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Now 64, Stevie Nicks still loves billowing skirts and spinning around in a shawl. For that, we admire her even more.

Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac fame. 

No other woman has so successfully managed to have a life in one of the best bands of all time, and go on to impress as a soloist with hits including Bella Donna and Rooms On Fire. All that, and she’s still the queen of rock ’n’ roll, 40 years after it all began in the early ’70s.

Read the full article in the Fabulous e-magazine. Also found free each Sunday in The Sun (UK)

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New Interview: Stevie Nicks: the return of Fleetwood Mac

Stevie Nicks's tumultuous life as a rock queen led her to addiction, heartbreak and "insanity". As Fleetwood Mac reunites, she tells Caspar Llewellyn Smith why she's going back for more
by: Caspar Llewellyn Smith
The Guardian

Before I meet Stevie Nicks, I hear her. She is downstairs somewhere in the house she's renting on the beach in Malibu – a short drive, traffic allowing, up the Californian coastline from the two homes she owns in LA – and looking for her dark glasses. It's early evening in December and has long since turned dark outside, but if you're the ultimate rock goddess – NME's recent description, testament to an ongoing revaluation of interest in Fleetwood Mac among the younger generation – wearing shades at night goes with the territory.

Scented candles are spaced throughout the room and there's a well-thumbed copy of the first book in The Twilight Saga on a side table – signs that suggest that the 64-year-old singer is comfortably in residence. Plus there's her Yorkshire terrier, getting stuck continuously under my feet. But, as Nicks says, when all five feet one-and-a-half inches of her does emerge at the top of the stairs, she can't seem to settle.

In fact she shouldn't be here at all (and wasn't planning any interviews), but on holiday in the Florida Keys she was getting bitten to death by bugs and, besides, felt bored. Going home to either of her places in the city wasn't an option because right now she's "making a molecular change": parking her solo career, which saw her tour the world with her solo album In Your Dreams for the past two years, and getting ready for the return of the Mac.

Instead she asked to see if this place, which she'd rented previously, was available. "I'm trying to rest and it's really hard to rest because in either one of my own houses I feel like I should be working," she explains. "I've been coming here off and on for nearly 10 years and there's absolutely nothing for me to do except draw or sit and write poetry or bring the electric piano down." Problem is, "I've been here since Tuesday and I haven't managed yet to actually come up here at three in the afternoon and go sit on that miserable couch and draw for a few hours – because that's when I know I've made a change."

Despite the homely touches, the house looks perfectly nondescript from the outside, and it's modestly apportioned by the standards of LA rock aristocracy. But then Nicks doesn't play the diva either – kooky fan of fantasy, yes (her fondness for the oeuvre of Stephenie Meyer and liking for US fantasy TV series Game of Thrones fits right into that), but not the figure who insisted during Fleetwood Mac's Tusk tour that every hotel room she stayed in be painted pink and must house a white piano.

It is now 40 years since her first album, Buckingham Nicks – the fruit of her relationship, both musical and romantic, with Lindsey Buckingham – and life is coming full circle. Later this month, the most classic of all Fleetwood Mac albums, Rumours, gets the full reissue treatment, and the band will hit the road again for a US tour that will also likely come to Europe. (Of the rumours that they'll headline Glastonbury, Nicks is noncommittal, though she does say she'd love to do it.)

There is also the likelihood of the first new Fleetwood Mac record in 10 years – and even the prospect of a second Buckingham-Nicks album. For fans, this news is as exciting as it might sound improbable. Nicks once said herself that "to be in Fleetwood Mac is to live in a soap opera. And it has been pretty scandalous and incestuous…" And of all relationships, it's been that between her and Buckingham that has provided the richest story lines of all.

See @soundcitymovie in theatres One Night Only! feat. Stevie Nicks Lindsey Buckingham & Mick Fleetwood

See Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham and Mick Fleetwood on the big screen beginning January 31st.

"... Sound City is a film about American's Greatest unsung-recording studio. Deep in California's Sun Burnt San Fernando Valley, tucked away behind the train tracks and dilapidated warehouses, it was the birthplace of legend.  It was witness to history, it was home to a special few, intent on preserving an ideal. An analog church, a time capsule.  The last bastion of a craft defied by technology. It was Rock and Roll hallowed ground. And it was our best keep secret.  Sound City is a film about the truth, the craft, and the integrity of Rock and Roll." - Dave Grohl

Pre-order the movie through; or iTunes - Release date Feb 1st.

