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1977 Fleetwood Mac Interview By John Pidgeon Available on Amazon and iTunes

Fleetwood Mac Interviewed 
By John Pidgeon
Release Date: November 19, 2012
Label: Rock's Backpages
Copyright: 1977 John Pidgeon
Duration: 32:33 minutes

Available on Amazon and iTunes

Sound sample on Amazon.

Christine McVie briefly came out of retirement to talk about her work on Fleetwood Mac’s classic 1977 Rumours album.

Christine McVie came briefly out of retirement to talk about her work on Fleetwood Mac’s classic 1977 Rumours album. McVie, who quit the band in 1998, told Mojo that when Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joined the band in late-1974, she immediately knew she had to step up her game, explaining, “When Stevie and Lindsey joined I was in awe of the way they wrote and sang together. It was tough to compete and be good enough. I wasn’t a prolific writer to any degree. I didn’t start writing songs properly until I joined Fleetwood Mac. I was quite a novice on (1972′s) Bare Trees and (1971′s) Future Games.”

When asked if she was in touch with her former bandmates, McVie said: “I am in touch with (ex-husband) John (McVie) very often. Stevie and Lindsey not so often.”

She spoke about the weird situation of finally catching a Fleetwood Mac concert as an audience member, joking, “I have a really good time when I go. I can stand at the soundboard and watch them sweat. They do my songs, ‘Don’t Stop’ and ‘World Turning,’ but they are limited to what they can do of mine. I think they tried ‘You Make Loving Fun,’ but I don’t think the sound of their vocals were right. But I wish them well.”

In 2003 Christine McVie says that after attending a then-recent Fleetwood Mac concert in London, she had no regrets about splitting from the band and leaving the road behind: “I just felt kind of relieved, if you want to know the truth, ’cause I, I went backstage afterwards, and they were all so tired, and, I just don’t think I could do that anymore. It’s kind of, if you like, verified that I’d made the right decision.”

Fleetwood Mac will release two expanded versions of Rumours on January 29th, featuring a remastered version of the multi-platinum collection, along with two discs of outtakes, and a new “making of” documentary. Both available to pre-order on Amazon or iTunes.

The band — featuring Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood, and John McVie — kicks off its 34-date North American tour on April 4th at Columbus, Ohio’s Nationwide Arena.  Tickets available at Ticketmaster

Christine's remarks can be found in the January, 2013 edition of Mojo Magazine.


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My Love Affair with a Woman: How She Helped Me Find Calm in Chaos

My Love Affair with a Woman: How She Helped Me Find Calm in Chaos

My love affair started at the impressionable age of 13. Yes, I know. I tricked you.  I am so sorry to disappoint my readers who were expecting a revealing post. Unfortunately, this post confession is more PG than PG- 13. The woman I am referring to is the sensational, spiritual singer Stevie Nicks, most notable of Fleetwood Mac fame. Who doesn’t love Stevie Nicks? Even former, US President Bill Clinton, who I also had a crush on at one time (come on, – I know I am NOT the only one who has crushed on Bill Clinton) has voiced his admiration for Ms. Nicks.

So, how did this love affair start? Quite simply, my love affair started when...

Check out the rest at gillgalmedia

Thanks Shelly!

Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham: Amazing and Favorite Shows of 2012

Amazing shows of 2012 a prelude to big events of ’13
The Edge - Boston Herald
by Jed Gottlieb
A look back at the best in live music in 2012 in Boston

8. Stevie Nicks (July 9, Bank of America Pavilion): 
Every rock list is front-­loaded with dudes. All this male dominance makes Stevie Nicks’ glory greater.­ On the classic “Stand Back,” she roared like the Golden God; her take on “Landslide” remained as sublime as ever. But “Gold Dust Woman” was the highlight: Not only was her voice spot-on, but when she sang, “Rulers make bad lovers/You better put your kingdom up for sale” with that still wild rasp, it was awesome.

