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Lindsey Buckingham - UK & IRELAND Tour Cancelled

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Lindsey Buckingham has unfortunately had to cancel his upcoming UK/IRELAND shows as his guitarist has severely injured his back and is not able to presently perform. It has not been possible to reschedule new dates for 2012. For refunds please contact your point of purchase. 

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Live Nation UK - Facebook | Website

Really sorry to hear this!... The UK and Ireland fans were REALLY looking forward to him - for the first time solo!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

NEW At HDTracks - Fleetwood Mac "Mirage"

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Review: Songs From The Small Machine "Lindsey Buckingham’s six-string tapestries are jaw-dropping"

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DVD Review: Buckingham Earns Respect
By Scott Smith
Times Record

"The women ruined Fleetwood Mac.”

That ongoing, mean-spirited joke that claims Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie sabotaged the artistic integrity of one of rock’s most-loved groups is frustrating and puzzling. Those who pass that tired joke along are commenting on the skyscraper-level success Fleetwood Mac enjoyed immediately after Nicks and guitarist-singer Lindsey Buckingham joined the group.

But those armchair critics, while leaning on that anti-Nicks sentiment, really are missing the point entirely. Yes, Fleetwood Mac originated as an all-male blues band in the late 1960s before becoming co-ed chart-toppers in the mid- and late-1970s, but the Buckingham-Nicks version was — and still is — just as daring and critical as almost any punk-rock band.

A quick spin of Fleetwood Mac’s beautifully flawed LP “Tusk” — the LP is jagged, nervy and completely different than its safer, bazillion-selling predecessor, “Rumours” — reveals Buckingham to be as much as a lone-wolf, do-it-yourself artist as Johnny Rotten, the late Joe Strummer or any leather-jacketed Ramone.

The same can be said of Buckingham’s new DVD, “Songs from the Small Machine — Live in L.A.,” which gives sharp focus to Buckingham’s immaculate guitar playing. Filmed on the front end of his recent “Seeds We Sow Tour,” the DVD presents some of the most unique — and wildly inspired — finger-picking from any guitar player.

Buckingham’s six-string tapestries are jaw-dropping on his trademark, one-man version of “Big Love,” and his fingers and right thumb also succeed in aweing fans on more recent work like “Seeds We Sow,” “Under the Skin,” “Shut Us Down,” “In Our Own Time,” “Stars Are Crazy” and “End of Time.”

The Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famer also breathes new venom into Fleetwood Mac’s “Second Hand News,” a still-impressive track that contains a galloping rhythm and the best lyrics ever about romantic adventures found in tall-grass fields.

Format: DVD/CD combo
Studio: Eagle Vision
Rated: Not rated
Running Time: 142 minutes
Grade: A
Other formats: Blu-ray and stand-alone DVD

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

REVIEW: Stevie Nicks Canberra, AU

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Queen of rock rolls with career's punches
Photo: Stuart Walmsley
Rolling Stone once dubbed her the ''reigning queen of rock and roll'', and while Stevie Nicks may no longer sit on the throne, she continues to influence those who do.  Artists like Sheryl Crow, Courtney Love and even the Dixie Chicks have cited her as an inspiration - not bad for a girl who was only added to Fleetwood Mac after then boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham insisted they came as a package deal.

The long, flowing skirts and tassles remain at age 63, but the feverish on-stage antics have given way to a slow twirl. She may be moving with less verve, but Nicks showed fans at the AIS Arena last night that her songwriting ability is far from on the wane.

Nearing the end of an Australian tour to promote her latest album In Your Dreams, Nicks only borrowed sparingly from her Fleetwood Mac days and past solo career, preferring new material co-written in 2010 with Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame.

In Your Dreams has been widely lauded as her best collection of songs since the '80s and she told fans last night that the experience of making the album with Stewart at her Santa Monica home was ''the best year of my life''.


The Canberra Times

"Nicks of Time" Hobart Mercury

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Stevie Nicks looks back over her life and loves on her new album, says Helen Brown

(This article appears in the December 8th printing of the Hobart Mercury (Tasmania).  Article was originally published in The Telegraph in June, 2011

WHEN Stevie Nicks asked her 15-year-old god-daughter to take part in her new video – “playing me at 30, around the time I joined Fleetwood Mac” – the girl asked for a little direction.

