Sunday, October 11, 2009

REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac Took Off in The Globe

Fleetwood Mac took off in the Globe - Live in Stockholm, Sweden

A band who had their greatest success for over 30 years ago, and now reunited for a world tour as most are based on the older songs, it might be so interesting?

Yes indeed, the band called Fleetwood Mac, or rather 70-talsinkarnationen of this from the start the British blues band.

In the lead is still Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks was once a couple, both private and on stage, but whose divorce formed the basis for many of the supposed sad, bittersweet pop melodies are the mega-seller Rumors. The strange when they are on stage together again is that the songs from that time portrayed as a still ongoing drama about love, hope and desolation, in dialogue with the listener. Often the songs omknådade and have been rearranged, and a nerve that was not the original.

Stevie Nicks has become quite scarred voice, but also an undeniable theatrical presence in its häxliknande outfit. Moment is very much also Lindsey Buckingham that balances on the brink of total INCONTINENCE in several rock numbers, and showing its totally brilliant guitarist, he is in solo and duosånger as Big love and Landslide. And perhaps that is where, in the more intimate songs that Nicks and Buckingham makes the biggest impression. As with Stevie Nicks beautiful Sara, a look back at lawsuits from the U.S. west coast, culminating in that they give each other a hug on stage. It may be directed, but the impression is still as naked.

And at the same time, they have one of rock's most rhythmic and rhyming sections of Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, it used to be fun grandfather in äppelknyckarbyxor who have a sustained frenzy of drum game and also makes a fun solo interjections.

Who said that the coat must end at 60?

By: Ulf Gustavsson

[One fan response]

Fleetwood Mac

Thank you for your review, UNT. Have read the two evening newspapers, reviews, and I wonder if they were at the concert. Rather negative preconceived opinions about the group. I myself was at the concert and felt the heavy two hours went quickly. There is evidence that a concert is a good thing.

Missing, however, a couple of favorite sounds, "Tango in the Night," "Black Magic Woman". Drum Solo has never spoken to me - not even Mick Fleetwood.

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