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Monday, April 27, 2009


Ticketmaster and LiveNation confirm that Fleetwood Mac will be in Milwaukee, WI at the Bradley Center on June 8, 2009

Tickets on sale:

Onsale to General Public
Start: Sat, 05/02/09 11:00 AM CDT

Ticket Rush Presale On Sale
10:00 AM CDT
Radio Presale On Sale
10:00 AM CDT
Credit Card Presale On Sale
10:00 AM CDT
Venue Presale On Sale
10:00 AM CDT

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Top 20 Concert Tours
The Associated Press

(AP) — The Top 20 Concert Tours ranks artists by average box office gross per city and includes the average ticket price for shows in North America. The previous week's ranking is in parentheses. The list is based on data provided to the trade publication Pollstar by concert promoters and venue managers.


1. (1) Britney Spears; $2,287,230; $100.69.
2. (2) Elton John / Billy Joel; $2,185,634; $115.84.
3. (3) Celine Dion; $2,029,095;$108.17.
4. (4) Eagles; $1,691,056; $130.12.
5. (5) AC/DC; $1,409,211; $85.12.
6. (6) Fleetwood Mac; $1,169,580; $99.27.
7. (7) Nickelback; $787,420; $58.38.
8. (8) Rascal Flatts; $656,209; $61.08.
9. (9) Lil' Wayne; $582,663; $66.26.
10. (10) Brad Paisley; $454,374; $48.30.
11. (11) Motley Crue; $382,436; $54.11.
12. (12) Jeff Dunham; $272,548; $44.17.
13. (13) The Killers; $265,429; $42.01.
14. (14) Slipknot; $249,015; $37.83.
15. (15) New Kids On The Block; $231,931; $54.03.
16. (16) Avenged Sevenfold / Buckcherry; $186,182; $36.94.
17. (17) John Legend; $173,355; $55.28.
18. (18) Larry The Cable Guy; $172,301; $32.82.
19. (20) Rain ? A Tribute To The Beatles; $168,160; $47.40.
20. (21) Bill Gaither & Friends Homecoming; $143,407; $34.84.


Fleetwood Mac finds there is great fun in revisiting classic tunes

The cycle for rock legends is numbingly familiar: Achieve stratospheric success, release a so-so album, fall off the top of the world, disappear for a bit and gradually — if luck holds — inch back into the spotlight for a potentially lucrative victory lap.

It has become a cliché that superstars like Fleetwood Mac know all too well. Fortunately, the star-crossed pair of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham have carved out respectable solo careers, which not only allows the band to take much-needed breathers but also makes endeavors like the "Unleashed: Hits Tour 2009" an opportunity for, surprisingly, creative rejuvenation.

"[Having] solo work and Fleetwood Mac is a really great thing to be able to go back and forth," Nicks said in a recent conference call with the four remaining band members. "It really is kind of a blessing in many ways.  . . . It’s like it’s you never get bored.  . . . It really makes for staying in a much more excited and uplifted humor for everything that you do when you’re not just doing one thing year after year after year after year after year."

Fleetwood Mac, sans keyboardist Christine McVie, who bid the band adieu in 1998 (although she did contribute a bit to 2003’s reunion record, Say You Will), will play Dallas’ American Airlines Center on Thursday.

Back to basics

The multiplatinum rockers haven’t released any new material since Say You Will, nor have they toured extensively (this stop marks the band’s first Dallas performance in five years), and they are hitting the road without anything in stores or even on the horizon, aside from a possible re-release of the 1977 masterpiece Rumours. Freed from promotional obligations, the band is able to get back to basics, Mick Fleetwood said.

"This is the first time that we’ve gone on the road without an album," said Fleetwood. "It is, truly, believe it or not, a refreshing thing to do in terms of selecting a whole lot of really emotively connected songs to the audience that we’ve enjoyed having through the years."

Buckingham echoed Fleetwood’s sentiments, saying that the absence of commercial expectations makes the band’s famously volatile relationships less susceptible to explosion.

"What it does is it kind of frees you up to kind of enjoy each other a little bit more as people — the mantra is really more, 'Let’s just have a good time’ and value the friendships and the history that really underpins this whole experience that we’ve had over these years," he said.

"It takes a little pressure off not having to kind of reinvent anything this particular time. Because of that we are actually able to just look at the body of work and choose. And then just have a little bit more fun with it than we would normally be able to have," Buckingham said.

Still, pounding out the same hits every night — The Chain, Go Your Own Way, Don’t Stop or any of the band’s considerable string of smash singles — can be a precarious proposition. Become too comfortable and it looks as though you’re going through the motions. Change it up too much and you’re messing with what people plunked down hefty chunks of change to see.