“So I told her to twirl, talk to yourself, make like you’re crazy – be me,” Nicks says. “We put her in my vintage, evergreen tie-dye with my top hat. Oh, she looked so beautiful. My girlfriends laughed when we saw the dress. Were we ever that small? We must have been!” She may lament outgrowing her youthful stage gear but Nicks is still a rock-star Rapunzel at 63, blonde locks cascading over billowing, black chiffon sleeves.

It’s been a long and winding road for Nicks. She developed a huge cocaine addiction between the 1977 release of Fleetwood Mac’s 40 million-selling Rumours and her 1986 admission to the Betty Ford Clinic. Her recovery was “aided” by a prescribed tranquilliser, to which she became addicted for eight years.

“I’m still very angry about that,” she says. “I might have met somebody, had a baby, made three more amazing albums in those years.

“I’m pretty sure that had I not eventually checked myself into a hospital and stayed there for 47 days, I would be dead now. I would have OD’D on something crazy – over the counter.”

Photos: Stevie Nicks, Dave Stewart & Brian McFadden Wollongong

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Stevie Nicks | Dave Stewart | Brian McFadden 
WIN Entertainment Centre Wollongong December 5, 2011 

Looks like a couple of wardrobe changes for both Stevie and Dave.  Stevie's red jacket on this night didn't include the long chiffon sleeves, instead she went for a gathered sleeve top similar or exactly like one she's been wearing in black. Dave in deep purple in a similar style to his yellow blackbird suit.

Photos by: shot2frame

Monday, December 05, 2011

Stevie Nicks brought her trademark ethereal feel to Wollongong

As a member of Fleetwood Mac she captivated a generation, and Stevie Nicks brought her trademark ethereal feel to Wollongong.

It was cold, windy and wet when the baby boomers fought for parking down by the beach and several blocks inland.

Many appeared to have arrived early enough to have quite a few drinks.

Surprisingly, many stayed outside drinking while Dave Stewart and his excellent band played a great set.
It was early though, they were playing a Eurythmics track when we arrived at 7:30pm.

Stevie announced at the start of her show that this concert tour was not a greatest hits show but to promote her 2010 album with Dave Stewart.  She then reassured us that there would be some hits interspersed with the new work.  The crowd was grateful.

Then, to sweeten us up, explained she'd never before visited Wollongong (which she correctly pronounced).
She praised the vista of entering from the escarpment: "Where the amazing ocean meets the mountain.
This is maybe where I find my house on the cliff".

"Yes!" we cheered, especially the Wombarra residents down in the $170 seats who probably thought more of the boost to their home prices than what sort of a neighbour Ms Nicks might really make.

A couple of new songs, the second with a video projection featuring Dave Stewart in black and young ethereal girls swirling around in swirly Nicks style dresses, cutting to images of a dark Stevie in black with very straight blonde hair.  The video background was quite distracting but reminded the crowd of Stevie's witchy persona.  In the flesh, she reminded us too of what she had been.

She wore a dark red, layered, ruched dress with tight bodice and the most amazing hair. Long, lustrous white blond locks had the 2011 Stevie, more beautiful than the tortured perms of the 70s and teased looks of the 80s but a little incongruous 30 years on.

The band launched into Dreams and the crowd sang along.

The expensive seats came alive with the lights of iphones: were they recording or waving their lighter app in the air?

Reviewed by Sarah Moss
Full Review at ABC Illawarra

Fleetwood Mac Founder Mick Fleetwood Gearing Up For Restaurant Opening - Now Accepting Resumes

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Fleetwood’s On Front St. in Lahaina hopes to open in the second quarter of 2012 and occupy the 2nd
floor, roof and portions of the ground floor of the former Planet Hollywood building across from the sea wall.
Celebrity eatery takes huge space, long lease & plans to hire hundreds

Fleetwood’s Restaurant and Pub on Front Street has leased over 10,000 sq ft of second floor and rooftop dining at the old Planet Hollywood Building, and also plans to offer retail liquor sales on the ground floor. According to Project Manager Jonathan Todd, the new ocean view eatery located across the street from the sea wall in Lahaina has received two liquor licenses: one for upstairs service and a separate permit for ground floor retail sales. He said the dining areas are expected to seat hundreds will eventually be open for lunch and dinner. He also anticipates that hundreds will be hired to staff the new establishment.

