audience, who paid almost a thousand per person, has twenty years of waiting for the right to request original faithful versions of favorite songs. And with the reasonable expectation it will be a pretty good evening. Fleetwood Mac've really made it difficult for themselves this time. The scene is simply decorated with a few bright screens above and behind the band. In addition to the band glimpsed three background vocalists and two backing musicians in the gloom of the scene posterior regions.

They start swaying with "Monday Morning" and "The Chain" but may be up the car on the road just in time for "Dreams". This is, one of my absolute favorites, and even if it sounds good at the Globe, illustrates the problem with the Fleetwood Mac reunited and playing live. To some extent this show would detract from the magical feeling of luxurious 70th century which has shaped the memory of them. I've had the headphones on the treadmill and seriously seen myself run into the sunset along Venice Beach in a couple of narrow contemporary Adidas shorts. From now on, I think of popcorn and coffee aroma of the Globe right lighter.

It's Lindsey Buckingham, which takes most space. Stevie Nicks is certainly the most charisma with his blond hair, their big dresses and fringed shawls, but Buckingham is acting as the band's most ambitious member. He provokes me slightly with his smugness and his range of hand built guitars. He seems to have a little too easy to get high on himself. I find it difficult to regard Buckingham as anything other than a pop musician, but it is painfully obvious that he has more thoughts about himself. John McVie plays bass in half shade, Mick Fleetwood sits parked behind his drum kit. He lives up when he gets to play "Oh Well", the evening's only song from Fleetwood Mac's first incarnation as a British blues band. Then he looked full in the hell out.

They make the key songs from the 70s: "Second Hand News", "Do not Stop" and "Gold Dust Woman". But since Christine McVie is no longer with the lack of a gem like "Think About Me". The level is high and consistent, but much of the charge that existed around these songs have tjatats away. There is, understandably, not much emotion left, so to put life into the songs pouring Buckingham on the guitar solos and the extra numbers, Mick Fleetwood plays a drum solo, which - with its Mora Swamp-manners - becomes a bit too unworthy to rounding in the evening.

For it is surely something specific with Fleetwood Mac låtkatalog. When they were at their best, they managed to combine the epic of the British folk rock with the same ease melancholy in the American West Coast rock. I still can finally say that I prefer the songs on the disc, and that it actually was not quite make sense to destroy their own images of the band and the music in this way.

Po Tidholm