Erika Goldring Photo
Music writer Alison Fensterstock's favorite regional shows of 2012
By Alison Fensterstock

3. Lindsey Buckingham, Aug. 18, One Eyed Jacks
Lindsey Buckingham’s solo albums don’t telegraph the kind of power the guitarist can deliver on his own. “Fleetwood Mac is the big machine, and this is the small machine,” Buckingham said onstage at One Eyed Jacks, explaining his choice to play a full tour of stripped-down shows in small clubs. It was a good choice – the force and passion of his unadorned voice, guitar and songwriting skill in the 300-capacity room was riveting. Fleetwood Mac, of course, will reunite for a world tour in early 2013, and it’ll be fabulous, I’m sure – but after that intimate show in August, I may be a convert to the power of the “small machine.”

Tommy Mann Jr. Photo

Best concerts of 2012
Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

7. Lindsey Buckingham at Lutcher Theater for the Performing Arts in Orange (Aug. 19, 2012)

Fleetwood Mac member Lindsey Buckingham opened the 2012-2013 Lutcher Theater season in style in a show which featured only the musician and his arsenal of electric guitars. Although he only performed a handful of Fleetwood Mac songs, it was night to remember.

Late Greats: Entertainment legends who left us. [Stevie Nicks on Whitney Houston]

December 21, 2012
Late Greats
A look back at the entertainment legends who left us this year by the artists who knew and loved them

Whitney Houston (Aug. 9, 1963–Feb. 11, 2012)
By Stevie Nicks

I was very much a fan of her music, and of her as a singer. The first couple of records, where it was more simple, were my favorites. I did meet her once, in a very strange way: I was staying at a Santa Monica hotel called Shutters, and we had two Yorkies with us. We were walking in, and they were coming out, Whitney and Bobby, and they had Yorkies too. So we had this moment where all the Yorkie people were just, like, in love. She knew who I was and I knew who she was, of course, but it wasn't about that. It was just a really nice, unsophisticated moment. And I liked her very much.

It was hard to watch her [struggle with addiction], and very hard to watch that show [Being Bobby Brown]. I didn't want that to be her. And it was strange, because when we met that day at Shutters, that really wasn't who they came off as being. They seemed much more together and happier, and they were both really smiling and laughing.

I saw her do an interview where she basically said, ''I'd had a thousand number-one hit records, I'd had huge albums, I'd toured the world, I'd met all the most famous people in the world, and I fell in love with this guy,'' and she said, ''You know what, all I cared about was being in love. All I cared about was my husband. Nothing else mattered.'' If you've ever been that deeply in love, where you're ready to just give everything up, then you can kind of understand that. Especially because she had pretty much topped every pinnacle.

I think if she were still here today and you said to her, ''Would you change that? If you had met him, would you have said, 'This isn't gonna be good for me,' and would you have walked away from him?'' she would've said no. So I think that she was very aware of where she was going. And yeah, it's a tragedy. But I also think sometimes when real big love gets in the way, there's no turning back. —Stevie Nicks

Houston died in L.A. of accidental drowning and effects of heart disease and cocaine use.

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Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham sat for separate interviews with Yahoo! Preparing for Fleetwood Mac Attack in 2013

Stevie Nicks and 
Lindsey Buckingham Speak
(And Counter-Speak!)

By Chris Willman
Yahoo Music

The year 2013 will mark the 40th anniversary of the introduction of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks to the world—not as members of Fleetwood Mac, but as part of what we can think of as a prequel, their Buckingham/Nicks duo act. The timing may be coincidental, but there will be plenty of celebrating going on, as Fleetwood Mac heads out on the road for the first time in three years. Tickets just went on sale for a nine-week, 34-city tour that begins April 4 and includes stops at Madison Square Garden April 8 the Hollywood Bowl May 25.

Nicks and Buckingham sat for separate interviews with Yahoo!, and we were fascinated to find points of convergence on certain issues and divergence on others. For instance, they agree that they’re getting along better than they have in many years. They differ on why that is—but with these two, and the harmonic tension that has always played into fans’ fascination with Fleetwood Mac, would you want it any other way?