Fronting the new venture is long time celebrity musician Mick Fleetwood who has Maui homes upcountry and in Napili.

“Mick’s been here for a while and he gets the needs of Maui,” said Todd. He said the menu is still taking shape but in its final incarnation “will be approachable yet sophisticated. We want it to have family appeal.”

The project manager said that HJP Restaurant Advisors of Santa Barbara has been retained to coordinate the opening.

“They’ll be on site 24/7 until then and as long after we open as necessary.” Todd said that Fleetwood’s is currently seeking resumes from those qualified for general manager, chef and other senior level positions. “When top staff is in place they will be responsible for filling the other positions.”

Those interested in submitting resumes of any kind should follow the links posted on line at and He indicated that “hiring preference will be given to Maui residents.”

Sunday, December 04, 2011

[Update] Fleetwood Mac Guitarist Lindsey Buckingham Postpones UK / Ireland Tour

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Lindsey Buckingham unfortunately needs to postpone his upcoming UK/Ireland shows as his guitarist has severely injured his back and is not able to presently perform.  All tickets will be honored at the soon to be announced rescheduled dates.
December 9th Update: 
Because of Neale's severely injured back, Live Nation UK announced today ALL UK and Ireland Tour Dates have been cancelled with no dates to be rescheduled in 2012. Disappointing news for fans in the UK and Ireland.


Live Nation halts ticket sales for Lindsey UK/Ireland tour dates while shows are being rescheduled. They've also posted a comment on their Facebook page.  Fans who bought tickets through Live Nation have started receiving email notifications.  (TicketmasterUK are still selling tickets).

Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery to Neale.... I hope he'll be okay!  and I hope that for those that have booked travel plans, that you can change them.

December 4th:
Update on Neale's situation - From someone that's close to him:
Neale has been going through some serious trouble with his back on nearly the entire SWS tour, and is scheduled for surgery at the end of the month to take care of this issue. Thank you to all of you who have wished him well, and who have been compassionate and understanding of the circumstances. Lindsey's band members are not replaceable, they are his family and have become so over the decades. It's not as easy as calling someone else, rehearsing for a while and getting that same comfort level as the well-oiled machine that they already have. Let's all come together and accept the postponement, however disappointed we may be, and extend positive vibes to the guy who needs it. Thanks!
    Tour Dates:
  • Dec. 08: Birmingham (Symphony Hall) 
  • Dec. 09: Salford (The Lowry) 
  • Dec. 11: Leeds (02 Academy) 
  • Dec. 12: Edinburgh (Usher Hall) 
  • Dec. 13: Gateshead (The Sage Gateshead) 
  • Dec. 15: Dublin, Ireland (Olympia Theatre)
  • Dec. 16: Belfast, Ireland (Waterfront Hall Auditorium) 
  • Dec. 18: Southampton (Southampton Guildhall) 
  • Dec. 19: London (Palladium)

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Review & Photos: Stevie Nicks with Dave Stewart | Brian McFadden - Perth, AU

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Stevie Nicks, Dave Stewart and Brian McFadden
Perth Australia - November 26, 2011
Photos & Review by Mark Diggins
Photo Gallery on Facebook | Show Review & Photos on Rockpit

Stevie Nicks on PBS Tonight. "The Ultimate Buddy Party" begins airing

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"Buddy Holly The Ultimate Buddy Party" Premieres Tonight on PBS in both the US and Canada.  

PBS will premiere “Buddy Holly: Listen To Me/The Ultimate Buddy Party” tonight with performances of his songs by Stevie Nicks, Chris Isaak, Lyle Lovett, Graham Nash, Raul Malo, Paul Anka, Boz Scaggs and several others at a 75th birthday concert that was filmed in Hollywood in September.

Stevie Nicks and some of her band members, Waddy Wachtel, Sharon Celani and Lori Nicks perform "Not Fade Away" plus she also performed "It's So Easy" this night although I'm not sure if "It's So Easy" is included on the show.. I hope it is.