US and Canadian Theatre Screenings for Sound City
In Theatres for On Night Only!  Check out Sound City for a listing of cities and theatres in the US and Canada to see the film.

Lindsey Buckingham:
Mick Fleetwood:

Sound City Soundtrack 'Real to Reel' 
Scheduled for release March 12, 2013, the sound track includes "You Can't Fix This" with Stevie Nicks, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins & Rami Jaffee

Pre-order the soundtrack on Amazon or iTunes

15 Years Ago Today in 1998 Fleetwood Mac were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Fleetwood Mac is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the thirteenth annual induction dinner held at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.

Sheryl Crow introduced the group.  The band played Landslide, Big Love and Say You Love Me.

INDUCTEES: Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, Peter Green, Danny Kirwan, John McVie, Christine McVie, Stevie Nicks and Jeremy Spencer.

The Fleetwood Mac story is an episodic saga that spans more than 45 years. It is the saga of a British blues band formed in 1967 that became a California-based pop group in the mid-Seventies. In between came a period where Fleetwood Mac shuffled personnel and experimented with styles, all the while releasing solid albums that found a loyal core audience. Despite all the changes, two members have remained constant over the years: drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie, whose surnames provided the group name Fleetwood Mac. Although most rock fans are familiar with the lineup that includes Lindsey Buckingham, Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks – by far the longest-running edition of the band, responsible for the classic albums Fleetwood Mac and Rumours – the group possesses a rich and storied history that predates those epics. Earlier Fleetwood Mac lineups included guitarists Peter Green, Jeremy Spencer, Danny Kirwan, Dave Walker, Bob Weston and Bob Welch. -

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Stevie Nicks confirmed to play Sundance Film Fest with Dave Grohl January 18th

When Dave Grohl recently announced that he would be performing at Sundance with a new band called Sound City Players, he neglected to mention which musicians would be appearing alongside him. Now, the Foo Fighters leader has confirmed the star-studded list of folks who will be joining him on stage in support of his new Sound City documentary.

The performers were revealed in a post on Facebook. They include Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac), John Fogerty (Creedance Clearwater Revival), Krist Novoselic (Nirvana), Brad Wilk (Rage Against the Machine), Pat Smear (Nirvana's touring guitarist), Rami Jaffee (the Wallflowers), Lee Ving (Fear), Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick), Rick Springfield, several Foo Fighters members (Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel, Chris Shiflett), Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age), Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) and more.

These are some of the folks who appear in Sound City, which focuses on the legendary Los Angeles studio of the same name.

Sound City Players. Rock Show. Jan.18th Park City Live. Tickets go on sale TODAY at 5pm PST at 

(2) ticket limit per household.
You must be 21+.
This is Will – Call only.
No paper tickets will be issued in advance.
Government issued Photo ID required at Check-in.
Tickets are non-transferable.
You and your guest must arrive and check-in together.
Upon check in, you will be wristbanded and walk directly into the venue.
There are no ins and outs.
Multiple orders will be cancelled.

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PEI, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Bus Tour: See Fleetwood Mac in Ottawa April 22-24th

Fleetwood Mac Live in Ottawa Bus Tour
April 22 - April 24, 2013
Target Tours

Target Tours is your connection to the Fleetwood Mac concert at Scotiabank Place in Ottawa this April. 

This tour departs PEI with pick-ups throughout New Brunswick and transfers from Nova Scotia. Don't miss this chance to explore Ottawa and be part of the 2013 Fleetwood Mac World Tour.

"It's the perfect time to go back out," Stevie Nicks told the Rolling Stone Magazine. The band will be performing classic hits including "Dreams," "Rhiannon," "Don't Stop," and "Landslide," among others. 

Depart for Ottawa on this tour from the following cities:

Prince Edward Island:
Charlottetown and Borden-Carleton

New Brunswick
Aulac, Salisbury, Lincoln and Woodstock

Nova Scotia
Dartmouth and Truro

Full package details with pricing at Target Tours

Fleetwood Mac Live Tour
Q93FM - Charlottetown, PEI

Q93 and Target Tours is giving you a chance to WIN a trip for 2 to see Fleetwood Mac at Scotiabank Place in Ottawa April 22-24 (show on April 23)

The trip is worth close to $1200 and comes with all the bells and whistles. Prize includes tickets for 2 to the concert, transportation and accommodations!