Buckingham put it this way, on the group’s cycles of coming apart and back together: “Unlike some groups like the Eagles who always seem to know what they want and —and they most of the time seem to want it at the same time, and there’s something to be admired about that—we are a group who clearly you could make a case for saying does not even belong being in the same group together. A group of people with our sensibilities can be seen as so different at times that you could say, ‘What are these guys doing in the same band?’ But it’s the synergy of that that makes it work. There’s also a far more political landscape that exists because of that.”

These so-called politics led to a dispute over which year this tour would take place, and whether there would be a new album to tour behind or not. But for fans who like product, there is the promise of two newly recorded singles, a Rumours deluxe reissue, and maybe even a Buckingham/Nicks reissue with a new song. And both Stevie and Lindsey sound energized by the prospect of getting out to play arenas again after their respective solo jaunts of the last two years.

Still, there were just enough differences in their takes on this latest iteration of Mac coming back together that we thought we’d present it as a “he said/she said.” May their fruitful near-harmoniousness never cease.


The original plan had been for Fleetwood Mac to hit the road in 2012. What happened? Mick Fleetwood went on record complaining that Nicks had stalled their plans by continuing her solo tour an extra year. She was not pleased about being called out for that.

“ I completely beat Mick up about that, because he was not thinking when he did that article (Playboy Article March, 2012). Mick knows more than anybody how loyal I am to Fleetwood Mac. When I went to do my solo career in 1981, I sat everybody down and said, ‘Listen, I am not leaving Fleetwood Mac ever. And you can believe me, that’s a promise. I am only doing a solo career because I have so many extra songs that I need another vehicle, so that when we come home and you guys all go off on these great big vacations, I’ll just go and work on a record and then I’ll go out and do a three-month tour, and then I’ll be ready when you start up again. I’m never going to be the one to break up this band, so don’t ever put that on me.’ And I have been true to my word through everything.”

“Yes, Fleetwood Mac was supposed to be going out last year and touring, and yes, Stevie’s reneging on that did cause a certain amount of frustration in the ranks. But you know, I don’t think there’s any way you can point fingers at anybody. We’ve all been ones to cause trouble at one time or another. And I would not begrudge her—nor did I begrudge her—following her bliss to the point of getting to 2013.”

“In May 2011 I released my solo record In Your Dreams, which is my heart, my favorite record I’ve ever done. I had a long talk with Mick in maybe October going into November 2011, and they really wanted to tour last year. I said no—no—for two reasons: ‘I believe that In Your Dreams deserves another year, because in this day and age of the music business being in such dire straits, as far as getting your record company to spend any money, I’m my own person who’s backing up this record. It’s not Warner Bros. So I’m going back out next year and I’m gonna tour all next year for In Your Dreams, and I will be available to Fleetwood Mac January 2013.’ And number two, in my opinion, there should always be three years between Fleetwood Mac tours. Because—as we have always been told by our managers, who are very creative—you should get out of the public eye. Because if you just saw us a year and a half ago, we’re not gonna be at the top of your priority list the summer of 2012. If you want to make your show an event, the best thing is to get out of the spotlight for three years. Now it’s the perfect harmonic convergence. And everybody now is definitely knowing that I was right. They always have to admit it somewhere down the line.”

Full Article at Yahoo Music

Facebook Poll: Register your vote... Stevie Nicks thinks fans only want 2 NEW Fleetwood Mac songs as opposed to a full 14 song album.  What do YOU as a fan want? Vote HERE
Poll by: Go Your Own Way - The UK Resource for Fleetwood Mac

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Chance Maui meeting nets teen jam session with Fleetwood Mac Drummer Mick Fleetwood

Duncan teen invited to jam with Mick Fleetwood in Hawaii

Times Colonist

A young musician from Duncan has been asked to jam with Mick Fleetwood of the iconic band Fleetwood Mac next week on Maui.

The chance of a lifetime happened when Connor Head, a 17-year-old Grade 12 student from Cowichan High School, ran into Fleetwood at the Maui airport and then had a followup encounter at Fleetwood’s Lahaina restaurant, Fleetwoods on Front Street.

