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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lindsey Buckingham Sells Out Another Venue! + Stevie Nicks Shortens set

August 17, 2012 - Baton Rouge, LA - Manship Theater

Congratulations to Lindsey... This is the 3rd show reporting a sell-out on the upcoming leg of his tour...

Don't be left out... Get your tickets today.  Hit the tour dates button at the top of the page or this link to buy tickets.

Riverbend Music Center
Cincinnati, Ohio
July 21, 2012

A bunch of things happened/changed at the Cincinnati show last Saturday, July 21st when Stevie appeared with Rod at Riverbend Music Center.

1. She wore shade.
2. She hauled out the frilly dress, which we haven't seen this tour.
3. She didn't perform the usual two songs with Rod during his set.
4. She added Enchanted back in the set and Moonlight was dropped.

Photographer Craig Weiglein was at the show... He took these snappy pics.  Check out his gallery on the Riverbend Music Center Facebook Page.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Things I've learned from Stevie Nicks

by Brandi L. Neal
What I Say

Some day Stevie Nicks is going to hire me to ghost write her autobiography – just as soon as I convince her we are perfect for each other. I just saw Stevie in concert again last night in Boston and I am, as usual, amazed at the talent and dedication of this woman. Even as she enters her mid-sixties, she is sexier, more passionate and more talented than performers one-third her age. And, she’s done it all without ever cashing in on her position as a sex symbol. As the woman who penned some of rock ‘n’ roll’s most recognizable songs like “Landslide” and “Gold Dust Woman,” Stevie has earned her position in music history as the only woman to successfully lead a band while simultaneously piloting an equally successful solo career.

I have been enthralled with this gypsy woman ever since I awoke to “Sometimes It’s a Bitch” blaring from my clock radio when I was 13. As a woman and a writer myself, I see Stevie as a role model. She struggled for years cleaning houses and waiting tables before joining the British blues band Fleetwood Mac with then boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham when she was 27, basically turning it on its ear. The group was looking for a guitar player, not a female lead singer and songwriter and only took her because Lindsey refused to join without his musical and life partner. The band figured that if she sucked they could simply sack her. 

At first no one took her very seriously and she had to work twice as hard to prove her worth as critics dismissed her as flaky and her voice as too raucous. During her second album with Fleetwood Mac, Stevie finally earned the respect she deserved when she penned the band’s only number one single, to date “Dreams,” and has since become the most successful and most beloved member of the seventies super group, much to the chagrin of former boyfriend Buckingham.

Though successful and talented beyond comprehension, Stevie is far from perfect. Like every human being she is beautifully flawed, and she’s honest about it. As a nonfiction writer I appreciate when someone can take themselves to task just as much as they take everyone else. Stevie spent decades addicted to cocaine and tranquilizers. She had affairs and ruptured breast implants, and she’ll tell you about all of it. She’ll tell you all of the dirty details, her role in the chaos and how she dug herself out of hell with her bare hands and a little help from her friends. She takes all of the pain she’s walked through and turns it into teachable moments and visceral songwriting, and as a result she is a better artist, a better woman and a better mentor for the next generation of female musicians. In the fifteen years I have seen her in concert, I have never seen Stevie not completely covered from neck to feet, barely even a wrist showing, and I can’t imagine a more appealing or enchanting woman who oozes the natural allure that emanates from Stevie.

After getting her head straight, Stevie started visiting wounded soldiers at Walter Reed hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. Most of these men weren’t even born when she was at the height of her fame snorting a hole through her nose the size of a quarter. Sure maybe they remember their parents rocking out to “Rhiannon,” but these wounded warriors have no idea who Stevie Nicks is, and that’s just fine with her. She brings them iPods loaded with her favorite music. She sits with them. She listens to them. She becomes their mother, sister and friend.

Photo by Pattie D.
After she first began visiting Walter Reed in 2007, Stevie wrote a poem turned song called “Soldier’s Angel” that appears on her most recent album, “In Your Dreams.” At the July 10, 2012 concert in Boston she gave a lengthy introduction to the song that included an onstage appearance by Vincent Mannion, a soldier with Traumatic Brain Injury whom she met during some of her first visits to Walter Reed. Mannion and his family walked onto the stage and embraced Nicks, and amid tears Mannion told the crowd that Stevie was his best friend. 