"It stays fresh because we never stop playing," Nicks said. "Basically, what we are is entertainers. Even if this band had never made it big, we’d be playing all the clubs, we’d be still doing that. So when we go onstage, we’re performers. It isn’t a question of keeping it fresh because it’s what we love — we don’t have anything else, basically, to do."

A new album?

Inevitably, the question was raised about whether Fleetwood Mac would head into the studio and cut a new album once this tour wraps?

And, just as expected, the band tried to artfully evade answering.

"There have been discussions, for sure, that we would love to make some more music," Fleetwood said. "I think it’s really down to the whole sort of biorhythms of how everyone is feeling and what’s appropriate. We have careers and families and whole different sort of perspectives from what it would have been, you know, 20, 30 years ago, and going onwards from there."

Buckingham, while waxing rhapsodic about the opportunities he’s had as a solo artist, took a bit more expansive view of the future.

"We’ve been down this road — a long, long road together," he said. "In some ways we know each other better than we know anybody else. I think that we all want to dignify the road we’ve been down  . . . and I just think we all want to get to a place where we all feel that unity is waiting in the wings.

"It’s not that we’re not unified, but it is still a work in progress. I think that’s one of the main meanings of what we’re doing right now. So I actually feel quite excited to be able to go out and just relax into playing a body of work you know."

Fleetwood Mac
8 p.m. Thursday
American Airlines Center, Dallas
Preston Jones is the Star-Telegram pop music critic, 817-390-7713


Mac Attack in AyCee

Don't know why this should matter to anybody, but Fleetwood Mac is headed back to Atlantic City.

Tickets go on sale next Saturday (May 2) at 10 a.m. for the Caesars Atlantic City-sponsored, June 13 Boardwalk Hall gig by the pop-rock outfit that dominated the musical world in the latter part of the 1970s.

The Boardwalk Hall stop is part of the group’s “Unleashed” tour on which they’re serving up a program of “greatest hits.” In case your wondering, Stevie Nicks (vocals), Lindsey Buckingham (guitar) Mick Fleetwood (drums) and John McVie (bass) remain in the band, but singer-keyboardist Christine McVie is no longer performing.

Show time is 8 p.m. Admission is $149.50, $79.50 and $49.50. For tickets, call (800) 736-1420,


New date added to the June list of dates added a few days ago.  Ticketmaster is confirming:

Baltimore, MD
June 10, 2009
First Mariner Arena

Tickets onsale: 

American Express
Start: Fri, 04/24/09 10:00 AM EDT
End: Fri, 05/01/09 10:00 PM EDT

Onsale to General Public
Start: Mon, 05/04/09 10:00 AM EDT

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Classic rockers make trip to Atlanta worthwhile
Fleetwood Mac does not have a new disc to promote, so the hits will be featured this time around. Most of their shows on the “Unleashed” tour have featured “Sara,” “Tusk,” “Monday Morning” and even solo tunes such as Stevie’s “Stand Back” and Lindsey’s “Go Insane.” The “wow!” factor is in full swing too, as most gigs have spotlighted a raucous take on the old Peter Green-era Mac classic “Oh Well.” They perform Tuesday, April 28, at Philips.


Martin LC Series for Fleetwood Mac “Unleashed” Tour


Seminal rock band and fan favorite Fleetwood Mac is touring North America with high flying Martin Professional LC Series™ LED panels incorporated as dynamically dominate set pieces. 

Production Designer is Paul Guthrie of Toss Film & Design Inc. of Minneapolis who handled lighting, set, video and content for the tour. “I decided early on that I wanted a clean, simple look that complemented the band,” he says, “and I wanted to use technology in a way that enabled us to create modern versions of retro themes. We wound up using a lot of high tech equipment to try and make it look low tech.”

He commented on the decision to use the Martin LC panels in the design: “I spoke very early on to Brad Haynes at Martin US about incorporating EvenLED (LED panels) into six large scale curved light boxes that are the centerpiece to the design but ran into some logistical obstacles on our end that made us move in a different direction. 

“On advice from our crew chief Ronald Beal at rehearsals, we realized the LC panels would fit into our set pieces and accomplish what we wanted to from the beginning, and from the second they powered up they looked fantastic.”

Guthrie has 42 of the 1 x 2 m LC Series LED panels installed to internally light the light boxes as well as run graphical content for effects. Visual content was created by Guthrie himself who also programmed the show. 

Martin’s bright, modular, lightweight LED panels (40 mm pixel pitch) are often praised for their ease of set up. They use standard Prolyte CCS6 conical truss connectors, so linking the panels together is simple, and with no external power supplies or drivers, each unit comes with everything it needs built in.

Fleetwood Mac’s “Unleashed” tour launched in early March and is playing large arenas in the U.S. and Canada through the summer. The tour is being run by lighting director Axis DeBruyn and reports have the LC panels operating just fine.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Fleetwood Mac ticket giveaway
and discount for
ST. LOUIS show

Metromix is bringing you a great deal on all lower level tickets to see Fleetwood Mac and we're sharing the discount with you! Follow the directions below and get lower level tickets for the show (regurlarly priced at $79.50) for $49.50.

