Wednesday, January 12, 2011

(PHOTOS) Stevie Nicks just finished performing on Ellen

Here's a couple of shots of Stevie being led by Karen her Assistant and another guy - captures from the ustream live site from backstage.... Karen and another guy bringing Stevie off the stage back to her dressing room presumably.... These three were moving at a pretty brisk clip.. Wonder what the hurry was...  Maybe just to get out of the way - or maybe Rod was performing after her.  On her official Twitter stream it was posted this evening that she performed her new single... So check out the show tomorrow to hear it.

Ricky Peterson and Lori Nicks in front... Sharon and Waddy behind.

Rod and Stevie sitting and chatting with Ellen

And were outta here... Stevie and Rod with Karen in grey behind.

Stevie when she first walks in heading for her dressing room... Curlers in her hair on top of her head.. Wearing the beige platform boots.

Jimmy Paxson (Drummer) and Al Ortiz (Bass Player) Waddy at the bottom.


According to Amazon...

The New Release From Stevie Nicks is titled
 "In Your Dreams" 
and will hit the street May 3, 2011
 via Reprise.  

Great title by the way!!  There's also a song on the album called the same.

Finally! A date! A Title! Now we just need the album cover photo!  AND to find out what the "special announcement" tomorrow on Ellen will be! Could it be that Rod and Stevie confirm their much speculated about tour together this Spring?

Dave Stewart also tweeted today that we'll see on Ellen the first cover shot of the single he took of Stevie tomorrow...

Err... "may not be the single cover image I shot on Ellen today just found out"

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's all in the Adjectives....

David Wild gets his paws on the new Stevie Nicks album for a listen... First initial feelings on the new album?.... He thinks it's her best solo album ever! and describes the album as:
"Deeply Romantic, Cinematic,  Personal, 
Poetic and Dreamy,"

David visited Stevie and Dave Stewart in the studio during recording back in July and wrote a column on her new album that appeared in the September 16, 2010 issue of Rollingstone.

There's been a lot of excitement building around the release of this album... It's been 10 long years since Stevie's last solo studio album...Too long frankly.  Thanks to both Dave Stewart and David Wild for fueling this excitement... and Stevie of course.

David is a contributing editor of Rollingstone Magazine and The Huffington Post. Follow David Wild on Twitter and check him out on The Huffington Post.  While you're at it follow Mr. Dave Stewart as well!!.

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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Exciting Announcement to Come This Thursday on Ellen With Stevie and Rod


Not just one, but two legendary musicians are stopping by! ROD STEWART and STEVIE NICKS are here, and they’ll both sing one of their classic hits. Plus, they’ve got an exciting announcement that you don’t want to miss!

This text was taken from the email notification from The Ellen show.

What we know so far is that RICKY PETERSON - Stevie's keyboard player has confirmed he'll be there... WADDY WACHTEL, Stevie's lead guitarist and Musical Director, according to his facebook page, will also be performing on Ellen along with Stevie's bass player AL ORTIZ who will be playing bass for both Stevie and Rod...  Who's drumming? Jimmy Paxson? not sure... Percussion?  Not Taku - he's busy preparing for a Josh Groban tour... Lenny Castro possibly?  Is Carlos Rios back along with Sharon and Lori?

RUMOURS AND SPECULATIONS have Stevie and Rod announcing a joint tour or slate of shows together.  With Stevie's new album not expected now until late spring along with Dave Stewart still talking about doing shows with Stevie this Spring/Summer, and his own album now slated for a May release - plus the fact that Rod has Euro dates booked beginning June, one can only assume that IF Stevie and Rod were to announce a joint tour that it will be a short pre-album release tour.  We will have to wait and see this Thursday.


Top 100 Albums Chart - UK
Week ending 15th January, 2011
  • Fleetwood Mac's "The Very Best Of" moves down on the Top 100 UK Album Chart to # 70 from # 64 last week.
Top 100 Albums Chart - Ireland
Week Ending 6th January, 2011

  • Fleetwood Mac "The Very Best Of" moves down to # 73 from # 72 last week.  Total of 20 non-consecutive weeks on the chart.
Top 50 Catalogue Albums Chart - Australia
Week of 10th, January, 2011
  • Fleetwood Mac remain at # 1 on the Top 50 Catalogue Chart with "The Very Best Of" for the 5th consecutive week. Total weeks on this chart - 42.  
  • Stevie Nicks "Crystal Visions The Very Best of Stevie Nicks" moves up to # 33 from # 38 last week.  Total weeks on this chart - 27. 