Q93FM will be taking qualifiers weekdays at 7:20 and 8:20 Monday January 7th through to Thursday January 31st on the Q Morning Crew.

Fleetwood Mac in Ottawa! “Presented by Target Tours ‘Creating Memories, One Journey at a Time’ and The Island’s Rock Q93.

Swag tags available for pickup at the House of Q, 5 Prince St., during regular business hours or wherever Q93 is broadcasting on location.

Full details at Q93FM.  Contest open to all residents of Canada.

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Oprah's "Master Class" returns in March. Unique first-person series to feature Stevie Nicks

New episodes of "Oprah's Master Class" and "Oprah's Next Chapter" will feature such household names as Drew Barrymore, Alicia Keys and LL Cool J, among others.
Hollywood Reporter

Sheri Salata and Erik Logan, presidents, OWN, showcased the upcoming 2013 schedule at the Television Critics Association press tour.

Along with announcing four new original series being added to it's schedule later this year, Oprah's "Master Class" The unique first-person series returns in March with the stories you've never heard from the people you thought you knew best, including Alicia Keys, Stevie Nicks, Tom Brokaw and more.

OWN Network

You may recall that back in September, 2012 a film crew from OWN was at Stevie's live show in St. Petersburg at The Mahaffey Theater filming the show to be used in some way on "Master Class".  Check out the post here.

[Updated Jan 9th]
Jon Sinclair who works for Harpo Tweeted the following:

Friday, January 04, 2013

Azoff, to continue to manage Fleetwood Mac after leaving Live Nation

When the news broke on New Years Eve that Irving Azoff had stepped down from his position at Live Nation as chairman and CEO of Front Line Entertainment, it came as a bit of a shock.  It wasn't initially clear at the time what the status of Fleetwood Mac or it's members was in terms of artist representation.  But according to RollingStone, Fleetwood Mac will still be managed by Mr. Azoff. 

"Azoff, 65, will continue to manage the Eagles, Aguilera, Fleetwood Mac, Van Halen and more of his biggest clients; he has a two-year non-compete agreement with Live Nation, the world's biggest concert promoter, but can work on projects involving recorded music, TV, movies and music and book publishing."

Mr. Azoff will continue to manage these artists under his Azoffmusic Management. Lindsey Buckingham signed with Irving just a couple of years ago - so it seems he's still connected with Irving.  Where Stevie stands, I'm not sure. Stevie's managed by Howard Kaufman and Sheryl Louis. Howard was a partner in Front Line Management with Irving at the time of the merger with Ticketmaster and with Front Line staying with Live Nation, It's not clear what her status is whether she's still with Howard and Front Line under Live Nation, or if Howard left with Irving and therefore took Stevie and whomever else he managed with him. When Irving left, leaving behind Front Line he only retained a select number of artists he managed directly ie the Eagles (who he's managed since the 70's) and Christina Aguilera.  Presumably Lindsey falls under Azoffmusic Management. This is also where I'm assuming Fleetwood Mac falls.  It's entirely possible that Stevie as a solo artist could be in that mix as well - or it's possible that for her solo work she's still with Howard under Front Line which is still with Live Nation.  Confusing!

The Back Story
This is how I understand it... Irving Azoff and Howard Kaufman were partners in Front Line Management from '74 to '83 when Irving decided to leave Front Line to become president of MCA Records in 1983.  Irving continued managing artists like the Eagles under Azoffmusic Management.  Mr Kaufman then created a talent management company, HK Management, who at the time managed Stevie Nicks.  In 2005 Irving and Howard formed a partnership and merged their two companies to reform Front Line, the management company. Now Stevie is with Front Line guided by Howard and Sheryl Louis. Front Line as a management company then began acquiring other smaller management companies and artists bring them under the Front Line umbrella becoming a rather large management company with a stable of managers who managed well over 200 artists, some of the biggest in the industry. Irving then took Front Line and merged it with Ticketmaster in 2008 and became the head of Ticketmaster Entertainment. Front Line became a subsidiary of Ticketmaster. After that merger, he then merged Ticketmaster with Live Nation in 2010 becoming Chairman of Live Nation in 2011.  Again, Front Line was a subsidiary. With the artist and ticketing and with Live Nation and all the venues they own the world over, from a business point of view, it just made sense to have everything in house. But according to what Mr. Azoff is saying in these departure interviews, with Ticketmaster and Live Nation being public companies, you are restricted in what you can do and he felt smothered.... So he felt it was time to move on.