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LIVE NATION is confirming that Fleetwood Mac will be at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City on June 13th.

Public On-Sale Date: 5/2/09


LIVENATION is confirming that Fleetwood Mac will be in Saskatoon at the Credit Union Centre on June 5th.

On Sale Friday: 4/24/09
Radio Presales: 4/22/09


Ticketmaster nis confirming that Fleetwood Mac will be back in New York City at MSG on June 11th.  

Presale begins: Mon, 04/27/09 10am for AMEX, ends Thursday 4/30/09
Onsale to General Public Start: Fri, 05/01/09 10:00 AM EDT


LIVE NATION is confirming that Fleetwood Mac will be in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada on June 6th at the MTS Centre.

Tickets onsale this Friday: 4/24/09
Radio Presales: 4/23/09

Sunday, April 19, 2009


JUNE 13, 2009 is reporting that Fleetwood Mac will be in Atlantic City, NJ 
June 13, 2009 at Boardwalk Hall.

No citation or source is mentioned.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Catch reunited Fleetwood Mac on Thursday in Sunrise
By Sean Piccoli | Pop Music Writer

If yesterday's gone, as Fleetwood Mac once sang, what's up with yesterday's bands? They don't appear to be going anywhere.

Some tour ad infinitum, letting a generation lapse between albums ( the Eagles). Others emerge from situational exile (Guns N' Roses) or return as aging comeback kids ( New Kids on the Block). Call it 20th Century Village — a community of acts that hit their pop-culture peaks in previous decades but survive on varying combinations of musical relevance and audience nostalgia.

Where along that spectrum does one put Fleetwood Mac? The "Unleashed" tour that comes to BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise on Thursday is timed not to new music but a deluxe reissue of 1977's Rumours. But this quintessentially '70s band — known for its tuneful pop-rock songcraft and congenial, co-ed sound — hasn't ruled out making new music. Just not now.

"This is the first time that we've gone on the road without an album," drummer and band co-founder Mick Fleetwood, told entertainment writers on a conference call in February. Fleetwood seemed relieved to be touring on that basis, calling it "truly a new experience for Fleetwood Mac to go out and ... play songs that we believe and hope that people are really going to be familiar with."

As for another album, which would be the first since 2003's Say You Will, Fleetwood sounded hopeful but hardly definitive.

"There have been discussions, for sure," he said. "And I think it's really down to the whole sort of biorhythms of how everyone is feeling and what's appropriate. We have careers and families and whole different sort of perspectives from what it would have been, you know, 20, 30 years ago ... I think the feeling is, and the consensus is, that we would love to be challenged to go out and do, in a couple of years, something with some new songs."

The point or value of another Fleetwood Mac album is something he and the remaining band members — Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham and John McVie — will have to decide for themselves.

What's not in doubt is the appeal of the existing songs. Many have become standards, covered by stars and bar bands alike, and played at proms and other life-affirming rituals.

At some point, a band becomes much smaller than its music. Enjoyment of the songs supersedes interest in the personalities behind the microphone. But Fleetwood Mac's history still holds some intrigue. Their best-known work arose in part from romantic entanglements among band mates. John and Christine McVie divorced in 1976. At the same time, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks were coming undone as a couple but still collaborating as songwriters. Rumours, one of the best-selling albums of all time, is rife with those tensions.

"We are a group of great contradictions," guitarist and singer Buckingham said. "The members don't necessarily have any business being in a band together because the range of sensibilities is disparate. But that's in fact what makes Fleetwood Mac what it is. It's the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. It's the kind of energy that is created from that kind of contrast in personalities."

To hear Buckingham tell it, those contrasts got the better of the band last time out. "When we rehearsed for [the] Say You Will [tour], we had come off almost a year in the studio and we were tired," he said. "And there was a certain amount of tension from that experience, and there was a certain amount of anxiety in terms of working things out that were new, and how it was all going to fit together. And I think there was even a kind of novelty of going out without Christine McVie for the first time."

Nicks said the collective mood this time around is much improved thanks to Buckingham's good spirits. "When he's happy, everybody is happy," she said.

Buckingham said that time away, during which he released two solo albums, eased his return to the fold. "We've been down this road — a long, long road together," he said. "And in some ways we know each other better than we know anybody else. We share things with each other that we've never shared with other people. And I think that we all want to dignify the road we've been down. If you talk about Stevie in particular, I've known Stevie since I was in high school. And I just think we all want to get to a place where we all feel ... that unity is sort of waiting in the wings. And it's not that we're not unified. But it is still a work in progress."