Fleetwood Mac, with Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, is celebrating the 35th anniversary of the release of the album Rumours — which sold 40 million copies — with a 2013 tour that includes a May 19 stop at Rogers Arena in Vancouver.

It was a thrill for Head, who already had the band’s song Never Going Back Again programmed as the alarm on his smart phone. His own band, the Royal Canadians, formed a year ago and opened for Chilliwack this summer at the Cowichan Community Centre in Duncan.

Head ran into Fleetwood at a cabaret show in Lahaina on Thursday night.

“I ran into him in the hallway and he recognized me from the airport,” said Head. “He poked me in the chest and said, ‘Hello.’ ”

Head approached Fleetwood’s manager and asked if he could pass along a copy of the Royal Canadians’ first CD, Lonely Whale. Fleetwood agreed to take the CD and they had a chat.

Full Story at Times Colonist

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Lindsey Buckingham is known to have a strong hand in the studio on both Fleetwood Mac and his solo records

Lindsey Buckingham On His ‘Collaboration’ with Norah Jones

Lindsey Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac have been in the news lately, since announcing their upcoming 2013 tour. But Buckingham also has a pair of new songs out on the soundtrack to Judd Apatow’s latest film, This Is 40, in addition to a new solo live album,

One of the This Is 40 songs, “Brother And Sister,” is billed to Buckingham “featuring Norah Jones,” but the guitarist is quick to note that she wasn’t actually involved in the song’s creation.

“She’s not really a collaborator,” Buckingham tells CBS Local. “A lot of that wasn’t even something I was there for. I went in and I put the song together in the studio with Jon Brion, who produced the soundtrack. By the way, I have a lot of new-found respect for people who do this, it isn’t an easy task putting a set of original songs together for a movie.”

Jones was working on her own song for the film, “Always Judging,” and Brion recorded her doing some backing vocals for “Brother And Sister.” But Buckingham notes, “I wasn’t there when she did what she did on the song. I hadn’t even heard the final mixes yet.”

While Buckingham is known to have a strong hand in the studio on both Fleetwood Mac and his solo records, he was more laid-back in this situation. “They said they wanted to send me the mixes, and I said, ‘don’t worry about it. I’m sure they’re great,’ and I left it like that.’” 

Buckingham explains that his work on This Is 40 came about because he’s been friendly with Apatow for a while. “He asked if I had any stuff that he could use in a movie,” Buckingham says. “I always have rough ideas sitting around, so I said yeah. I went to his house. He had a list of ideas for subject matters for songs, things that would be useful within the context of the movie. ‘Brother And Sister,’ was actually something that was on his list. These two characters (Paul Rudd’s “Pete” and Leslie Mann’s “Debbie,” as first portrayed in Knocked Up) are living at a pivotal point in their marriage, where much of the initial romance has fallen away and they’re living as brother and sister.”

Buckingham’s other new song for the This Is 40 soundtrack is titled “Sick Of You” and appears alongside tracks from Graham Parker (who appears in the film), Paul McCartney and Paul Simon. The soundtrack is in stores now, and the film opens December 21st. 

– Brian Ives, CBS Local 

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Listen to "Rhiannon" and "Don't Stop" from Fleetwood Mac's 1977 World Tour Live Disc on Rumours Re-issue

Fleetwood Mac 2013 Tour Special

You may have been listening last Sunday night when radio stations aired this Special on Fleetwood Mac.  The difference between that program (at least the one I heard) and this one, is this version of the show includes "Rhiannon" and "Don't Stop" Live from the 1977 Rumours World Tour that will be included on the live disc included with Fleetwood Mac's Rumours Expanded and Deluxe Editions being released January 29, 2013.  Both tracks sound great!!  Check out the program below... Some great interviews also with Mick, Stevie and Lindsey. You are listening courtesy of WYDR

Rumours Deluxe (4-CD, 1-DVD, 1-LP)