I have my own issues with war and the military because my father suffered severe post-traumatic stress disorder upon returning from Vietnam and died of alcoholism in 2008. What I can appreciate is Stevie’s commitment to fighting for the best care for these wounded soldiers without taking a stance on the war. No matter my opinion on combat, Americans returning from the trenches deserve the best care available and instead often receive worse care than stray animals, as was the case with my dad, and when he died and was buried in Arizona, I had my own white-winged-dove experience mirroring “The Edge of Seventeen.”

One of the things I love about Stevie is that she’s real. Despite not living in the real world (as Tom Petty likes to remind her), she continues to make new music  four decades into her career because that’s all she’s ever wanted to do. She doesn’t need the money or fame. She doesn’t care if she sells a single record. She does it because she loves it, and when you see her onstage, it’s obvious. She has given up everything for her art -- love, family and a good portion of her sanity -- but she’s not bitter. It would be easy for a woman to get angry about not being able to have it all the way a man can. Her male band mates have young children, an option she gave up a long time ago, because unlike men, women don’t have fifty or sixty years to decide that they’re going to have a family when they get around to it, and few men can withstand being with a powerful women who is always on the road and is more successful than he will ever be. Most men just aren’t this secure. For many women at the top, it’s one thing or the other. 

Despite all of her sacrifices, its clear Stevie has made the right choice. The world is a better place because she’s in it. She’s found out how to navigate and succeed in a man’s world on her terms, as a woman, and she’s an angel to people like Vincent Mannion and his family, and to little girls like me, who can see by her example that it’s okay to make mistakes, it’s better to keep your clothes on, and if you want something badly enough, there is no other option except to go out and get it. 

-- Brandi Neal

Brandi Neal is a professional writer based in Toledo, Ohio. Her writing has appeared in Portland Magazine, Port City Life Magazine, MovieMaker Magazine, Teaching Tolerance Magazine, The Takoma Voice, The Silver Spring Voice, The Community Leader, The Coastal Journal, The Journal Tribune, Mainebiz, Freshly Hatched and the six weekly newspapers of Mainely Media. She was also a fiction editor for the inaugural issue of the literary review, The New Guard and she was the co-editor of the Winter 2011 Edition of Stonecoast Lines. 

Reprinted with permission

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

STEVIE NICKS | Fleetwood Mac | Lindsey Buckingham: One day... One post!

Two new Fleetwood Mac covers emerge in the last two days
First, Stereogum premiered Washed Out's cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Straight Back" on July 16th and earlier today, Spin premiered Tame Impala's take on Fleetwood Mac's "That's All For Everyone".  Both tracks are featured on the Tribute to Fleetwood Mac album "Just Tell Me That You Want Me" which hits stores August 14th.  Pre-order your copy on Amazon

Washed Out "Straight Back"

Tame Impala "That's All For Everyone"

Both tracks, I think, sound really great!  I'm all for spreading the Fleetwood Mac love and if these artists, who to some are familiar and to others are completely unknown, can introduce Fleetwood Mac to their audience, and vice versa, then I say go for it!

STEVIE NICKS Live in Boston - July 10th
Flickr Pics by shutterbug31189

Stevie Nicks Tour 2012 Stevie Nicks Tour 2012

Goldstar has over 1/2 off tickets to the show July 27 at the Verizon Center. 
Two legends for an amazing price!  Who wouldn't!

Get your tickets at GOLDSTAR

Wow! is it just me or does it feel like Livenation is really pushing this show! If you been following along with the contests that I've posted, it just seems like the Washington date has had it's fair share (and more) of contests and ticket give-away opportunities.  In the last week alone there have been countless contests through tv stations, radio stations etc. and now with Goldstar, they've slashed ticket prices to $20.00!  Either the show isn't selling that well, or they are just trying to top up the venue.  In any case, for those on a budget, $20 bucks to see two Hall of Famers in action is a pretty spectacular deal - even if the tickets are in the rafters!  Plus it's a Friday night! I'd get in on this deal if you can and are in the Washington D.C. area.