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Rollingstone - Rock n Roll Daily

Mick Fleetwood on His Two Loves: Music and Wine

In an interview with the Associated Press last week, Stevie Nicks proudly declared herself a technophobe, admitting she doesn’t own a cell phone or a computer and rarely uses her iPod. Turns out, when it comes to Fleetwood Mac, she’s not alone. “Almost everyone else in the band can hardly turn on a computer,” drummer Mick Fleetwood confessed to Rock Daily. With one exception: “John McVie; He’s the only person who’s technologically literate. The rest of us, we’ve never made the transition.” (For more on Nicks, check back tomorrow when we’ll have highlights from Rolling Stone’s recent lunch with the singer.)

Which may explain why Fleetwood has taken to a decidedly old world side-project: wine producer. On Monday night, Fleetwood hosted a private dinner for 60 at Fleming’s Steakhouse in Woodland Hills, California, in part to promote his now eight-year-old label, Mick Fleetwood Private Cellar. Curiously, in a down economy, sales of fine wine often go up. “It’s understandable,” he said after polishing off a three-course meal and several glasses of Merlot. “Whether it’s a glass of wine or a night out, people need a break.”

Of course, not everybody can turn their passions into profit quite like Fleetwood, who, after this California pit-stop, rejoins his Mac bandmates in Philadelphia for their 2009 Hits: Unleashed tour. It’s a modern-day reality that’s not lost on the 61-year-old. “The music business has obviously been great for me, but I wouldn’t want to be starting a band right now,” he said. “No one knows what the rules are. And while wine is certainly as competitive as music, the boundaries are clearer, and it’s probably a healthier business, ultimately.” Not that he’s planning to put down the sticks anytime soon. “The older I get, the more I enjoy and pay tribute to playing,” he said. “And to be on the road now with Fleetwood Mac, it’s a huge compliment that people are coming out to see us.”


New video footage of Mick Fleetwood Backstage at the Fleetwood Mac show at the Meadowlands in New Jersey on his MyMickTV website 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Stevie Nicks was interviewed today on Philadelphia Classic Rock station WMGK.  When asked about the band going back in to do another album she said they have A LOT of shows to get through first saying the band was touring until June 20th - then taking a break and will probably be touring Europe and Australia after that - then probably back to the US to do more shows - so after all that is done, she hopes they can go in to do another album.

Friday, April 10, 2009


4/8/2009 - The Associated Press

The Top 10 Concert Tours ranks artists by average box office gross per city and includes the average ticket price for shows in North America. The previous week's ranking is in parentheses. The list is based on data provided to the trade publication Pollstar by concert promoters and venue managers.


1. (New) Britney Spears; $2,384,567; $102.51.
2. (New) Elton John / Billy Joel; $2,185,634; $115.84.
3. (1) Celine Dion; $2,011,606; $107.97.
4. (New) Eagles; $1,691,056; $130.12.
5. (2) AC/DC; $1,409,211; $85.12.
6. (3) Fleetwood Mac; $1,169,580; $99.27.
7. (4) Nickelback; $787,420; $58.38.
8. (6) Rascal Flatts; $656,209; $61.08.
9. (7) Lil' Wayne; $599,313; $66.39.
10. (8) Brad Paisley; $454,374; $48.30.


Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA - Tue, April 28, 2009
Win "Fleetwood Mac" Tickets between 4 and 5pm today on the 
Spiff & Fred Show ... True Oldies 106.7!


NASHVILLE, Tenn. - If you want to sit in the really good seats for a Keith Urban concert this summer, a pair of tickets will put you about back about $170. But in a nod to the tough economic times, the country superstar has also priced some tickets as low as $20 per seat, so fans won't stay home because they can't afford to go.

With the economic news getting worse by the day, artists and concert promoters are trying to make sure fans come out to the stadiums, arenas and concert halls this year by offering ticket deals and other incentives.

No Doubt is giving away a digital download of their entire catalog in exchange for the purchase of a premium ticket ($42.50 before taxes and fees). Coldplay plans to give concertgoers a free live album, while U2 is pricing at least 10,000 tickets to every show in the $30 range.

Summer is a busy time for the concert business. Live Nation, the world's largest promoter, estimates that more than 50 percent of its annual profit comes in the summer months.

But with this year's economic uncertainty, promoters could have a tougher time filling seats.

"In a crowded marketplace in difficult economic times, you want your show or event to stand out as something people recognize as a deal," said Gary Bongiovanni, editor-in-chief of the concert industry publication Pollstar.

Rocker Stevie Nicks, who's currently on a reunion tour with Fleetwood Mac, said times are so bad, the band doesn't know if it can afford to go overseas: "It's so expensive to do that that you put people out of business to go play for them. It's affecting everybody."

Fans can get tickets to Fleetwood Mac's April 22 show at the St. Pete Times Forum for as little as $32.25 (plus service charges).