The Listen To Me: Buddy Holly website have compiled a list of ALL PBS stations that will be airing the show and when... There are a lot of opportunities during the month of December to catch the show... Click through to the Listen To Me: Buddy Holly site and up top is the link to the schedule.  It's a pdf file.

The DVD of this program should also be made available during the broadcast.  It looks like it's an exclusive with PBS and not sold in stores yet.


Okay... Saw this last night (Dec 3rd) What a great show and Stevie was really great!!  She sang both "Not Fade Away" plus the Linda Ronstadt tune "It's So Easy". She sounded so good on both! She should do "Not Fade Away" in concert, it's a fun song!

If you are planning on catching this on PBS be warned that Stevie sings "Not Fade Away" right at the beginning of the program, so you won't want to miss the beginning.  It's pledge drive month at PBS so the show was interrupted by PBS announcers asking for contributions.  Part of the deal is with a large enough contribution, the DVD can be yours. Stevie's "It's So Easy" came on about 35 minutes into the program that I saw - but this may vary depending on the market.  In any case.. both songs were great, Stevie looked great, Waddy, Sharon and Lori were with her on Stage... Lori, Sharon and Waddy were on stage practically all night playing.  And I saw her Neice Jessica in the audience when the camera was panning around.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Lindsey Buckingham.. Fleetwood Mac and me

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Fleetwood Mac’s visionary guitarist reaps the solo seeds he’s sown 

By Russell Hall

The story of Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 album Rumours is well-worn: Fueled by the angst of the various romantic collisions among the members—singer and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, singer Stevie Nicks, singer and keyboardist Christine McVie, bass player John McVie and drummer Mick Fleetwood—the album became one of the best-selling in rock history. But one less-told story is of the way its success set Buckingham’s uniquely dual-natured career in motion. When he pointedly pushed the group in adventurous new musical directions on the 1979 follow-up, Tusk, sales were relatively disappointing. “It forced my hand,” he recalls. “The band insisted we revert back to a more conventional way of making music. Since any sort of experimentation was disallowed, the only way I could do that was to make solo albums.”

And so Buckingham established a two-sided musical life—at once steering the classic-rock behemoth and unleashing a more restless creative spirit in his solo work. “The success of Rumours helped define the big machine of Fleetwood Mac and the small machine of my solo work,” he observes. “I’ve tried to find a balance between the two, a way to have them nurture one another.”

For most of the last decade Buckingham has focused on solo work while embarking on the occasional Mac tour (most recently in 2009). For his new Seeds We Sow, he embraced a true do-it-yourself approach, recording in his home studio and playing nearly every instrument himself. The result reflects the peace Buckingham has found with his wife of 10 years and the couple’s three children. “The whole experience of what I’ve done for all these years has had an element of strangeness,” he admits. “That was true onstage and off, until I was lucky enough to meet my wife. My personal life has never been more solid and grounded.” Buckingham spoke to us from his home in Los Angeles.

Did the Mac tour affect the album?
What was most noteworthy about the Fleetwood Mac tour was that we didn’t have an album to push. It was the first time we had been out there solely to do the body of work we had. That was freeing, and the solo projects I had done prior to that tour allowed me to bring something new to that endeavor. The experience was great, in terms of revisiting a group of songs without feeling as if you’re just resting on your laurels. I came off that tour with a grounded sense of myself. Perhaps that did translate into the approach I took on Seeds We Sow.

How did you start work?
I wasn’t even planning on making an album. There had been talk about additional Fleetwood Mac dates, and I was open to that. But that never happened and suddenly some time opened up. I went into the studio with no preconceptions about what I was going to do or the kind of album it would be. In the end, the album took me in the direction it wanted to go.

Tell us about your home studio.
It’s very basic. I have Pro Tools but I don’t use it a lot. I still do a lot of work using an old reel-to-reel 48-track digital machine. I use a Neotek console that I’ve had since the late ’80s. I was very proactive about this album. I play more on everything than ever before. I’ve always likened the solo work to painting. This was really a pure painting process, where you have a one-on-one with the canvas. It’s a sort of meditative thing you go through. Eventually a point comes, more so than what happens with Fleetwood Mac, where the work starts to lead me places I never expected to go. That makes it exciting.

What’s your writing process?

Full Article at M Music & Musicians