At the other end of the spectrum.... Lindsey Buckingham is selling out venues, albeit smaller venues... but still he's moving some tickets!  So far two are reporting sell-outs. Nashville, TN (Franklin actually) and Austin, TX with other venues either close to being sold, or well on their way.  To me, it almost seems like the venues are selling better on this leg of the tour then they did on his California leg and upper east coast dates earlier this spring... I don't really know that for sure, it's just a perception.  In any case... Good for Lindsey!  He deserves it!  If you are close to one of his shows...  Check him out before Fleetwood Mac steals him away for next years tour.  Could be awhile before he's able to get back out on the road solo.  Tour dates here


Run, don't walk... and check out these photos of Stevie Nicks captured by photographer Kristen Pierson at the Mohegan Sun Arena July 12th. 17 pretty sweet pics in all!  The Gallery is located HERE
(Photo above not one of them)

Check out Stevie on the last night of her solo tour in Atlantic City July 15th ending her show with some sort of a flower headpiece.  Not sure of the story behind this... Probably picked up during her Edge Walk sweep.   Seems she picks up at least one of these on every tour... Maybe it's the same person, who knows... Serial headpiece maker, please stand up!  Photos by Hartsfelder's World on Facebook - 60 photos in the GALLERY 

Stevie Nicks sprinkles her Gold Dust over rapt audience at Borgata
by: Nicky Vallee

By her own acknowledgement, Stevie Nicks was late to the stage Sunday night. Eleven months late, to be exact. Due to vocal issues, the legendary singer and iconic front woman for classic rock royalty Fleetwood Mac was forced to cancel her August 2011 show at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa. She certainly made up for lost time, wowing the crowd with her trademark rasp, string of hit songs, and inimitable gypsy goddess style.

“I’ve danced across the stages of the world,” she informed the audience, filled with loyal and energized fans, many of them dressed in flowing dresses and bangles. “Let’s just have fun tonight,” she encouraged. “Let’s have a really good time.”

Continue to the full Review

Monday, July 16, 2012

Video: Dreams / Moonlight - Atlantic City July 15th + Photos

Atlantic City, NJ July 15, 2012 
DREAMS / MOONLIGHT (A Vampires Dream) 
You can definitely hear that Stevie is protecting her voice while singing, Dreams especially... When she speaks between songs, it sounds like she has a bit of a cold. But she still sounds great!

PLUS "Enchanted" in it's entirety

Also... Check out the 15 photos posted by ACWeekly.
Photos by Donald Kravitz

3 NEW Contests: ROD STEWART and STEVIE NICKS.. Washington | Greensboro | Sunrise

Win Tickets To Rod Stewart & Stevie Nicks
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Date City Venue Tickets / Presales On Sale
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Photos: Stevie Nicks The Borgata, Atlantic City July 15th

Stevie Nicks played to a sold-out Borgata event center last night.

Stevie apologized for having to cancel last years show in Atlantic City due to illness, then went on to explain that this wasn't a greatest hits tour but a showcase of her newer material from her last album. The faithful responded with thunderous applause of approval.  Ghosts Are Gone and Love Is were omitted from the show.... Landslide was the encore performance... Stevie's taking it easy on her voice.  She has a 4 day break before opening night with Rod Stewart in Cleveland....
Photo Gallery:  Photos by Marc Berman

Sunday, July 15, 2012

3 Shows Wrap-Up: STEVIE NICKS Live - Boston | Mohegan | Virginia Beach

Nicks seamlessly weaves old and new
by Sarah Rodman
Boston Globe

The twirls may be a little slower these days, but the spirit remains strong.

Tuesday night at the Bank of America Pavilion, Stevie Nicks enchanted with a two-hour set that was part “Storytellers,” part patriotic tribute, part crystal visions, and all heart.

The show was heavy on tracks from her latest album, 2011’s splendid “In Your Dreams,” which may have been unfamiliar to some in the packed house, but Nicks was a savvy sorceress of sequencing.

The Fleetwood Mac chanteuse wisely prefaced new tunes with stories about their origins to provide a way in and alternated fresh tracks with big hits, engendering good will.

That meant that Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” — still retaining its warm, woozy charm — flowed nicely into “Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream)” — which Nicks explained began life in the early ’70s and was resurrected when she was inspired by the second “Twilight” film — which then segued easily into a churning, spectral, wailing “Gold Dust Woman.”

