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UK Top 75 Week Ending Nov 30th:
#29 Fleetwood Mac The Very Best Of

Week 1 #6 Debut
Week 2 #10
Week 3 #12
Week 4 #15
Week 5 #26
Week 6 #29

IRELAND TOP 100 Week Ending Nov 26th:
#95 Fleetwood Mac The Very Best of

Week 1 #32 Debut
Week 2 #14
Week 3 #27
Week 4 #36
Week 5 #69
Week 6 #95


German Channel 3Sat will be showing FLEETWOOD MAC'S "Live in Boston" and STEVIE NICKS "Live in Chicago" Plus Tom Petty's 30th Anniversary Concert in Gainesville, FL which Stevie appears in, all during their airing of non-stop pop concerts on New Years Eve/Day.

Astra 1L 11954 H 27500 3/4
All Times CET

07:45 Fleetwood Mac: Live in Boston
Fleet Center, West End Boston, USA 2004

08:45 Tom Petty: One 30th Anniversary Concert
O'Connell Center, Gainesville, Florida, USA 2006

10:30 Stevie Nicks: Live in Chicago
WTTW Grainger Studio, Chicago, USA 2008

Friday, November 27, 2009


Fleetwood Mac's 2009 version of "The Very Best Of" has been certified Gold in New Zealand (7,500 units shipped) in it's second week of release.  The disc also moves up two spots this week on the Top 40 Albums Chart to #7, issue date November 23, 2009.  The 2009 version debuted at #9 November 16th out performing the debut of the 2002 edition of the same name.  The 2002 set entered the Top 50 Albums Chart at #26 on December 1, 2002 and was immediately certified Gold with a Platinum certification the following week (Chart Run below):

2002 "The Very Best Of"
DEC 1, 2002 - #26 (CERTIFIED GOLD 7,500 units)
DEC 8, 2002 - #12 (CERTIFIED PLATINUM 15,000 units)
DEC 15,2002 - #7
DEC 22,2002 - #5
JAN 19,2003 - #11
JAN 26,2003 - #10
FEB 2, 2003 - #20
FEB 9, 2003 - #32
FEB 16,2003 - #27

2009 "The Very Best Of"
NOV 16, 2009 - #9
NOV 23, 2009 - #7

This most recent chart indicates it has spent a total of 11 weeks on the Top 40/50 Chart.  That seems to be a combination of both the 2002 version and the 2009 version.

Also in it's 4th week on the Top 200 European Albums Chart, TVBO moves down to #87 for the week ending November 20, 2009.

Monday, November 23, 2009


NEW ZEALAND: New on the Top 40 Albums Charts at #9 for the week ending November 16th.

AUSTRALIA: "The Very Best Of" dropped out of the Top 50 Albums Chart for the week ending November 23rd after re-entering last week at #49.

IRELAND: In week 6 for the week ending November 19th on the Top 100 Albums Chart the cd drops to #69 from last week's #36 place.

UK: In week 6 for the week ending November 22nd on the Top 75 Albums Chart the cd drops to #26 from last week's #15 place.

Week 1 #32 Debut
Week 2 #14
Week 3 #27
Week 4 #36
Week 5 #69

Week 1 #6 Debut
Week 2 #10
Week 3 #12
Week 4 #15
Week 5 #26

Week 1 #9 Debut (11/16/09)
Week 2 #7 (11/23/09)

Week 1 #39 Debut (10/30/09)
Week 2 #60 (11/06/09)
Week 3 #80 (11/13/09)
Week 4 #87 (11/20/09)

Sunday, November 22, 2009


For the second time this season on Saturday Night Live Lindsey Buckingham is portrayed by Bill Hader in the segment What Up With That?

For more appearances, hit the links below

12/4/10 - SNL here

03/4/10 - SNL here


Review: Fleetwood Mac @ SECC
Written by Bryan Duncan

REUNION tours have become a fashion recently, some more welcome than others, but only a band as dysfunctional as Fleetwood Mac could reunite once again, just five years after their last tour.