But it's good to hear Fleetwood Mac will still be well looked after.

Check out billboard Biz and these two articles in The Hollywood Reporter here and here plus the latest in Rolling Stone "Irving Azoff's Live Nation Exit Leaves Many Questions Unanswered
Powerful manager was frustrated in efforts to reform concert business"

I find this stuff kinda fascinating, but oh so confusing!

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Fleetwood Mac's 1977 Japanese Tour Footage Surfaces

Well this is interesting... I wonder if she's speaking about this footage?  If so, it's cool to know that it's intact somewhere and by the sounds of it, is being worked on.  Michael Collins is also the one who shot the documentary footage that will be released with the Rumours re-release later this month.

Ringing in the New Year With Fleetwood Mac
by Jane Heller
Huffington Post

I've never been a big fan of New Year's Eve. There's so much pressure to do something out-of-this-world fabulous, not to mention have someone out-of-this-world fabulous to do it with. I remember prix fixed restaurant dinners that weren't worth the money and too-big parties whose forced gaiety made everyone feel tense and champagne hangovers that wrecked me for days. And I remember occasions when my husband was suffering from flare-ups from Crohn's disease and was too ill to celebrate at all.

My favorite memories are of quiet evenings with him and a few close friends, and this past New Year's Eve was a case in point. He was in better-than-usual health and good spirits, so out we went.

Our hosts were Martha and Michael Collins, who had lost their house in the 2008 wildfire that destroyed over 200 homes in the Santa Barbara area. After living in a trailer for four years, Martha and Michael rose from the ashes, literally, and moved last month into the spectacular new house they built on the same site -- a meticulously-crafted beacon of resilience. Some people would have been thrown by the very notion of losing everything (short of the clothes on their backs and their laptops), but Martha and Michael thrived, their marriage and partnership more solid than ever.

We were in the midst of their scrumptious meal when Michael, a filmmaker whose specialty has been chronicling the lives and music of our most accomplished rock 'n' roll artists, mentioned that among the very few material possessions he'd been able to grab before a wall of flames drove him and Martha out of their house was the documentary footage he'd shot 35 years ago of Fleetwood Mac's 1977 Japanese tour to promote their "Rumours" album.

"I'm finishing up the documentary now," he told us.

"The public has never seen Fleetwood Mac like this before," Martha chimed in. "They were so young and it was such an innocent time, and the music is beyond great since they were in their prime."

I put down my knife and fork (not easy when your hosts have prepared a feast that would rival any restaurant), and said, "Can we see this documentary? Like, tonight?"

Michael hesitated. "It's still raw -- a work in progress. But I guess I could show you clips."

I was not taking "I guess" for an answer. Fleetwood Mac has always been one of my favorite bands and on this particular New Year's Eve, when I'd felt barraged by news of Kanye West, the Gangnam Style guy and Rihanna's latest Twitpic, I was so in the mood for a little boomer music.

Michael obliged. We adjourned to the Collins's living room with its 50" flat screen, professional-grade sound system and comfy chairs, and watched avidly as cameras swooped in on the youthful faces of Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham and Christine and John McVie. (If you liked the close-ups in Les Mis, you'll love this film.)

Full article at Huffington Post

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Stevie Nicks's New Year's Resolution: Make Fleetwood Mac's Upcoming Tour Great!