Continue to the full review at the original site

Stevie Nicks battles rock legacy at Mohegan
By Donnie Moorhouse

UNCASVILLE _ Marking the second summer in a row that she has been touring to promote her latest release “In Your Dreams,” Stevie Nicks performed for more than two hours at the sold out Mohegan Sun Arena on Thursday night.

Despite a rock legacy that stretches back to the 70s, it was new music that Nicks wanted to focus on during her 16 song set.

“This isn’t a Stevie Nicks greatest hits tour and there probably never will be another Stevie Nicks greatest hits tour,” she told the audience. “I have to do new music. I can’t keep doing the old stuff or it will make me crazy. I won’t let go of this new album until I have to.”

Even with the courteous attention given to the new material, Nicks played six tracks from the record, it was the hits of yesteryear mixed in between that had the audience rushing the stage.

With veteran guitarist Waddy Wachtel leading the band, Nicks hit the stage with a cover, blasting out Led Zeppelin’s “Rock’ N’ Roll,” setting the tone for the evening. She followed up with “Enchanted,” from her seminal solo release “The Wild Heart.”

Then began a sequence of new and then old as if the different eras of her career were in competition. It was “Secret Love” (new) followed by “Dreams” the song Nick’s said served as Fleetwood Mac’s only Number One hit on the Top 40 charts.

Continue to the full review at the original site



Stevie Nicks' second to last solo show this month at Farm Bureau Live  in Virginia Beach Saturday Night was cut short by what looks like an 11pm curfew... It was a hot muggy night in Virginia Beach... Stevie looked great (check out the photos), but the set had to be tighted up to meet an 11pm curfew.  Gone were Ghosts Are Gone + The encore Love Is.  The show ended at 10:45pm with Landslide which was moved to the encore slot.  Also missing on this night were the band intros.  

By David Polston Freelance

Odds & Ends: Stevie Nicks Hershey Photos | Win Lindsey Buckingham Tx

Stevie Nicks Live in Hershey, PA July 3rd
Check out NelsonMuntz gallery here

Win tickets to Lindsey Buckingham at Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium
Photo: C Brad Joblin's entertainment site,, is giving away three pairs of tickets to "An Intimate Evening With Lindsey Buckingham" at 8 p.m. July 29 at the Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium, 385 N. Church St.

Three winners will be drawn at random and will win two tickets each to the concert.

Entries must be received by noon Friday, July 20. Simply fill out the form HERE. One entry per person, please.

Winners will be contacted via e-mail July 20 and should plan to pick up their tickets at the Herald-Journal office in downtown Spartanburg no later than Wednesday, July 25, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Reserved Seats in the Orchestra Pit and Rows 1-12 are $53 and all other reserved floor seats are $43. Call 864-582-8107 or go online at for more information.

A visit with Stevie Nicks becomes fond memory


In the midst of his struggles after suffering a severe leg injury in Iraq, Heath Hobson experienced some upbeat moments, as well - and chief among them was the chance to connect with rock goddess Stevie Nicks.

Nicks, a solo star and member of the legendary band Fleetwood Mac, has been quietly making trips to Walter Reed Army Medical Center to visit wounded soldiers for several years, traveling under the radar, without an entourage or a team of photographers in her wake.

In 2007, while Hobson was recovering at Walter Reed with his wife Jodi at his side, Nicks surprised them both with a lengthy visit, a brand new iPod with more than 1,000 songs pre-loaded and a copy of her poem "Soldier's Angel," which would later become a song on her 2011 album, "In Your Dreams."

"The first time I met her was so personal," Hobson said. "It was awesome. She was just like a regular person in the hospital. It was great. We didn't even know she was there until about 10 minutes before, so there wasn't enough time to get worked up about it."

And they would meet again.

In 2011, the couple attended Nicks' joint concert with Rod Stewart at the TD Garden, and linked up with Nicks in her dressing room backstage, where she played the album version of "Soldier's Angel" for them before it was released and personally sang to the pair.

"It was crazy," Hobson said. "(Stevie) was super touched by it. It's for real, it's a legit feeling she has for seeing the wounded soldiers. That part of it was like, 'Wow, I'm so fortunate to have that moment.'"