After a 42 year history of guitarists joining religious cults, substance abuse, radical musical shifts and inter-band affairs, it‘s amazing that they still play together. Guitarist/singer/pop maestro Lindsay Buckingham tells the Glasgow audience that the band have never really broken up, highlighting that it’s been different every time they’ve “reunited”. This runs parallel with the band’s relationships: despite divorces and break-ups, they managed to create arguably the perfect pop album, 1977’s Rumours (see this edition of the Telegraph’s Classic Album). Before breaking into the LP’s first track “Second Hand News” - one of the highlights of the night - Buckingham describes the song as “sad, angry and humourous”, written at a time where the band went through “emotional turmoil”. You could see the ghosts of the past etched on his face, as he performs alongside ex-girlfriend Stevie Nicks, and founding rhythm section John McVie and Mick Fleetwood.

Despite this, the band created an energy undermining any tension, as “Monday Morning” kicked off the gig with its radio-friendly soft-rock. Next up was “The Chain”, a classic in which McVie’s famous bass line (used as BBC’s Formula 1 theme tune) literally rumbles through the SECC, complementing Fleetwood’s thundering drums. Singer Nicks asks to “get this party started,” as “Dreams” and “Gypsy” shows her knack for writing polished pop tunes.

Their flawless nature does not match the intense nature of the band, but the acoustic numbers dig a lot deeper with “Big Love”, a personal song by Buckingham which he states “describes the person I was back in 1987”.

With a wave of jaw-dropping guitar picking washing over his raw but impassioned vocals, it cements his status as one of rock’s most underrated guitarists. A mellower version of “Never Going Back Again” follows a melodic “Landslide” sung delicately by Nicks. It shows how their songs float between light and dark, and how deep lyrics lie behind the pop exterior.

Some dismiss them for being middle-of-the road, but songs like “Gold Dust Woman”, show a level of music transcending their soft-rock persona. Ten minute guitar solos and raw blues rock dominated the latter half of the concert, on songs like “I’m So Afraid” and “Oh Well” - the latter a song hand-picked from the Peter Green era. Buckingham’s inner guitar god was again unleashed to the crowd.

An epic “World Turning” featured an ambitious drum solo from Mick Fleetwood, and at moments like this you forgot what you came to see; perfect pop-rock or grass-roots blues.

As the night drew on eager fans left their seats and became a collective in front of the stage, showing that Fleetwood Mac still have a spark in their live performances with songs like “Go Your Own Way”, despite burning out through the years. Of this classic Rumours line-up, Christine McVie was the only absent member, deciding to take retirement over touring. This didn’t diminish the set, but Rumours favourites like “Songbird” would be impossible to replicate without her.

With or without McVie, the Mac certainly sounded like they were back. Buckingham cheekily hinted at a new studio effort, as he declared for this tour “we haven’t made an album for this…yet”.

As Nicks and Buckingham embraced near the end, it seemed as though a sombre cloud was hanging over the stage. Their history is so complicated it makes the uplifting closer “Don’t Stop” deliciously ironic. Granted, there is still a tension, but as the ever enthusiastic Mick Fleetwood signs off the gig by asking the crowd to look after one another in “this crazy world we live in”, it stands as testament to this legendary band’s enduring, albeit rocky, relationship. This is how a reunion should be.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Fleetwood Mac's story is more than Rumours

I CAN’T speak for what showbiz reporting was like in the 1970s and 80s but Fleetwood Mac must have been a gift to entertainment hacks the world over.

These days it’s all about whether Cheryl Cole is wearing her wedding ring or not or the latest adventures of Katie Price and her cross-dressing cage-fighting boyfriend.

Crashingly dull, in fact.

If you want real drama, real catfights, real chaos, then do some reading up on Fleetwood Mac. Better still, watch the documentary that’s floating about on the BBC’s iPlayer.

Like me, you might have thought of the band as plodding pop-rock dinosaurs. Which they undoubtedly are – the footage of Mick Fleetwood and John McVie in their sunshine villas sporting flat caps has them banged to rights on that front – but you can’t deny their “backstory” is incredible. Sensational. Almost unbelievable.

