Friday, April 22, 2011

Stevie's 3 page spread in Harper's Bazaar May, 2011 issue

Lady GaGa on the cover 
Posted the interview earlier in the week back on the 19th HERE

GLEE "Rumours" Season 2 Episode 19 - May 3rd FOX Fleetwood Mac Album Tribute

"Rumours" is an entire episode centered around Fleetwood Mac's best selling album by the same name.

Episode Synopsis: GLEE “Rumours” Season 2 Episode 19 – Sue Sylvester revives the school newspaper and decides to print a few inflammatory blind items. The glee club gains a whole new respect for Sam when they discover some interesting new information about his family life. Meanwhile, April Rhodes (guest star Chenoweth) returns to Lima and tries to convince Mr. Schuester to hit the road with her in the all-new “Rumours” episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, May 3 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Fleetwood Mac back on Billboard Magazines Top 200 Album Chart

Fleetwood Mac's 1988 "Greatest Hits" album re-enters Billboard Magazines Top 200 Albums Chart at # 170.

Billboard Issue: April 30, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams" Now on itunes in the UK...

Finally after what seemed like forever, Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams" is now available for pre-order on itunes in the UK. Both the Delux version and the Standard version are available.  Still no sign of the single "Secret Love" and the release date is still expected in the UK on June 27th.

The Delux Version is priced at £10.99 and is no different then what is offered in other countries - it's a 13 track cd with two bonus videos "Secret Love" and "Cheaper Than Free" with Dave Stewart.  The Standard Version is priced at £7.99 and contains the 13 tracks listed below.

Pre-order the Delux Version here
Pre-order the Standard Version here

1 - Secret Love
2 - For What It's Worth
3 - In Your Dreams
4 - Wide Sargasso Sea
5 - New Orleans
6 - Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream)
7 - Annabel Lee
8 - Soldier's Angel
9 - Everybody Loves You
10 - Ghosts Are Gone
11 - You May Be The One
12 - Italian Summer
13 - Cheaper Than Free

Stevie Nicks - Oakland, CA April 20, 2011 - Video and Fan Review

Landslide... Always a crowd favorite!
She looks beautiful with her wavey hair...

Review by: "Anonymous" posted on the Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks Tour Dates page
My husband, oldest son and myself went to see them last night in Oakland, CA and I can honestly say it is one of the very best concerts I have ever been to in MY life and I have been to many. They both put on an incredibly good concert and everyone was totally into it. Stevie sang more songs and had more stage time than Rod which was fine by me because she still has it going on BIG TIME and her voice is still is beautiful and strong as when she was in her 20's. Rod is still going strong but his voice is not quite as strong as it once was but I have been unable to think of anything else the entire day today because the concert was that awesome. I am so happy I got to see the 2 of them together. I have seen Rod Stewart in concert before but not Stevie Nicks or Fleetwood Mac but she is without a doubt my favorite female vocalist of all time. She was FANTASTIC and this is one concert I will never ever forget. I just wish I could see it again; it was that good. Anyone who thinks differently don't listen to them. There was so much energy last night and it was packed. I actually cried during one of Stevie's songs. I feel honored to have been fortunate enough to attend that concert.

Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart - Blonde Ambition as Icons Team Up

The Province Newspaper in Vancouver and The Vancouver Sun both today (April 21st) ran full pages promoting Rod and Stevie's show in Vancouver this Friday night... One is a reprint of an earlier story, the other is a review of the Hollywood Bowl show.  The OC Register included here is from April 18th and is the review of the Hollywood Bowl show that I posted earlier this week.

[Update] Heart & Soul By The Numbers...

Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart Boxscore Totals. Added Philadelphia and Chicago Numbers to the running total...
Click To Enlarge
Co-headliners Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks appear on the Hot Tours list for the third week in a row, posting their best ranking yet. The pair land at No. 3 with $2.9 million in ticket sales reported from two major U.S. markets. The pair performed on April 5 at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, drawing a sellout crowd of 13,127, and on April 9 at Chicago's United Center with 14,039 in attendance. Seven shows from the tour have been reported so far this spring with grosses topping $10 million.

Billboard Magazine "Hot Tours"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Stevie Nicks May 11th Sandia Resort Concert is SOLD OUT

Well this is kinda awesome!

Stevie's Albuquerque, NM show May 11th at the Sandia Resort & Casino 
which seats 4,000 in the outdoor amphitheater is SOLD OUT 
according to their website

Stevie Nicks "Secret Love" maintains it's place on the charts...

Stevie's single "Secret Love" is hanging in there on the Triple A Radio Play charts... I thought for sure last week was it's last week - but she picked up 1 play over last week and maintains her # 28 position on the Top 30.

On the Adult Contemporary charts she's back up to # 21 with a bullet from # 22 last week.  Radio increased their plays of the track week over week by 7.  No additional AC stations picked up the track up to the end of Monday the 18th which is the deadline for reporting.  There doesn't seem to be an "Oprah Effect" with "Secret Love" at least not with radio... could be because the  song was performed but only viewed as an online exclusive on rather then airing during the program.  In any case... she's basically holding steady - but below the Top 20.  

I'm really surprised more stations haven't picked up the track... it's her first single of new music in a decade... it's completely AC radio friendly in sound and in length.  It's short in length.

These charts will be published in Billboard dated April 30th.

Nicely written article on Stevie Nicks by: Joseph Rosenfeld

Joseph Rosenfeld Image Mentor

"Twirling across a stage to the syncopation of a rock music beat, her body sheathed in a delicate lace shawl, her arms extended to create the effect of a dove taking flight—all while wearing suede platform boots, Stevie Nicks embodies the characters of her songs, enchanting her audience and taking everyone on an arousing escape into a world of white-winged doves, black widow spiders and “sisters of the moon.”"

Lindsey Buckingham DVD Shoot at Wilshire Theatre Today!

Studio On Wheels / posted earlier on Facebook/Twitter that today they are filming for Lindsey's DVD... EXCITING!

"Recording Lindsey Buckingham DVD shoot at the Wilshire Theatre today with Kathy Yore engineering with Barry Ehrmann producing for Enliven Entertainment."

This fits nicely with Jokers Style Productions yesterday filming backstage footage and rehearsals in the same theatre.

Jokers Style Productions on Twitter | Facebook

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Behind The Scenes of an Upcoming Drum DVD with Mick Fleetwood

Take a tour of Micks various drum kits.

Myron Carlos - Drummer "I had the lucky opportunity to work behind the scenes on a Mick Fleetwood drum DVD. Please don't mind the shaky camera work at times. Look for the DVD sometime soon! Special thanks to Mick Fleetwood, Mark Freed, Mick's Management and the Maui Recording Studio."