After a busy 2012 promoting and touring behind her latest solo album, In Your DreamsStevie Nicks is turning her full attention to Fleetwood Mac in the coming year.  The band will hit the road for a lengthy North American tour in early spring, and Stevie says her New Year's resolutions are all about her work with the Mac.
"I'm just going to work as hard as I can to make this Fleetwood Mac thing be as great as I know it can be," she told ABC News Radio.  "It is a lot of work, and it takes a lot of thought, but we're all really willing to do that."
She added that maintaining her health also will be a part of her commitment to the band.  "My resolution is always to just do what I do and do it well," she noted, "[and] take care of myself on the other side of that, physically, and make it great."
Prior to the tour kickoff, Stevie and the band plan to put out a couple of recently-recorded new songs.  While Stevie admits she isn't sure about the when, where and how when it comes to the release of the new tracks, she says she's very excited about them.
"I don't think [the record company reps have] exactly decided what they're gonna do or how they're gonna present [the songs]," she tells ABC News Radio.  "But, whatever, I can tell you they're done, and they sound amazing.  So, they're gonna fly out there into the world in some way, shape or form." 
Fleetwood Mac's North American tour leg kicks off on April 4 in Columbus, Ohio, and is scheduled through a June 12 show in Detroit.

Time Sensitive: Win a pair of tickets to Fleetwood Mac live in Atlanta June 10th

Live Nation Atlanta is giving you a chance to win a pair of tickets to see Fleetwood Mac live in Atlanta on June 10th.  

No time to waste... Contest closes January 3rd at 5:00pm ET.  Click through and "Like" Live Nation Atlanta on facebook and follow the entry instructions.

Good luck!

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2012 Year in Review

Happy New Year!  and best wishes for a healthy happy 2013 to everyone in Fleetwood Mac past and present... 
Today back in 1975 marked the first day that Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham could call themselves members of Fleetwood Mac after officially joining the ranks the night before during a meeting with Mick, John and Christine. The rest as they say is history!  Hard to believe that 37 Years later, there is still so much going on with Fleetwood Mac and it's members!

2012 in Review
It was an interesting year if you were a fan of Fleetwood Mac or one of it's members.  Through this past year we heard new music, watched a new documentary film, was up close with them and listened to them speak, read books about them, listened to tribute albums, watched them on TV, attended a restaurant opening and gallery exhibits not to mention attended their live shows or in some fans cases, met them and followed them around the country seeing multiple shows.  In many ways fans were able to get even closer to the band.

2012 started off on a sombre note though with the news of Stevie's mother Barbara Nicks' passing in Phoenix in late December. Then in early January former Fleetwood Mac member Bob Weston passed away in London from natural causes - then just six months later, in June, we would see the sad demise of Bob Welch in Nashville.  Through it all, the current members of Fleetwood Mac soldiered on and made the best of 2012 in their own way.

Lindsey Buckingham kicked off the year as guest speaker at the USC Pop Music Forum at USC in January and recorded new music with Mick and John in the early part of 2012 for a possible Fleetwood Mac album. After the cancellation of the UK dates in December, 2011 who knew what Lindsey would do tour wise. Would he wait for Neale's recovery or what. Turns out he would strip things down to their bare bones and go it alone. He put together a solo acoustic tour running from May to November that would see him perform over 75 dates across the US and Canada completely solo and alone... a first! Plus he would continue to release new music by way of a live album late in the year called 'One Man Show' capturing his solo acoustic tour and would end the year releasing yet more new music - three tracks on Decembers "This is 40 Soundtrack", playing live at The Roxy in Hollywood at the release party and attending the American Country Awards in Las Vegas as a presenter.  Lindsey ended 2012 spotted at a pizza joint in northern California over the holidays.

Stevie resurfaced in February briefly to honour her friend Jimmy Iovine in L.A. at Village Recording Studio, appeared on two high profile TV shows in March, "Up All Night" and "American Idol" playing herself on both as a Psychic and Mentor. She was spotted in pigtails in Hawaii in May. In June, Stevie honoured Bette Midler in NYC by performing live singing "The Rose" during the Songwriters Hall of Fame Awards ceremony.  She kicked off more support for her 2011 'In Your Dreams' album with TV appearances and more touring through the summer and fall playing dates solo and with Rod Stewart. In October, Stevie finally premiered her film 'In Your Dreams - Stevie Nicks' along with Dave Stewart at the Hamptons Film Festival and continued to screen the film and speak at 4 other locations on the east and west coasts of the US. Stevie made headlines along the way when she jumped into the dust up during the American Idol Nicki Manaji/Mariah Carey feud - quickly putting out a statement afterwards apologizing for her remarks.  The year ended with Stevie recording vocals on two tracks recorded earlier in the year by Mick, John and Lindsey at Lindsey's home studio for potential release prior to Fleetwood Mac's 2013 tour.  Stevie and Lindsey also recorded a third song that could be for a re-release of Buckingham Nicks in 2013 (40th Anniversary).  The song is of the era, but was never recorded.  Stevie's 2012 came to a close right back where she started in Phoenix with family and friends to celebrate the holidays.
Mick kicked off 2012 putting one of his Maui residences up for rental and also recording new music with Lindsey and John in L.A. in the early part of 2012.  He announced in February the opening date for his new restaurant on Maui "Fleetwood's on Front Street", shocked the world with his candid Playboy interview in March on the future of Fleetwood Mac and that he was getting a divorce.  He continued to make various personal appearances like in L.A. in June he exhibited his artwork at the Mouche Gallery and finally opened his long talked about new restaurant Fleetwood's on Front Street in August with a lavish grand opening.  Mick was spotted through the rest of 2012 at his restaurant on Maui and many nights was part of the live entertainment.  Including on December 22nd playing for the Kit Kat Club.