Hobson said he plans to contact Nicks again in time, joking that he doesn't want to "overdo it." He said that meeting the down-to-earth star has been one of the most memorable parts of his journey.

"She's so humble about it," he said. "No one knows about that side of her unless they meet her."

Stevie Nicks: Our Mystical Style Spirit Guide
By Maud Deitch

All of a sudden, mid day yesterday (July 12th), a corner of the Internet exploded. News broke that legendary British-American rock band Fleetwood Mac are planning a reunion in 2013, something diehard fans of the Mac had assumed was impossible due to the famed infighting between the band's members. Lead singer/tambourine playing sorceress Stevie Nicks announced the reformation on CBS This Morning, and of course, both super-fans and casual admirers alike went nuts. Nicks, who wrote the band's 1977 Billboard #1 hit "Dreams," is as much a style icon as a musical muse, with everyone from Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino, America's sweetheart Taylor Swift, and Florence + The Machine singer Florence Welch counting themselves as acolytes. Even if you don't know you're familiar with Stevie Nicks, you probably are. You know the opening of Destiny's Child's "Bootylicious," well, it's sampled from Nicks's "Edge of Seventeen," off of her 1981 solo record, Bella Donna. T.Swift calls Nicks a "childhood idol," and Bethany Cosentino has Making Rumors: The Inside Story of the Classic Fleetwood Mac Album on her coffee table. There is also a Fleetwood Mac tribute record being released on August 14th, titled Just Tell Me That You Want Me, which includes takes on the band's tunes by Best Coast, Lykke Li, The Kills and MGMT.

Continue to the full article on the original site

Thursday, July 12, 2012

After four decades, STEVIE NICKS proves she's still got it

"Nicks' mystical image, which brought her superstardom in the '70s as the female focal point of Fleetwood Mac, seems to have a life of its own."

by Rashod Ollison
In many ways, Stevie Nicks has embodied the famed ethos of James Brown's "Hot Pants" song: "A woman got to use just what she got to get just what she wants."

But unlike the bold soul sister in that funk classic, who declared her worth in skimpy clothes, Nicks draped herself in Victorian lace and wore flowing dresses with sleeves that spread like wings. Trailed by yards of gauzy fabric and her mouth in a perpetual pout, Nicks became one of rock's sexiest women.

Her torrid affairs with fellow pop stars, which inspired some of her greatest hits, and an epic drug habit are just as much a part of her legend as her famously scratchy voice and poetic music. Nicks' liberated persona has inspired a generation of female rockers.

But she's not much of a chameleon, like other celebrated women in pop: Joni Mitchell and Madonna immediately come to mind. Nicks has maintained her iconic status without removing a layer of her witchy costumes or tinkering much with her beguiling pop-rock hybrid.

The singer-songwriter headlines Farm Bureau Live in Virginia Beach at 8 p.m. Saturday. Tickets

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Reviews x 3: STEVIE NICKS Live in Niagara Falls + Boston

Stevie Nicks at the Pavilion
by Jed Gottlieb
Boston Herald

Every rock list is front-loaded with dudes. The Beatles are always named the best band. Bob Dylan is the best songwriter. Jimi Hendrix is the best guitarist. All this male dominance, makes Stevie Nicks’ glory even greater.

And after her stunning show last night at the Bank of American Pavilion, it’s time to give Nicks her due and bump her up a few notches on these lists.

Nicks proved again that she’s rock’s Golden Goddess: Top five when it comes to tambourine work, tied for first with Steven Tyler in the scarves, sashes, frills and feathers category, and No. 1 in on stage twirling.

Continue to the full review

Stevie Nicks Niagara Falls, New York
Saturday, July 7, 2012
By: Tracey Lukasik

Every girl who grew up in the 80’s wanted to emulate Stevie Nicks; I was no exception. Her flaxen hair, whimsical wardrobe, and her mystical persona spoke to the wild hearts of teenage girls everywhere. The enchanting songstress was greeted by many of those now 40 and 50 something fans when she performed before a sold-out audience inside the Seneca Niagara Casino this past Saturday night.