Top 50 DVD Chart - Australia
Week of 10th, January, 2011
  • On the Top 50 Music DVD Chart, Fleetwood Mac's 8x Platinum "The Dance" moves up to # 15 this week from # 16 last week. Total non-consecutive weeks on this chart 218.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

RICKY PETERSON confirmed to appear with Stevie Nicks on Ellen Jan 13th

Recent update on keyboardist Ricky Peterson's website confirms his appearance next Thursday with Stevie Nicks...So we know the band is appearing!  Lots of speculation that Stevie and Rod Stewart are going to be singing together... Can anyone confirm or put this rumour to rest?  Ricky??  Jimmy??

"First off, I’m playing with Stevie Nicks on “Ellen” airing Thursday Jan. 13th! Be sure and catch that."

More on what Ricky is up to for the next couple of months can be found on his site

Friday, January 07, 2011


And Michelle Branch gets a first listen to the new Stevie Nicks CD.
Earlier today, Dave Stewart re-emerged on his Twitter page to proclaim that he's been away for a few days due to filming for Stevie Nicks upcoming album and documentary or in the exact words of Mr. Stewart "I've been absent 4 days of Stevie Filming er shall I say strange stuff !!!" (not sure what that means). Either he was filming, or doing some other strange stuff !! In any case...still hard at work on his project with Stevie...and that's a good thing!

Michelle Branch entered the picture today... She stated that she heard Stevie's new album...and wants it! saying it's absolutely fantastic!... Another positive! A lingering question with a lot of us regarding Michelle is when oh when are we going to hear her version of "Say You Love Me"?  The version she recorded and Stevie produced for a yet to be released country tribute album to Fleetwood Mac's Rumours?... Haven't heard a word on this other then what Michelle has put out into the ether, not even what other artists contributed to the disc.  Could be that the project is dead or on hold.

Both Michelle and Dave's exchange on Twitter along with Mr. David Wild of Rollingstone and The Huffington Post can be found in the Dave Stewart and Stevie Nicks Timeline (scroll to the bottom)


Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks both land on Australia's Top 50 Catalogue Albums 2010 End of Year Charts.


    The End Of Year Charts rank the top selling singles and albums for that year.

    In the UK, Fleetwood Mac land at # 66 on year end sales charts selling approx. 197,000 units in 2010 of "The Very Best Of" for an accumulative total for the 2009 two disc release of 485,000.

    FLEETWOOD MAC 1975: Saunders Field House at Mesa State Junior College

    Mesa State yearbook
    Good concert, bad concert
    It had to have been the best pre-punk, pre-big hair 1970s concert in Saunders Field House at Mesa State Junior College. “I was working at The Timbers Restaurant in November of 1975. I got the night off to go see Fleetwood Mac at the college. It was one of their first stops on their first tour and man was I surprised when a couple of girls got on stage, Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks.” remembers Ralph “Dinosaur” Donnen, past Mesa College class president.

    Mike Radosevich was the Station Manager at KMSA at the time. “It was an incredible show. Everything was perfect and just the opposite of the Jerry Jeff Walker concert. Nobody knew the Fleetwood Mac album was going to do as well as it did. It was one of their first gigs with Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks.”    Continue To Full Article

    Thursday, January 06, 2011


    Listed as being on the show: Comic Ricky Gervais; Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks perform.

    Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks on the same show?... Usually if there's a musical guest, there is one per show as far as I can see... Are they performing together? This is an interesting pairing... What will they sing?

    Stevie was last on Ellen back in 2007.

    Wednesday, January 05, 2011

    Coming Soon.... Fleetwood's on Front Street

    Fleetwood's on Front St. 
    (Restaurant, Bar, Club)

    FLEETWOOD'S ON FRONT ST. Mick Fleetwood's upcoming restaurant, bar, nightclub and hot-spot-to-be on the Island of Maui, Hawaii. Casual and Island Cool. Approachable menu with a blend of Hawaiiana and Colonial befitting the Rock Legend's home and heritage. Overlooking the ocean with Maui's most spectacular water and Island views. Scheduled to open mid 2011. Two levels, 14,000 Sq. Ft., with a separate wine shop, gallery and gift shop on the ground floor featuring the art of Hawaii and of Mick Fleetwood, plus Mick's award winning wines Mick Fleetwood Private Cellar.                 - Jonathan Todd

    Fleetwood's on Front St. is now on Facebook - HERE
    Fleetwood's on Front St. website coming soon - HERE

    No specific date yet on when this restaurant will open, but you may recall Mick himself in a recent interview said the process was in the "lawyer" stage, so it sounds like things are just being finalized...  You may also recall back in November Mick appeared in a segment on the Golf Channel "GolfNow Ka'anapali", where Lauren Thompson interviewed Mick on Front Street in Lahaina at The Lahaina Store the former Planet Hollywood Restaurant.  This is the future site of Mick's restaurant... She said in her video diary it would open in the summer of 2011.  You can still catch that bit of footage online in Lauren's video diary.  

    In any case, in the on-going evolution of branding Mick Fleetwood, this venture of Micks makes me want to head on over to Maui when it's up and running!!... I think it would be pretty cool to check out...