Sunday, October 11, 2009

REVIEW: FLEETWOOD MAC - STOCKHOLM "Most Lasting Impression is a Drum Solo"

Fleetwood Mac
Stockholm October 10, 2009

Fleetwood drumming out of control

Fleetwood Mac played in Sweden for the first time in 20 years, And the most lasting impression is ... a drum solo.

Solo question fired in the middle of the extra number "World Turning".
The rest of the band goes by the stage for Mick Fleetwood to be dust on the cymbals and timpani and snare drum alone.

As if that were not enough, make the old juggler, strange sounds. He screams a lot of incomprehensible units that, for example, chewing gum. Mick looks like Jämtland President Bob Seger, but yelp as Killinggänget fictional and drunken bus driver Lasse Congo.

Lose themselves completely
If I were Mick Fleetwood headset, I would have packed up, bowed and took an early evening.
The drum solo is in all its obvious Terribleness evening's most entertaining moments. Perhaps says a lot.

The only thing that would otherwise break the pattern is that Stevie Nicks lose so much before a solo number, "Stand back" that she did not even catch up on stage.  The band may simply start over when she finally emerged from the rock scenes.

Fleetwood Mac played eight tracks from their best album "Rumors", including "Silver Springs" was originally an unreleased outtake from the same disc. They are doing six songs from "Fleetwood Mac". And four from the "Tusk".

The glow is gone
The rings in her period of greatness by doing a full 18 songs recorded between 1975 and 1979. But they never manage to recreate boards unique and enchanting glow. The scenes that occurred when the members' own standards and break up marriages embedded by the polished arrangements so that the listener could reflect itself in them.

Fleetwood Mac sounds like similar and nostalgic and radio-friendly rock veterans do - blunt and dull.

To finally hear and see Stevie Nicks in "Landslide" is some consolation. Nobody can sing like her.

Otherwise, it is most of Lindsey Buckingham and his guitar and theatrical voice that sometimes gets really annoying. He pulls out väääldigt myyyycket on oooorden when he feeeeling. Yeeaaaah.
And the drum solo, of course. It obliterates everything.

Fleetwood Mac
Location: Globen, Stockholm. Attendance: 10,828
Length: Just over two and half hour.
Best: "Second Hand News" and "Silver Springs".
Worst: Diffuse and long blues number "Gold Dust Woman". The time to be a new calendar year before the song is finished. And Mick Fleetwood's bizarre drum solo, of course.


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