Continue to the full review with photos

Stevie Nicks - Seneca Niagara Casino, Niagara Falls, NY - July 7, 2012

by John Jeffrey
Photos by Thomas S. Orwat, Jr.

Niagara Falls, NY -  Stevie Nicks looks like she either made a deal with the devil, or has been drinking from the fountain of youth since the 80's, as when she appeared at the Seneca Niagara Events Center this past Saturday night, she looked and sounded like she really hasn't aged at all.  With her references of being a vampire, to claiming to have lived a past life in the 18th century, perhaps my assumptions about Nicks aren't all that off. 

Continue to the full review & photos

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

STEVIE NICKS to appear on 'CBS This Morning' Wednesday

(CBS News) Singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks appeared on "CBS This Morning" Wednesday July 11, 2012.  They did a really great video montage at the start of the interview covering her career from when she joined Fleetwood Mac through to today.

watch Stevie on CBS This Morning

Today's Show Rundown from the CBS This Morning website:

REVIEW: Stevie Nicks "A timeless gem, an iconic legend, a dream, a mystic, a sage, and the essence of magic"

photo by Dondi H.

A timeless gem, an iconic legend, a dream, a mystic, a sage, and the essence of magic, Stevie Nicks — La Bella Donna herself –  has always been a star in my mind and heart. I was elated at the opportunity to be in her presence, soak up her greatness, and experience pure musical soul amongst the chaos that is the New York City music scene.

The night was full of beauty, new and old Stevie alike, entwined with the glimmer of Fleetwood Mac at its best. Stevie conjured up an intimate evening of rock, honesty, and timeless style. The bewitching Nicks, stayed true to form with her black ensemble, platform shoes, and rotating collection of glistening shawls and bedazzled tambourines.

REVIEW: Stevie Nicks "Playing over a two hour set, Nicks showed she still has it going on"

Rock Legend Stevie Nicks Wows Seneca Niagara Casino 
By Melanie Hulick

The stage was set to receive one of Rock and Rolls best female vocalists at Seneca Niagara Events Center Saturday, July 7th, 2012.The sold out crowd was already in a frenzy before Nicks even took to the stage, as the lights went down and Nicks began singing a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll” from backstage while the band members, one by one, took their places, followed by Nicks, to flashing strobe lights and cheers loud enough to bring the house down. 

Nicks delivered a show that had something for everyone of her fans with some Fleetwood Mac hits, some solo works and the purpose of the 2012 tour, her newest material from her album “In Your Dreams”. The singer-songwriter made it clear when she said, “This is not a greatest hits tour. I will do some songs from my solo career, and yes, some from my Fleetwood Mac days, but this tour is about my new album. I have to move on to new things, move forward,” she added.

This was my first time seeing Nicks in concert and I was sure she would put on a good show, but I wasn’t expecting what I noticed. At times it was as if she was almost possessed by the music… not in a the sense of it being a bad thing, but like you could almost see the music enter her body as she would “air” play the different instruments along with the musicians, fingering the chords like she was the instrument herself, and she would sway as if she was being directed to in a way from inside her. Then I thought… music is something you hear, but maybe if you could “see” music, this is what it would look like.

Continue to the full review on the original site

Monday, July 09, 2012

Video: Stevie Nicks Interview from Today at 'Good Day New York'

Really great interview from earlier today at 'Good Day New York' on Fox New York City - July 9, 2012

Stevie Nicks Interview:  If you have problems viewing... Here's the Fox5 Website

Part 1

New York News | New York Breaking News | NYC Headlines

Where Stevie is shown the Wild Heart video from the Rollingstone Cover shoot in 1981, and she talks about the Documentary.

STEVIE NICKS on 'Good Day New York' TODAY

Stevie Nicks, one of the greatest singer/songwriters of our time, visits the set of Good Day New York on Monday July 9th.  Nicks is on a solo tour making the rounds in the tristate region.

Watch the show online HERE  Stevie will be on at 9:30am approx.  When you log on, if the screen gives you this image, that just means they are away for commercial.  Stick around... 

Got a question for Stevie... Post it on the Good Day New York Facebook Page

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Review: Stevie Nicks Niagara Falls, NY "Nice to see such sincere flashes of humility"

Buffalo News

NIAGARA FALLS – If one were to look only at the concert schedule for Saturday night in Niagara Falls and not at recent news of restoring waterfront access and attracting young professionals through an innovative program that pays off student loans, one might think the Cataract City is more passe than progressive.