You might think it’s strange that a band is named after its drummer and bass player, or find it intriguing that the blues-rock of Albatross and the shiny pop sheen of Everywhere are actually by the same group. But that’s nothing, believe me.

For those who aren’t familiar with the tales and the travails of the Anglo-American rock giants, here’s my top 10 highlights of the Fleetwood Mac story:

1. Lead guitarist, singer and songwriter Peter Green – responsible for bringing the band to prominence and its early hits – struggles with mental illness and “never comes back” after first trying acid. He quits the band in 1970 after they don’t agree with his plans to give all their money away to charity.

2. Rhythm guitarist Jeremy Spencer goes missing in 1971 after popping out “to get a magazine”. When they find him after several days searching, he has joined a religious cult.

3. After slide guitarist Danny Kirwan is fired after developing an alcohol problem and some increasingly erratic behaviour, his replacement Bob Weston embarks on an affair with Fleetwood’s then wife, Jenny Boyd. He’s fired as well.

4. In the wake of Kirwan’s departure, the band cancel their tour. However, their manager, Clifford Davis, claiming he owns the rights to the name Fleetwood Mac, takes a fake version of the band out on the road instead, sparking a legal battle.

5. The band hire new guitarist Lyndsey Buckingham who insists his girlfriend and musical partner, the singer Stevie Nicks, joins as well. (In fact, this might be the answer to keeping Oasis going post-Noel. Has anyone got Roxette’s number?).

6. Buckingham and Nicks’ relationship hits the rocks, leading them to write vicious and accusatory songs about each other, notably Nicks’ Dreams and Buckingham’s Go Your Own Way. Incredibly, they dutifully perform backing vocals on each others’ tunes.

7. They eventually split up – as do McVie and his wife Christine, the keyboard player – but the band rumbles on.

8. Nicks has an illicit affair with Fleetwood, who then shacks up with Nicks’ best friend. The band still goes on.

9. During the making of Tusk, the follow-up to their biggest selling album, Rumours, Buckingham wants to go in an experimental direction: the rest of the band recall him lying on the floor, his cheek to the ground, wailing into a microphone.

10. After the band hit the paydirt again with 1987’s pop behemoth Tango In The Night, Buckingham refuses to go out on tour and quits. When he announces his decision, Nicks physically attacks him.

What else? Well.., alcoholism, drug addition, rehab, bankruptcy, half a dozen extra members, splits, reunions. I probably could go on.

It puts a handful of Sugababes line-up changes into perspective, doesn’t it? I really do wonder how much of this stuff actually got reported back in the newspapers the day. Hardly any of it, I would guess.

And the most incredible thing? Fleetwood Mac are still going; and the classic line-up too, minus Christine McVie, who retired from performing a few years ago. They played a run of dates in the UK earlier this month, in fact. They’re in their 60s now, all still alive, still performing those old songs from Albatross to Everywhere, still sitting on a tour bus together.

Whatever do they find to talk about?


Visitors to get wonderful welcome
Taranaki Daily News

Fleetwood Mac fans wondering where to go at New Plymouth airport next month will have the good ladies of the Bell Block-Puketapu Lions to help them out.

And if all goes well, the ladies will be on hand again to welcome rugby fans to the city's three 2011 rugby World Cup games.

The New Plymouth District Council is organising 200 volunteers to help the city cope with the expected 25,000 visitors for the December 19 and 20 Fleetwood Mac concerts at the TSB Bowl of Brooklands.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac Live in Dublin at the O2

Fleetwood Mac (live in the O2, Dublin)

Review Snapshot: A band that has been on the go for over 40 years, albeit with changes in personnel along the way. While the band may be deteriorating, the music stands the test of time, even without the absent Christine McVie.

The Cluas Verdict? 8 out of 10

Full Review:
Opening with 'Monday Morning' from the pre-Rumours days, it was 'The Chain' and 'Dreams' that got the O2 Arena in a frenzy from the start. "Dublin, you're beautiful, why don't we get this party started" shouted Nicks, before Buckingham and Nicks took it in turns to sing, giving us 'I Know I'm Not Wrong', 'Gypsy', 'Go Insane' and 'Rhiannon' in the early part of the show.