Photos by Howard Dinits

Fleetwood Mac as a band was obviously idol through 2012 although the material on the band kept on coming.  In January, the cover and release date were released for producer Ken Caillat's new book "Making Rumours - The Inside Story of the Classic Fleetwood Mac Album".  News broke in late January that Vera Farmiga would be playing Christine McVie in the bio pic "The Drummer" opposite Aaron Eckart on the life of Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys. In February, Rumours the album turned 35. In June details were released on the album "Just Tell Me That You Want Me - A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac" which would be released in August featuring indie artists covering Fleetwood Mac tracks.  Also in June, the 1992 boxset "25 Years - The Chain" was re-released in the UK and Ireleand hitting the top 10 on the UK album charts where when initially released in 1992 missed the charts completely.  the 4cd 72 song boxset would also be re-released in Australia and New Zealand.  In June in a TV interview promoting her tour, album and documentary on CBS Stevie confirmed Fleetwood Mac would be back out on the road in 2013. In October, Stevie, Christine and Lindsey were nominated for the Songwriters Hall of Fame with the awards ceremony taking place in NYC, June, 2013. In November, signs of Fleetwood Mac were coming back to life with their website undergoing a make over and new interviews with the band members starting to surface. Mojo Magazine dedicated a 10 page spread to the band which also included a tribute CD by more indie artists in their January, 2013 issue.  Although the article in the magazine wasn't anything really new to long time Fleetwood Mac fans, it gave a great history lesson for anyone just discovering their music. PLUS Christine McVie was interviewed for the article so it was cool to see something recent from her. Early In early December we saw the release of the 34 North American dates for Fleetwood Mac's tour - beginning in April, 2013.  These are the only dates released so far... I suspect more will come for the UK and Australia.

Things to look forward to in 2013:
  • Rumours Expanded and Rumours Deluxe Release: January 28/29th. 3CD or 4CD,1DVD,1LP 
  • The Sound City Documentary February 1st.  Stevie, Lindsey and Mick appear in the documentary.  
  • The Sound City soundtrack.  Stevie appears on the track ‘You Can’t Fix This’ released March 12th.
  • Two Fleetwood Mac tracks that were reported to be released prior to the band hitting the road.
  • Fleetwood Mac tour begins April 4th.
  • Songwriters Hall of Fame Awards - June, 2013
  • Buckingham Nicks: Potential re-release with a newly recorded track by Stevie and Lindsey.
  • US Festival documentary. No release date has been set.
  • Stevie on Oprah: Oprahs film crew filmed Stevie in Sept, 2012 in St. Petersburg, Florida at Mahaffey Theater. It's obviously something for the OWN network. Rumour has it it's for Oprah's Master Class.
  • Hopefully the release of the 'In Your Dreams - Stevie Nicks' documentary on DVD.
This is just a brief synopsis of the year... There were tons of great moments this past year many at the live shows for Lindsey and Stevie, too many to list. I'm sure many of you have your own personal highlights.  If you scroll down the right hand side of this page to the archive section you could go through each month, post by post for the full picture of 2012.

It was another full year for fans of Fleetwood Mac and their respective members... Thanks for following along on this site, on Facebook and Twitter and to everyone that posted comments on what was posted, (good or bad)... It's truly interesting to hear what you have to say... Even if I had to eliminate a few of them.

Have a great 2013!