Likewise, one might also equate the offering of Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks at Seneca Niagara Events Center with that of classic rockers The Guess Who at Hard Rock Cafe Niagara Falls at the other end of Old Falls Street; there is a profound difference, however, which Nicks stated in no uncertain terms before an adoring sold-out crowd made up mostly of baby boomers.

The 64-year-old Nicks and her eight-piece band paced their long set by bouncing back and forth between her considerable collection of hits from the ’70s and ’80s and more recent material, directly declaring her desire to create new material and avoid a “greatest hits” show. For the most part, this was well-received, although the show opened ominously – taking the stage with a tepid take on Led Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll” that could’ve been topped by a common cover band playing at the casino bar, the fact that Nicks has lost a step was made plain, as she stood still instead of flashing any sight of her signature gypsy twirling, and her confident but staid contralto voice belied the wildness of Robert Plant’s pyrotechnics on the original.

Thankfully, this slow start was soon forgotten, as Nicks loosened up a bit with “Enchanted,”....

Read the full review at the original site

Check out this short review of Stevie show in Detroit July 6th - by Photographer Marc Nader.. He includes 29 photos with his written piece on the show.  See The Music

Homage to Rock and Roll... Homage to Neal Preston - Stevie Nicks Detroit

Rock & Roll filmed live in Detroit - July 6th
From a distance, this actually looks pretty cool seeing all the vintage rock photos by Neal Preston go whizzing by behind Stevie as she opens here show with Rock & Roll.  If you watch carefully, a couple of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks shots are included... What a nice way to pay homage to Neal... who over the years has captured some iconic moments of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks and to Rock & Roll!

Photos... 18 Great shots of Stevie Nicks at Seneca Casino, Niagara Falls, NY

Seneca Niagara Events Center at Seneca Niagara Casino
Niagara Falls, NY - July 8, 2012

Photos by: Harry Scull Jr. / Buffalo News
Check out the gallery.. 18 Total shots from tonight

Saturday, July 07, 2012

"This is not... I repeat, this is not a Stevie Nicks Greatest Hits Tour" - Stevie Nicks Detroit July 6th


Stevie opened her show last night in Detroit with Rock & Roll... Here's a clip  Enchanted was next in the set after which Stevie welcomed everyone to the show and talked a little bit about the show and this tour.. Taken from the video below.. Here's a little bit of what she said... Taken from the video below:
"This is not... I repeat, this is not a Stevie Nicks Greatest Hits Tour.  After doing this last summer and this summer I probably will never do a Stevie Nicks tour that is just Stevie Nicks hits again because for my own artistic trip I have got to do new things and I appreciate the fact that everybody has given me the chance to do that. I do, really you have no idea how much. So... I thank you for coming, I thank you for being wonderful and loyal and all of that. It never.. for one second do I take it for granted. So knowing that... I think we should begin with something new... Secret Love."

Also available is a 12 minute Edge of Seventeen

By Steve Wiseman

Check out the photos from last night by Steve Wiseman at the 104.3 WOMC website with a few on Flickr... Really great shots of the night including Vanessa Carlton in her first appearance this year opening for Stevie... And Ghosts Are Gone was back in the set... (Thanks Amy). 

Friday, July 06, 2012

Review: Stevie Nicks Jones Beach June 29, 2012

Stevie Nicks Shines During a Windy Jones Beach Concert
by Beth at Comic Sutra

Stevie Nicks has been a rock music icon now for several decades now but her fans adore her not just for her music or her unique style. More than anything else, Nicks’ honesty is at the heart of the bond between the singer/songwriter and her fans.

Jones Beach was the start of Nicks’ summer 2012 concert tour – her first performance since her mother’s death in December 2011. After the opening number, Nicks confessed that she had been unable to rehearse with the rest of the band because she lost her voice a week before, so she’d be flying by the seat of her pants.

The show didn’t look it. Nicks’ voice was in fine form and it had the perfect blend of polish and spontaneity. 

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Photos from the night by Mike Corrado
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