Nicks spoke about forming a band in 1965, "a hard rock San Francisco Band" she proclaimed. "We learnt our trade supporting Jimi Hendrix and Janice Joplin. We want to put our experience back into a song, back to the gypsies that we were" was how she introduced the aforementioned Gypsy.

Lindsey then told us about the recording of Rumours "it's not a bad little album" he joked, going on to tell us about all the friction in the band at that time and how they all poured their hearts out into the songs. "Fleetwood Mac has had a very complicated history but we said we'd have fun”. He goes on to say that "seen as we don't have a new album to promote yet, let's do all the songs we love and I hope you like them too. This is the first song we recorded for Rumours" was his intro to the brilliant 'Second Hand News'. He gave it his all on 'Tusk' shouting and chanting his way all over the stage, before taking a short breather while Nicks delivered 'Sara', after which she gave Buckingham a big hug as they embraced.

Introducing 'Big Love' Lindsey explained that "this was the first single from Tango In The Night, and it was an important song for me as it described the person I was at that time, when it was written in 1987" he said profoundly.

Nicks returned, wearing a red dress and said "this song is dedicated to you [the fans], because everyone needs a song like this” before delivering 'Landslide' with just Lindsey on acoustic guitar. If that performance was brilliant, Buckingham exceeded it on 'Never Goin Back Again' with a slowed down version of the Rumours classic on acoustic guitar and dominant vocals.

Stevie discussed the rehearsals for the tour adding "when we met up on January 5th this year, to start rehearsing for this tour we wanted to do a song that we hadn't performed before. We like to call this I Have Always Been a Storm" she added, while Mick came to the front of the stage to perform the percussion accompaniment.

'Say You Love Me' and 'Gold Dust Woman' were next, with Stevie now wearing a gold coloured shawl and single black glove for the latter, while Lindsey stayed behind the scenes on this one. 'Oh Well' was truly fantastic. The sound in the o2 Arena was brilliant for the concert, but it shone through on this number as the three lads gave it everything.

Another elaborate guitar solo from Buckingham followed on 'I'm So Afraid', while Nicks (now wearing a white shawl and black dress) done her infamous dance during 'Stand Back' and they closed with 'Go Your Own Way'. The encore comprised of 'World Turning' which put Mick Fleetwood in the spotlight for 10 minutes, and they finished the night with 'Don't Stop' which got everybody on their feet.

You couldn't fault this performance on any level, but this is the Lindsey Buckingham band, and the rest are really only here for the ride. Without him they are nothing, and while Mick and John might share the bands name, it's Buckingham's Palace.

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Chart Update: UK & Australia
Fleetwood Mac's "The Very Best Of"
Issue Date: November 16, 2009

  • AUSTRALIA TOP 50 ALBUMS: #49 - Re-entry
  • UK TOP 75 ALBUMS: #15 - Drop of 3 places

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Mick Fleetwood, Blue Again
DVD Coming January 12, 2010
429 Records are confirming that Mick Fleetwood's DVD "Blue Again" will be released on January 12, 2010.  No other details available. I'm assuming this is the St. Louis show that the audio disc released earlier this year is from, but there was a London show filmed for DVD - so it's possible that it's from that show.

Timed perfectly to coincide with their February/March, 2010 tour dates in Australia and New Zealand with Michael McDonald and Boz Scaggs.

Australia - 2010
February 20: Sutton Grange Winery
February 21: Balgownie Estate Vineyard, Yarra Valley
February 26: WIN Entertainment Centre, Wollongong
February 27: Riverstage, Brisbane
Tickets on sale now at Ticketmaster and Ticketek

New Zealand - 2010
March 3: Westpac Arena, Christchurch
March 5: Vector Arena, Auckland
March 6: Pettigrew Green Arena, Napier
Tickets on sale Thursday, November 26th Ticketmaster and Ticketek